Monday, January 10, 2011


As i have to EARN more and more $ , i finally got a HIGH SALARY job ! HeeehEEEE
As the salary is high , the working time is extremely LONG ! So every time when i was at HOME , i just couldn't surf the net ! I just FATIGUE ! I straight away do some clean up N sleep ! So , after i start mii JOB , i stop blogging , that's not what i wish to ! I'd like to blog every day and second ! But i just CAN'T stand the tiredness ! It's F*cking tired !
But i got an OFF-DAY today ! And i actually plan to give a BLOG but i just delayed it til now ! It's about 12 night ! I have to sleep again and have to work tomorrow ! FULL TIME ! F*****

                                          Some PIC to share ! NEW ! All in working uniform !

I would like to have a SHORT update first bcoz the time is not allowed mii to continue ! If i do what i have to update , i will B a sleepy guy for whole day long tomorrow !
I just MISS mii family members even we are staying in the same house ! I just can't chat or play V them ! I just have no time ! Miss Miss Miss ! F***** MISS !