Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avengers ... ♥

Anyeong Hasayo ... :D
Sorry for the wrong spelling ... :( But time to update ♥ 
Do you remember Iron Man ?' Captain America ?' The Hulk ?' Thor ?' Spiderman ?' They are all in Avengers !' Don't be surprise !' Spiderman is not in this time :D I still wondering why ?' HaHaHaHa :P
It is up on cinema yesterday ( 27 April 2012 ) ... And cinema appeared to be flooded ... HaHa :P I watched it and I have to went through a super long queue to get movie tickets and also popcorn as well ... :( But we still get it because It is an AWESOME movie that you wouldn't want to miss :)

First of all ...
ROBERT DOWNEY - Tony Stark / Iron Man
The day before we watched the movie , Iron Man actually were shown on TV ! Actually that is the first time I watched Iron Man , don't judge me >.< ! And the guy - Iron Man is so so so HANDSOME ! I bet not everyone know what the name of Spiderman even they watched Spiderman ! So I wanna share :)
A self-described genius , billionaire and playboy ... :D And with a self invention - Iron Man suit

Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America
A hero with sexy and fit body ... :P
Regretted for didn't watch Captain America :( He is also HANDSOME and quite attractive :DDD

Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
She is a beautiful and sexy girl ... :)
She said ... In movie lar ! She used to be a spy so I kinda reminiscing what movie she is from for this Black Widow character but still have no idea ! Someone please drop me comment for it , I wanna know :) Thanks you :)

Jeremy Renner - Clint Barton / Hawkeye
A guy who is with Natasha not like couple but yea ... :D
I also have no idea where he is from ! I mean which movie is the Hawkeye character exist but I think I saw him in Tom Cruise movie ! And he is an agent in there so Hawkeye is from there ?' * shrug * Attractive guy ... :)

Mark Ruffalo - Dr. Bruce Banner / The Hulk
A green huge guy after excited/enraged ... I'm not really remember I watched The Hulk which is on this guy btw he is fine :)

Chris Hemsworth - Thor
The god of Thunder ?' I'm impressed with his superpower as I didn't watch Thor before :D Thor ?' Hmm ... He is really good-looking with short hair :D

Okay ... Already introduced all the heroes to you guys :) Having a great time with my love one(s) - me , chocolate milk(younger bro) and my sis

Btw , one more thing ...
I think everyone know who is Johnny Depp right ?' Jack Sparrow ?' My favorite character all the time ! He is on a new movie now ! As a undead VAMPIRE ! Aww ... Can't wait for it to up and I'm definitely going to WATCH it :) The movie named DARK SHADOW ...

*Thumbs ups* for Avengers :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

MUSIC MV ... ♥


KATY PERRY - Part of me 
The MV is quite touching ... 
CHRISTINA PERRI - A Thousand Years
Twilight scenes in this MV and love the lyrics ... Meaningful
TRAIN - Drive By
One of my favorite song
 ONE DIRECTION - What Makes You Beautiful
You don't know you are beautiful ...
CARLY RAE JEPSEN - Call me Maybe 
The guy is so so so HOT ~ But he is a ... :(
BIG BANG - Fantastic Baby 
BIG BANG - Bad Boy 

My fantastic baby ...  BIG BANG's new album
Enjoy your weekend ...

e Maybe

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video

Friday, April 20, 2012

Become a Samsung Global Blogger ... ♥

Howdy ...
Here to share some quick information about WIN A CHANCE TO LONDON FOR OLYMPICS ... 
You like sharing things through social networks ?' Likes On FaceBook ?' Twitter ?' Or Your own Bloggie ?' Now , there is a chance for you to join an audition for you - everyone to become a Samsung Global Blogger and fly to London to experience the London 2012 Olympic Games and explore London as well . 


No matter who you are , A avid blogger ?' A journalist or just someone who  like to share things via the social networks ?' All of you can join the audition to stand a chance to fly off to London . The Samsung Global Blogger competition is giving you the chance to become a star and report from London during the Olympic Games. How ?'

[ Above can link you to the website ]

STEP 1 :
               Create a 30 seconds video in English
               [ why you would make a great Samsung Global Blogger for a chance to be in London during the biggest sporting event of the year!]

STEP 2 :
               Upload it here [ SAMSUNG GLOBAL BLOGGER
               [ Upload it before 29th April 2012 . 9 days left . ]

Only two steps to join this audition . Isn't super easy ?'

1. Be confident in front the camera
2. Passion
3. Originality
4. Social butterfly - Twitter , FaceBook, Bloggie
5. Ability to tell a story

GOOD LUCK to all of you who join it :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

NO Plastic Surgery ... / ♥

Howdy ... ♥
Time to update my bloggie ... Click my NuffNang ads , it made me money :D #kidding But still better click it :D

On Saturday night , I watched GLEE which the episode is about nose job and Quinn's thing ! And it inspired me to write a blog post about it , so this post gonna be about Plastic Surgery , not only nose job as not only nose that everyone might dislike about their features ! As i'm a blogger so i read BLOGS ! I bet everyone knows famous blogger , XIAXUE right ?' She had done a few jobs , i mean plastic surgery and she did confess about it . Proud of her honestly *salute*

This is one of the photo which is obviously before any plastic surgery ! I'm not paparazzi so i didn't really dig this out out of some private or personal site , she show us . And i have to admit that her surgeon did a pretty well job which make her to ... 
Taa Daa ... This ! Quite impressive right ?' Of course with make up also lar but still prettier than before ! And this is one of the successful cases ...
And i found this while searching ' Xiaxue before surgery ' and this is one of the result photos ! This is Dawn Yang ! She is pretty but i can't 100 % say she having makeover-plastic surgery also lar but if she does then this is also one of the successful cases . Overall , i still didn't encourage plastic surgery ! From ugly to pretty ! *my 'ugly' here didn't mean literally ugly , just metaphor*

There is successful cases and of course there is always failure cases ...
 This is one of the 'famous' failure cases ! From pretty to ugly ! *my 'ugly' here mean literally ugly - face distort* I heard about this girl ... She is actually a singer or performer , if i didn't mistaken but she trying to get cuter and cuter so she ask the surgeon to fill the side cheek to make it more puff and it will be cute when you smile . But the point is she is trying to get more and more injection and eventually she went broke and out of materials to inject so she use cooking oil instead of the real materials so her face went like that --> the picture above ! TOO GREEDY 
There is so much cases that failed ... According to the statistics , the cases of being failed are a shita lots ! HaHa :D If you've decided to do it , you have to take the risk ! 

I know , no one is perfect and everyone want to be perfect ! 
You dislike you eyes ?' Because it is too small ?' You want double eyelids ?' Because it looks so attractive ?' You want a sharper nose ?' Because you hate your flat nose and you wanna look '3D' ?' You want a sexy lips ?' Because ... Honey , you are beautiful the way you are ! I know it might be sarcasm for you but it is truth and i'm SINCERE ! I also want a bigger eyes ! Sharper nose ! And a sexy lips like Angelina Jolie but i will never ever going to plastic surgery . You know why ?' Not because i don't have the money or afraid of other people's opinion . As i'm a RULE BREAKER , i don't follow rules ! I have piercings all over my ears , tongue and belly button . And i get tattoos as well , 3 on my body when i was in secondary school . So it is so obvious i will do everything i want and no one can stop me even my parents ! But i will NEVER go for plastic surgery ! 

You know why ?' No matter how much i hate ... No ! I love myself ~ Sometimes i even think i love myself too much ! HaHa :D Okay ~ :D What actually i trying to 'preach' is LOVE YOURSELF , DON'T HURT YOURSELF . If your face is distorted due to natural or some reason , then there is the only reason you can go for plastic surgery . 

If you wanna get skinny , diet and some workout will help ! NEVER EVER GO FOR PLASTIC SURGERY ! If you wanna get prettier , the max way you supposed to go is MAKE UP ! 
Going to end here ! I think i caught a cold ! My body is heating up =.= 

Monday, April 9, 2012

We Not Naughty ... ♥ / Movies

Howdy ... :)
How is your holidays so far ?' I bet a lots of student been through exams and having breaks now right ?' HeHe :) So far , my holidays is cool ♥ 

So i went to movie with my friends yesterday and we go for ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' as I've already watched most of it including the ' Street Dance ' which one of my friend's bf wanted to watch ... :D Today's post gonna be ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' movie by Jack Neo ~ This is not a review post because i am not good in reviewing thing ... :P
The date for showing in Malaysia is not 19 JAN 2012 , is something in April and it is up now ~ And i recommended it :)
This is one of the actor from Hong Kong , if i didn't mistaken :)He is handsome and there is one scene that he is running around the school with naked not even an underwear *blush* :D He have a good and sexy body though :D 
This girl is so so so brave ... *thumbs ups*  She shove her hair in the movie ~ How much courage we all need to do that ?' Brave girl ♥ " Jie , you are still pretty " said by her younger brother [in the movie] after shaved her hair :) 
This is one of the photo from Google ... But lack Joshua Ang #nogood 

By the way , i have something to say about this movie and the previous movies which also from Joshua And and Shawn Lee , all by Jack Neo ! 
This two handsome main character ... ♥ 
I meant this two series which were produced years ago ... They have grown up ! 
Gonna share some of the photos ... :) 
HaHaHa :D They became more handsome now :) 

The point is the movie ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' is actually quite same with the ' I'M NOT STUPID TOO ' which is the both main character having problem and get into some gang and get cheated and someone try their best to help them out and at last they became good again ... This is how the story goes actually ... HaHaHa :D But this movie , there is more handsome and funny so is good to watch lar actually so :) RECOMMENDED


Having 'cancer' today ... 
So goodnight everyone ♥ 
Other recommended movie : 
Love Story - The Vow 
Dance Movie - Street Dance 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updated ... ♥ / College's Party

Howdy ... :)
So sad no one actually send me a camera as a gift ... :*( HaHaHaHa :D #kidding
[ Btw , because of no camera ... i missed out so many chances of sharing things ! Like today i went to a make up show which is interesting ~ but i don't have a camera so i just have to wait whether there is someone upload photos on FB and grab it here :D I hope she will upload it all :( Saving up ~ Saving up ~ ] 
Now , update about a party which held in and from our college ... #TCSH

It going to be a long post , i think :) 
As we just finished our trial exams which is super stressful for us lar , so i persuaded my friend to come with me to the party and she said ' YES ' ... What an amazing moment ~ :D 
 And our dress code is ' cirque du soleil ' ... One of my friend told me it means Cirque Du Soleil is a French circus troupe and our attire should be colorful and wacky ~ :) 

Showing one picture which i googled ~ 

I know ~ I am not exactly follow the dress code right ?' And i need a pair of heels right ?' :( I know :D *ignore the funny and hideous face* :D 
This is the piece i'm wearing ... :) I love it so much <3  
Our tickets ... 
Mine is the upper one and my bestie having the below one ... Is there anyone who been there feel so familiar or what with the number ?' 161 ~ Yea ~ Shit her ! She actually got the lucky draw but she is too slow so lost her gift ... HaHaHaHa :D #kidding The fact is , they thought the ticket owner have already left so they just pass it =.= !
Taking pictures with her - my bestie in the library as we got our tickets :) *my hand going to be transparent jor ... HAPPI*
You know ?' They actually told us the party will be started at 5 pm but they started the party real late and me and my friend just sat there and doing nothing and observe people ~ #nogood 
And performance started with music club if i didn't mistaken :) Music club took the biggest part in that day's performance ~ 
But no pictures for music club but one for dance club performance ... Both did pretty well ... Love it <3 
Other than music , dance and fashion show ... There is a rapper came from Taylor college Subang Jaya ~ I think so lar and also DJ but no idea where they came from ! Quite handsome but proud 'animal' :DDD
The rapper ~ He's actually not a gentleman guy and quite rude - no manner but the rapping part is okay ... 
The last show which is the 'orgasm' part ~ Fashion show !

I think all the pictures of the models are here already ... :/ As i'm not our college's blogger so can't make sure :P 

This kinda party have to be improve ... In the time management thingy ! The performances were fine but there is huge gaps between each performances ! After all , it is just fine :) #ownopinion 
This hair ornament is from DIVA , MidValley ... :) 

Goodnight all ...