Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 13th May 2012 ... ♥ / Snowflake

Howdy ... ♥ 
Another update ... :) 
Mummy was busy on Mother's Day so me and sis wanted to go out so badly to avoid being oxidized and she wanted to shop for shoes for friend's wedding dinner some more ... So we went :) 
My outfit of the day ... :) 

I bet everyone knows what this ' beeping ufo ' stand for right ?'
For SnowFlake ... 
This is the first time i eat here ... Not because of i'm out of date it is because the pics for their dishes didn't attracted me ... Suck >.< And today i realized they served ' Ai Yu Bing ' so i went there ... 

Chak Chak ... :) 
It is good and cost RM 5.50 ... 

See the drink which is same named ' Ai Yu Bing ' but it served in cup ... Cost the same price RM 5.50 ! Compare with Chatime or other brands , i think the rpice is moderate right ?' No expensive right ?' The point is in the same table we order the same thing and it cost the same price BUT mine taste good and the drink taste BAD even bitter ... =.= This made me sis pek chik * no idea which version but something like kantonese * ... HaHa :DDD 

The only thing that worth to mention is this ... And one more thing , if you get attracted to the price which shown on the advertisement board ... Check carefully whether there is a FROM or not :DDDD 

My whole body is aching ... I wore flats from comfy crocs to our shopping but still  ... =.= Especially my thigh , walk too much ... I think ! Because we search for foods and my sis is a indecisive person who have to go round and round to think before buy something =.= ! No offense yea , sis :)

All the best for who still having exams ...

Mum's Day ... ♥ / 13 May

Howdy ...
Yesterday was mother's day ... Because i blog this at 1 am something so that mean is 14 May already :D 
Usually for any big day ... The whole family will have dinner together but mummy was busy about something like charity thingy so we postponed our mother day's dinner to next Sunday ... I hope no one will lost memories for the dinner :D  So this post is going to be all about my mom ... Might including the bad thing you did to me , mom ... >.< ! WaHaHaHa

This is the only one pic of my mom which i managed to dig out from my device as i lost my iPhone before ... F ! I thought i took a lots of her pic but turned out nothing =.= ! But that doesn't mean i hate or don't love my mom ... I just don't expressed my love by photoshooting her :D  I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCHIE ... ♥ EVen though she always say i'm fat like hell and ask me to do some exercise and diet as well >.< ! I talked to my mom as much as possible even though something what she trying to tell me bored me off ... :DD  * btw ... Not trying to promote Shimino but Shimino is my favorite food :) *

Actually me and my mom went through a really rough row that we didn't talk for 1 year or more maybe ... That time , we are transparent for each other ... There is a lot of reason lar ! Some due to my rebellions , I really a bad girl that time maybe movie influenced me >.< Some is because she didn't keep her words , she didn't do what she promised ! I fxxking hate people didn't keep her/his words ... I will make you disappear in my world by ignoring you in the entire life ... * Chuck Bass's smile * Eventually my mom broke the silence between us ...  Of course she has to do that , she is the mom ... :DDD #kidding Btw , Thanks mom for that ! 

By the way ... nowadays mom still haven't learn how to keep her words and she broke her words twice or more maybe ! I'm really really pissed off by her but after i saw her cooks :DD All gone ! Yea lur ... I also have no idea how on earth i still talk to her :D #kidding 

Btw ... Mom why don't you pass me your ' skinny genes ' ?' >.<But i think my mom passed me the ' beauty's genes ' WaHaHaHaHa :D My mum actually so pretty and fit , i think if she managed to go for some mummy's modelling competition , she will get the 1st ! No kidding , pretty #serious ! And she always show off like how the hawker ' flirting ' with her :D But always complain about the wrinkles =.= Wrinkles defined who you are and what you are mom ... ♥  A Ha ... How about i go for plastic surgery course and make you the most flawless face in the world ?' HaHa :D

I actually wanna buy mom some birthday present but ... I think this is a perfect present for her right even though i know she won't read this :D

Mom ... 
Fighting ... :) Aloha wau ia 'oe * Hawaii's version of i love you * 
Btw , try to keep your words ... >.<

Thursday, May 10, 2012

iPoP ... ♥ / Popcorn

Howdy ... ♥ 
How was you guys exams ?' Having a week more from exams ! :) Appreciate for this break if not i'm going to met Jesus soon :D 
Wanna a break mou ?' Wanna go for movie ?' 
iPoP ... 
Flavored popcorn ... 
From Rampai's night market ... :) 
Me and chocolate milk ordered chocolate and caramel one ... * thumbs ups * 

南洋咖喱 CURRY
椒盐芥末 WASABI  

Available at : 
Prima Setapak - Restoran Good Friend/好朋友美食中心
Sri Rampai - Restoran Ooi Soon/威顺美食中心(EVERY THURSDAY ONLY)
Desa Setapak - Red Famous Corner Food Court/红灯角美食中心
Wednesday - Taman Connaught
Friday - Ampang Pandan Mewah  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

06052012 ... ♥ Festival City / Movie

Howdy ... ♥ 
A Ha ... I'm here to update even though i said i will have my exam tomorrow ( Tuesday ) ! I just can't help as i have photos ... :) 

I actually been sitting in the Starbucks the whole day and suffering ass pain and it went flatter and bigger ... I think >.< ! I managed to finish a book for my syllabus ... WooHoo :O In less than 7 hours but still left a few pages as i'm too lazy to go through >.< 

En route as i'm studying , my eldest sis decided to call me up and join me and my another sis for dinner and we have 'healthy' food for dinner ... :D ' Healthy ' means vegetarian's foods :) And after that , i came up with idea not to go home so early as it is just 8 o'clock >.< ! So we decided to check ... up ! 

Check Festival City up ... And this is my very first time step into  this building >.< ! Overall , the decoration and everything is good ... Not bad ! 

Celebrate your birthday with them ... :) That is my sis :) She just dismiss from work and i kinda coaxed eldest sis to go for movie :D 

MBO ... Did anyone heard about it ?' Try to guess what it is about ... 
 It is a cinema >.< ! Which located in the Festival City ... 



Ta Da ... :) MBO Cinema ... The decoration is not bad and one important information for who concerned ! The popcorn and drinks ... 
Is too small man ... I actually order the large one but it turned out to be this small and even the drink ... WTF >.< * ignore my fats please ... I'm trying so hard to forget about foods :( *  

Jason Statham ... ♥ HANDSOME when he is fighting :) 
We watched this and i have to said THUMBS UPS ... :) The thing is you have to be 18 or above to watch this >.< ! So pity who is not 18 or above :DDD I'm 19 years old :) #kidding =.=

Trailer ...
Spiderman ... :O Only will be out on July ... :( I watched the trailer ! It is so amazing ... :) Can't wait >.< ! SO handsome ! Look at his eyes ! * fang dian * 

Sorry for the bad quality of photos as i don't have a good camera ... Who wanna offer me sponsorship ?' >.< 
Other than this ... 
Good luck and all the best to all of the students who will or having exams :) 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fingers ... ♥

Howdy ... ♥ 
HaHa :D 
My previous post like half an hour ago said i won't be able to update my blooggie for a little while but now ... Guess what ?' I'm updating again ~ I wanna share something interesting :) 

Try this gesture out ... 
[ No idea why my fingers so short =.= ] 
DOne ?' 
Next ... 
Your thumbs ... 
They represented your parents ... 
Your parents and you can be split one day somewhat and somehow :)
Index fingers ... 
Part your index fingers ... 
They both represented siblings ... 
It mean someday or somehow you and your siblings will have to split up ... 
Me and chocolate milk ?' :( NOOOOOOO 
HaHa :D But he still have to get a wife so ... COOL 
Pinky(s) ... :D
They represented your future children ... 
Your children will get their life and ability to live the life with themselves so ... 
Last one ... 
Wu Ming Zhi(s) ... :DD
Don't know what it is called in English ... The fingers i curved ! The fourth one ... 
It represented your future husband or wife or soulmate ... 
Now ... 
Try to part your fouth fingers ... HeHeHeHe *tittering* 

The Greatest Love ...  ♥ 
I love this drama so muchie ... :) 

It means no matter what or why you won't be separate with your right one
And sorry for the  ugliness of the photos ... I actually trying to make a video with it but not taking enough rest recently so it is so fugly to actually upload the ' video face ' ... :(

SHort Update ... ♥ / EXAMS

Howdy ...
Will do a short update ... :)
My final examination is here ~ Next Tuesday !  
What can i do ?' What should i do ?' HaHa :D Look at my dark circle , how serious it is for me ~
Even though ... 
My dark circle is always there ! 
So might be a while that i can't update my bloggie ... 
And wish all the students who will be on exams ...