Monday, October 31, 2011

HALLoWEeN ... ♥ / LeeHom's song

Chak Chak ... :)
Happy Halloween ! Any party invitation ?' Enjoy yea ... :)

Dress up like Lady GaGa ?' Sound GOOD man ! :D

Beside celebrating Halloween , a romantic song to share with you guys but it's chinese :( / :)

So ...
Hope you guys happy Halloween :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Updated for FishTail Braids ... ♥ / HairStyle

Howdy ... :)
I really need to update my blog ... It's almost died ! So , here I am ! LOVe
Yea ... For the previous post for FishTail Braids , I can't jump into any post which is irrelevant with that ... :*( So pity ! By the way , i have already done my video ! So , here you go ...

But , i hope you guys like it or really understand what i'm trying to show you ! By the way , give me some feedback , tell me either you can understand or not ... Or you hate me or not :D

So ...
Here is some summary for you gals ... Obviously not guys ! :)
First , bring you hair to one side [ which side you prefer ]
Second , separate them into two main parts
Third , take a small piece of hair from behind from either part and join it with the other part [ see the video for better understanding :( ]
Fourth , do the same thing for the other main part which is take a small piece from behind from the other main part
Fifth , braids down with the same procedure [ the crossing stuff ] and go down as much as you can [ it will give you a better look ]
Last , get an elastic band to secure it and use some barbie pins to secure the hairs which is flying off :D

See ... Advised you gals to have some cutie or bling bling stuff pinned at the end ! Whether to cover the elastic band or what :)

Some advice to you gals :
- Comb your hair before start to do your hair !
- Wash your hair [ it's for better looking ! I hate oily hair :) I bet nobody like ]
[ By the way , i just finished my FULL-meal ! Woo ... Satisfying :) ]
- Hold your braids tight ! [ it will give you more neat braids ]
I think that all ! Take a picture after you've done ! Show to your friends with proud ! :D

Chak Chak ... My fringe-do ♥ for today school :D 

Ok ... Is that all ?' Erm ... @.@ 

Last , Don't flirt with a girl , if you really think you love her , wanna be in relationship with her ... Then go ahead and tell her and stop being so intimate with other girls ! What you have did to her , don't did to other girls ! Make her special ! Dude ... If not , I will cut your penis off ! Huh ?' V <-- is a scissor ! :D Respect women :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

FishTail Braids ... ♥ / HairStyle

Howdy ... :)
Updated again ... Wanna show you guys the fishtail braids ! See ... the pictures above ! It's quite cute for girls ! For boys , erm ... Let me think !

Chak Chak ... One more picture which i just practice !
Wanna know how ?' :D Will updated soon !

Suck movie ... ♥ / Paranormal Activity

Howdy ... :D
Wish me luck ! I'm having LAN exam later but now i can't access college's student portal to get the shit lots of notes ! F ... Pass the exam is enough for me , i don't need an A for it ! Thanks and please , MY LORD !

Ok ! So i've decided to update my bloggie ... ♥ Do you guys realized since i have start the blog , I have never reply any comments which i supposed to answer ... Because i have no idea where should i leave my answer =.= ! In the comments box just below the comments ?'  Or should i create a Cbox to let you guys drop comments and ask anything yo guys want ?' Or reply in my next updated post ?' Give me suggestion so i can reply and won't feel guilty for ignoring you guys comments ! :)

I wanna write a review for a movie which i just watched yesterday ! I bet you guys will have the same feelings as me ! Which is ...

One of the  photo downladed from their FB's page !!/paranormalactivity
Click it and try to view the comments which their fans dropped ! 'awesome' stuff !

Actually i have no idea about the conept and the summary of the story even though after i watched it ! I still can't tell you what it is about ! What i can tell is , it is a really SUCK movie , ever ! I have totally no idea what it trying to express ! =.= ! Wasting money production ! It is supposed to be a horror movie right ?' And it turned out to be a STUPID and NONSENSE movie ! I bet some of you so willing to find out what wrong with the movie when i said so right ?' Go ahead ! You will regret ! [ Just realized my cutie bro go bald already ... MuacHaHaHaHa ... :D ]  

No pictures :( ... Will updated soon ... :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are you 18 ?' ... ♥ / Oktoberfest

Are you 18 ?' [ i hope YES ! ] Are you muslims ?' [ i hope NO ! :( ]
Are you READY for #beer ?' Are you READY to #party ?' Are you READY for OKTOBERFEST ?'


Oktoberfest is ...
It has a FaceBook's page :
You have a link to CLICK on to find out more details :

It is a #beer festival actually ! =.= lol ! no ! But it does contained all kind of #beer that suit everyone's taste ! Which is from Heineken , Tiger , Paulaner , Kilkenny to Strongbow ! There is some other new #beer to try out man ! COOL ... :D Like 111 Zwickl, Hopf Ice Beer and Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier !
Thirsty for some pictures right ?' I know that ... No one want to read full-words of advs ! BORED ... :P

After seeing this picture , i bet you guys will totally think that is a #beer festival right ?' Ark >.< ! Indeed , it is ! You are 18 , don't tell me you never drink before ... I will be shocked til die ! MuacHaHaHa ... :D [ Ok ... I'm discussing the liposuction & how to become slimmer with my mum =.= ] Ok ! Fine ... If you never drink before , you should try then ! =.= I'm kidding ! Is up to you ... :)

Chak Chak ... :) You guys should try ! #Oktoberfest v.s. #beer

Share some locations which Oktoberfest will be held :
From tomorrow [ 21/10/2011] until Saturday [ 22/10/2011 ]
At The King's Arm ,
G/F, lot 354-355. Section 50, Jalan Rumbia, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Kuching, Malaysia [ For Sarawak's friends ] 
For more locations or info ... 
Not only #beer ! There is also games , band performance for music lovers and PROMOTIONS ! Promotions = discounts ! Woo ... :D So , after all of this , it not a #beer festival ! It is an October event which is known as Oktoberfest ! 

Limited Edition of Oktoberfest mug ! Want one ?' Just purchase 1 Litre of Tiger Draught ! Get one ! Get one ! If you don't want it , send it to me ... My address is xx,jalan jsdjasdkjaksdjklsa ... :D

There is only ONE month for Oktoberfest which is held on October ! So , find out : 
There is always my picture ! :D 
So , join Oktoberfest ! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little girl's accident ... oOo / Conscience

Howdy ... :)
So happy to update my blog again ! But fucking angry about what am going to post below ! >.<

Click PLAY ... Everyone should watch it and boo the pedestrian ! Even though it is Cantonese ?' Not sure what language he is using ! The point is '' WATCH IT '' ! I'm fucking angry after watch that ! AAAAAAAhhhhhh ...... >.< [ Sorry , for the unedited picture ]

 WTF ! Why are you not helping ?' The really main point is the van driver [ 1st one ] , YOU , son of bitch , do it intentionally right ?" How come you are accelerating after you saw the child ?' [ the son of the bitch is driving really slow at first ] Are you blind ?' I don't think so ! So there is only one reason ... YOU DO IT INTENTIONALLY ! Fuck ... oOo Furthermore , after sense that he have bump into someone , he , motherfucker didn't stop by and get his ass out of the car and check the child's condition ! He still roll onto her ! WTF ... ARk >.< ! WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR CONSCIENCE ?' oOo

The really really MAIN point is why the hell and how on earth the pedestrians didn't give a hand to her ?' HUH ?' Even a mummy who holding her child ... Imagine if who lying on the floor is your motherfucking daughter ! Don't you hope someone will help you out ?' HUH ?' Why are you not helping ?' You thought it's a planking ?' So fucked ! Even though you think it is A Planking , you should go to it and check it out ! WTF ... Aaahhh oOo ! And there is one pedestrian who witness everything but still didn't help ! IF One of you is helped out , she won't get rolled by the second van which put her into more severe problem ! Ark oOo ... [ Can't help it , DOn't you feel the same way ?' ] I really hope i was there !

What the HELL ! i just read the part of the news ... And i found out that both of the driver have already report themselves ... But ! They said they will paid and want the cases to settled so they won't get into any problem ! WTF ... The driver still feeling not guilty at all and told the media that is the child's fault because the child didn't 'walk properly' ... WTF ! When you were child , you FLY ?' oOo I will slap your face off if i'm your relative or what and feel fucking embarrassing to have any relationship with you ... OMFG !

See ! A CHILD ! She deserve her childhood ! She should be happy , playing around ! And because of you , son(s) of the bitches , She have nothing and she won't be happy as she deserve to ! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ! NAH oOo

See ... Why the dog won't let it's friend [ i think think they knew each other before ... before of different type of fur ! :P ] alone after get injured or died ! Why the hell human can't be like them ! I mean the conscience-ness ! Ark >.< ! You should feel really fucking embarrassing of not give your hand out !

Just got the news from FB ! She is died ! T.T Rest in peace !


Really hope no more this kind of thing happen again ! Conscience ...

Friday, October 7, 2011

I get robbed ... oOo / Prevention

Howdy ...
Ai Yo ... I get robbed ! My iPhone and MiKi lost liao ... :( Fuck ... Don't let me see your face again ! I will beat you up !

This post going to be an advise ?' For who have to take cab !

Before you're aboard ...
- Make sure the car's door is functioning ... [ Really well ! Check it for your safety ]
- Record the plat number ... Everytime even though you think you trust the driver ! [ For backing up ! ]
- Check the driver ... [ It's better the driver is Malaysian ! Avoid foreign worker ! ]

While Aboard ...
- Check whether there is a driver's details in front the seat ! [ If not , you better step away ! ]

After Abroad ...
- Stick to the door [ Open the door if you found something strange ]
- Don't let driver stop by and let someone who is known as his friend in ... [ You better get out ! ]
- Once you can't reacted while some others is abroad ... Just corporate with them ! You have no choice ! Give whatever you have and don't struggle much ! There is a weapons !

Precaution :
Put something that really attack-able inside your bag to defend every situation ! Like a knife ?' Spray ?' I hope i can get a pistol ! Who knows how can i register for one ?' And how much it cost ?' Send me the details at : ! Thanks you ... :P
And try to get someone make accompany to you ! 

For my incident ...
Area : Wangsa Maju [ LRT ]
Car's plat no . : H.. 4177 [ Not really sure but please be aware ! ]
Car's type : Proton Saga ... [ With color red and white geh ] [ The car seem a bit drought ! Get a cab which is new ! ]
Procedure :
First , he will line up at the cab's queue ! And wait for his victim ! After the victim aboard , he will try to be friendly and talk with you ! [Normal] En route , he said he need to fetch a friend home which is waiting beside the road ! And he stop the car after 1 second he said ! [ Please get out immediately if that happened to you ... ] ! And the guy who aboard latter will indicate the wrong way route ! Try to ask him to stop and if he don't ... Jump off the car ! He didn't stop while i asked =.= ! After a while , the guy will jump to the back from the front passenger seat ! And he didn't attack but shout and ask you to be quiet ! And his weapon is a scissor ! WTF ! The story is too terrible to tell ... Just becareful next time you take a cab ! This is the point i wrote this post !

I hope you will get aware of your safety from now on and hope this post is helpful !


我在Wangsa Maju一带被打劫了!的士司机会先让你上车!然后在半途中说他要载个朋友回家!非常的突然![请你们马上下车!如果发生这种事情!]还会故意兜圈子说司机是新手,所以需要由他带路!过后,他就会往下弯!拿剪刀![拜托你们!看到有人上车或者他往下弯去拿东西!一定要立刻开门下车!不要害怕受伤!因为它可能会做出更多你想不到的事!]如果真的没有办法!你就合作吧!钱还可以再找的!不要为了身外物被打死!

- 确保的士的门毫无损坏!
- 把车牌记起来![在上车前!]
- 检查是否有司机的资料!在前座的! 
- 粘着门!有什么不对劲就立刻下车!
- 要学会保护自己!带一些利的东西防卫!刀子?类似的东西!


Son of the bitch ... Report police as fast as you can !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stella Chong's birthday ... ♥ / Happi 18

Howdy ... Howdy ...
One of my secondary school's bestie , Stella Chong invited me to her birthday party since a week before her birthday ... And today is her official birthday ! Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stella Chong ... :)

Actually after i got the invitation , i wondering will i meet someone handsome or my Mr. Right ?' And after the party , i just realized almost all is who i have seen before which is from the same secondary highschool ... So fun ! It seem like a gathering rather than a birthday celebration ... :) By the way , i really enjoy myself ! But i still met a leng zai , but someone told me the leng zai not good hor ... HoHo :D Leng zai boh yong geh ! [ I bet no body know what i'm talking about ] :D

Happy Birthday to Stella Chong ... Have a really great one huh ?' Happy 18 !

We've shared some private and secrecy stuff ! Wanna know ?' Ok ! I won't telll ... :P By the way , thanks you for still sharing it with me ! :)

After preparing ... 
I'm waited for the car to fetch me up to Genting Highland to arrive ! Initially , Stella told me she will fetch me up and send me back early because i will have to attend class on Monday , today ! And I received a call , i bet which is from her bf [ don't worry ! I won't call for seducing or nonsense ] ! And told me that some other guy will fetch me up and i like oh my gawd ! Will he be dangerous ?' And i realized the same thing ... Which is one of my previous classmate ! WTF ! He is blaring his stereo ... My eardrum going to burst neh ! And after we all gathering , i found out that Stella Chong is bluffing ! She've promised the other girl's friend the same thing too ... =.= ! Whatever ... :)

Chak Chak ... :) Outfit of the day ... Nice ?' Stella Chong is dressed up like a dancing queen but the problem is we didn't celebrate in the club or pub ! HaHa ... Sexy lar MAN ! :P

STella Chong is making her birthday wish ... :) Her bf has decorated something above the bed sheet ! It's really sweet !

Chak Chak ... :) It's not decorated by her bf ! And the reason is because of he have to make accompany to Stella Chong to distract her attention from being  noticed there is a romantic plan or planking ?' HaHa ... :D

Taken by suck photographer --> Uni ! :P Because the room is like huddled ! We can't really walk inside and snap a picture or what ...  ARk >.< ! Trust me , I wanna post more pictures of the day but ... Haizz ... Next time , reserve a VIP room please ... Thanks ! HaHA :)

It's actually a planking ... :P ! Can't go off geh candles ! Oh my Gawd ... If i was Stella Chong , I will knew that earlier and will sat there and do nothing maybe start eating the cake without bother the candles ! HaHaHaHa ... :D  [ It's candles not candy ... SORRi ]

Panda UNI ... I actually planned to attend classes today but i planned to like picked up 2 classes out of 4 ! Because i reached home at 4 something and wake up at 6 o'clock ! WTF ... >.< ! But i still made it all ! I've attend all the classes today ... It's fun too ! But i still miss them ! :) ZOMBIE's day

We have a few of group picture so Stella Chong will definitely upload all she have in her camera ! I'm dead ! The two photos above is totally demonstrating what i'm going to look like in the group pictures ! WTF ... :( Ark >.< ! Have to practice how to smile sweetly infront the camera again jor ! =.= ! No kidding ... :(

Love ... <3
Thanks you for all of you ! It's really meant to me ! As there is some problem occurs between me and him ! Hope to go out with you all again ... Any ?' I hope YES :( HaHaHa :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

WE BREAK ... :( / 01/10/2011

Howdy ...
Updating ...
Yesterday is our 6th months-niversary and also our day to end ! I decided to end ! Because even though i love him , i don't need someone who didn't appreciate me ! By the way , he didn't since i have told him i wanna break ! Thanks for letting me go ! I think that's all ! Not in mood to blog !

6th months-niversary ... ♥ / * Love *

Howdy ... :)
Feeling so sad that no one have leave a comments to make my blog more vivid ! Ark >.< !
MuacHaHaHa ... :D I'm kidding geh ! Here is where i'm talk bullshit ... HaHa :)

Ok ! Today is 01 October 2011 ... <3
Happi ... :) Since 01 April 2011 , which is April Fool's Day ... We've been in relationship since April Fool til now , 01 October 2011 . Which is a 6-months relationship ! WooHoo :) How amazing it is ... Even amazed myself ! A really long-term relationship for me ... I used to have about 10 relationship before this and the most shortest duration is like 2 or 3 days and the longest one ... I think half and a month ?' Not sure ! But it all puppy love ! HaHa :D So regret of having puppy love ! But if there is not puppy love , how can i get the information of what should be the topics between couples or else stuff ?' HaHa ... Nonsense ... :P

Bangle ... <3 
Can i start sharing our love story ?' HaHa :D No one is going to read ... I knew that ! But i still wanna write because of no one is going to read ! MuacHaHAhA ... <3

A really significant part for me ... I used to ignored him like one whole week ! It's because of my stupid thought ... I thought i fell in love with someone else and wanna break up with him ! How innocent i am ! Stupid Uni ... And I've realized it's just some imagination ?' Something like that ! HeHe :) And i've received like thousand of calls from him ... So touched ! Muackzzz ... I love you lar !

And we fought thousands of times within this 6 months ! OMG ... I just realize 6 months mean half and a year ... Woo ! :)

Q Q stuff ! It's actually for pepper ... :D
[ It's from Coffee and Bagel Cafe ... Which located at Sri Hartamas ! I love there ... Especially the they showing the Mr. Bean show !The food is good too !*thumb ups*

Ark >.< ! Finished two chapter in one day ... For Bio ! So tired ! Feel faint ... :S

 Hmm ... There is no celebration for our 6th months-niversary ... Because he have to work ! Ark >.< ! He said he is on the way to married with me ! HaHa ... :) So sweet !

So tired ! End my post with this picture ! Thanks you ... :)
I want my iPad 2 now ! T.T