Friday, November 23, 2012

[Review]Hada Labo Air BB Cream ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Here i am for the Hada Labo New Air BB Cream ...
It will be available at Watson or Guardian starting only on December and it costed RM 55.90 ... Imma so lucky man !!! * Even though not the right tone ... >.< *

Using Hada Labo Air BB Cream for the make up ...

Let's see what is in the goodies bag ... 



#Sample #SuperHyaluronicAcidMoisturizingCleansingOil 


So basically i have the New Air BB Cream which is not available in the drugstores yet , a moisturizing lotion and samples of moisturizing cleansing oil ... As well as papers that briefed about the New Air BB Cream !!! Let's start ... 


Clean your face and put on the daily skin care regime ... Especially something like moisturizer !!! With Hyaluronic Acid , ONE gram of it can lock up to 6 Liter of water neh ... When i first back to putting on make up , * I stopped because i think it is unnecessarily due to my skin condition * i don't really know that i will need to apply an extra layer of moisturizer before applying make up and end up my make up looked so fulgy , especially the foundation , something like cake-key ... So if you have a dry skin , this series from Hada Labo will be good for you !!! 



Direction : As the final step of your skin care regime , squeeze sufficient amount and pat lightly on your skin using fingers to blend well . 
Apply the BB Cream to your whole face with your own preference method whether dab it on or blend it but when it comes to concealing , dab in on and avoid pulling the BB Cream as you will basically remove the BB Cream that you will need for the coverage/concealing . 

Let's see how before-and-after : 

Obviously ...
Even skin tone ... 
Brightens complexion ... 
No redness , especially beside the nose ... 

#WithAirBBOn #WithoutBlush

 Hada Labo Air Cream 10-in-1 Function :
- Deep Moisturizing due to Hyaluronic Acid 
- Anti-Aging due to hydrolyzed Collagen 
- Whitening Care due to Arbutin & Vitamin C 
- High Sunscreen Protection due to SPF 50+PA+++
- Oil Control & Pore Minimising due to Witch Hazel 
- Brightens Complexion & Evens Out Skintone with 2 shades : Natural Beige and Ivory Beige 

* Low irritation , Free of fragrances , mineral oil and alcohol 

Basically i love it but i think i will get the Natural Beige one because obviously i have a fair skin ... >.< 
Not too sticky or too watery and it actually quite easy to blend with fingers as well ... 

Basically cover all the redness very well without the help of concealer but not for super dark circles ...
As a BB Cream , it did well in coverage but not as well as a concealer lar , obviously . 

Not getting oily so easily ... 
Not shiny but gives out my own natural glows after applying Air BB on ... 
My skin didn't look deadly pale after air BB ... 

Yes ...

Yes with 10-in-1 features ! 

Your truly 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Launching of Air BB Cream from Hada Labo ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Invited for Hada Labo Air BB Cream's launching ... Imma really lucky and have a great time too while meeting a lots of bloggers !!! Actually this is my 1st time attending some official event and i hope there will be more to come , please do e-mail me for invitation !!!

I bet everyone on the earth know about Hada Labo right ?' So do i necessary need to do introduction about it ?' LOL NO !!! I have been using them and what i'm saying is , IMMA FUCKING LOVE THEM !!! HaHa :D So i'm really appreciate that imma one of them who been invited . And they held the launching event at ACME BAR & COFFEE !!! Let's have a look on the restaurant first ... 



Basically , it is a high-class restaurant ?' Hmm ... Not sure though , if only i can get through they menu with prices !!! HaHa :D They actually still operate like usual , serving diner and the launching event is on upper floor ... Let's check it out !!! 

How ?' Not bad lar , right ?' Actually the decoration is from the restaurant's usual decorative and by just adding the Hada Labo's products on and some simple compulsory decor for the launching ... Anyways , they served us well !!! By the way , invitation card stated that the event will be starting at 3 pm and end at 5 pm so i thought i was late because i reached there like 3 ++ pm but apparently i am not late and there is only a few bloggers there ... >.< #notabigcaseforKLpeople 


Just some pictures while waiting for the event to start ... SOME ?' That's fucking lots right ?' I know !!! HaHa :D Let's have a look on what they have for us in stomach-filling ... * I know i smile awkward ... >.< * 



They are caring enough ... Why would i say so ?' Because ... 
Because when they served the #1 one , i pretend like " Oh ... Food is here !!! " , in my mind " Fuck this , i'm vegetarian neh !!! " HaHa :D And then like 5-10 mins later , they served the #2 one and i was like " Oh , thanks god !!! " HaHa :D Are they caring enough ?' Yes for me !!! 



It is like finally someone begin the launching by briefing about the New Air BB Cream from Hada Labo !!! #3 , i think she is a boss ?' * Sorry ... Can't remember !!! * #4 , she is a make-up artist , a famous one according to #3 but i think i saw her somewhere maybe in a magazine or else ... They brought a model along for demonstration of the New Air BB Cream ... 

This model is like having a fucking good skin man so can't see the before-and-after differences in the pictures or even in real ... >.< But don't worry , there is always more ... After finished demonstrated on the fucking-good-skin model , they asked us among bloggers is there anyone volunteer to try it on !!! I bet when girls heard this , their brain automatically think of having naked-face in front of other girls so don't dare to volunteer , even me unless you have a fucking-good-skin-condition and you wanted to show off but there is always a brave girl as well so TaDa ... * I'm not saying she have a bad skin condition , ok ?' *

Look at the coverage ... Compare both side , i know her skin is quite good also so dark circles is the obvious comparison you can have ... This new Air BB Cream from Hada Labo comes in 2 tone , Natural Beige and Ivory Beige ... By just looking at the name of the tones , i can't really know or even remember which is for fair or darker skin ... >.< Anyway ... 

Will have a try on it and will write a review about it ... * Ignore my hand * 


What is in the goodies bag ?' Stay tuned ... 

Have a nice day ... ❤
Stay tuned for Air BB's review ... ❤