Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Schwarzkopf FreshLight Ash Foam Color ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

After We Love Asia Music Festival, i went to relatives wedding buffet, went to karaoke with babes *and now i know my babes have a loud and sexy running tones vocal SHhhhh*, i watched sexy 'Parker', i cut my nails short and i have my hair D.I.Y. again ... >...< Aww i think you already know the result if you did read my D.I.Y. hair color's post before ... :( 

Anyways, i'm gonna post it but my sis said it is quite okay ... Hmm *doubting* 

Before that, show you how ugly my hair is with the pudding color ... >...< 

See how my hair mixed with the night sky and LOL my babe have the same problem with me but she fixed that already ... *peace* I miss my long fringe, aww >...< Bangs need way too much commitment which is a troublesome for lazy me ... :( And because the hair grow and only the bottom part of my bangs have the blonde color, it made my bangs looked oily even i just shampooed and blow-dried my hair ... >...< So need to fix it urgently !!! 

#Ugly #Pudding #Roots
 #Oily even I just shampooed my hair 

I know i'm in pyjamas and you hardly believe that i have my hair shampooed but i DID and i took bath after finish hair dying !!! And the hair color is too light for photos, too frizzy and too much fly away !!! So i bought hair dyer with me ... 

#Schwarzkopf  #ASH

I actually quite like the color which is something like Elegant Ash which i posted previously ... But i'm too mischevious to color it correctly so here i am with something different HaHaHaHa ... Maybe i still in love with the light color on my hair, it is quite nice but not the black pudding roots !!! I can't just retouch the black pudding roots because the light color is the faded color after bleached and blah blah blah color which i don't know what color it turned out ... >...< 

So what is the mischevious way of doing it ?' 
In order to get rid the black-and-blonde combination bangs and black pudding roots but trying to keep the original hair color along, i decided to put my hair into braids and ... 

#Schwarzkopf have their special designed packages which made us convenience and avoiding stained on your favourite desk or cloth ... Lovin' it !!! 

Put on a shirt which you don't mind staining - the shirt you wanna throw one ... LOL
I left the bottom part after the braids un-dyed so that i will have like ombre effect *Shit, i know i sound stupid*

Sorry that i have no nice pictures for this post ... 

My dears, 
I got questions about my hair color from time to time ... For those who wondering, no worry !!! 
I do a blog post everytimes i changed my hair color so if you like my current hair color, you can check my archives back to know what is the color ... :) 
I'm not paid by the brands to do the hair color's blog post but sooner or later i hope i can work with some brands so that you guys know what brand to get if you like the hair color ... #Schwarzkopf is on my wishlist, i'm also using their daily hair wash products - full set !!! LOL 

Anyways, this is such a failure ... 
Next time i will be a mama-kid and color my whole hair correctly ...

Have a nice day ... ❤

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival Day 2 w/ RedFoo-LMFAO ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Yeah ... Been so excited for this blog post but the bad thing is i don't have the stage pictures where my favorite artist is on show ... >...< Fuck ! Should have stand in the first line and the middle facing the stage >...< Kill me !!! But i will try to steal some from others ! 

My babe went with me that night so we definitely having fun !!! Thanks babe and the driver *LOL , my friend lar which drive us there* for went there with me :) I'm sexy and i know it - LMFAO was there that's why i wearing red lips that night as they named themselves a new name ?' REDFOO !!! I hope i can get his kind of glasses or even the sexy singlet ... >...< I hope i can take picture or even just hand shake with them ... >...< I heard there is backstage's passes , DAMN !!! 

When in the middle of typing, mum come and 'stick' me and suspect that i'm having boyfriend right now ... =...= Zzzzz How come when i'm in relationship, no one suspect but when i'm single, she suspect everything ... Zzzzz

Babe - Chong Stella and Jess *if i didn't mistaken the spelling* 
One bad thing with bangs is it never keep in place even you walk very very peacefully ... Zzzz Please ignore the bangs and hair because i was in hurry ... Hmm ... Actually not because i have extra 2 - 3 hours for grooming but it never enough for a girl ... >...< And i know ! After this blog post is published, you guys will say " Oh No ! You are not just chubby, you are fat ! " :( *I'm not fishing for any compliment because i know the i'm-fat's fact*

Ignore the guy behind, if you saw this you might tag yourself ... =...= Zzzzz
Should have a pairs of contact lens for nice night photos !!! I keep asking babe to take picture for or with me but she kinda went snap in the end ... ZZzzzz She is the one used to take pictures especially selfca every sec but now is my turn ?' >...< LOL Keep waiting for my LMFAO/RedFoo ...

Managed to stole this photos from WELOVEASIA's official page ... 
You did workout ... :O *shy* *shy* Is his hair real one ?' Can i have his glasses/shirt ?' Please !!!
I'm so glad that they didn't bother about the Malaysia's rule by performing I'm Sexy and I Know It with only sexy underwear on !!! LMFAO, you bitch ! You turn me into a clubbing kaki !!! HaHaHaHaHa 

I didn't stay til the end but i hope i can ... >...< 
Steve Aoki was good too and LMFAO came out to join Steve Aoki in the end !!! FML !!! I should take leave on the next day so that i can stay and enjoy til the end where LMFAO/RedFoo came out ... Zzzz Hope they will be in Malaysia again !!! Fucking love you, LMFAO/RedFoo ...

Selfca ... 
When i was selfca with babe, a white who holding his girlfriend came and ask " Can i take a picture with you ?' " Even i answer 'No' but he and his girlfriend still squeeze in try to fit in the picture but the picture didn't turned out well so can't show ... :( *unlucky* Chinese guy will never do that, this is why i want a white to be my man ! LOL 

Top : ZARA
Jeans : Mango
Shoes : Jelly Bunny 

We have a great great night ... 
Thanks to WeLoveAsia for 2 free ticket and another 2 free ticket from xxx ... 
Hope there will be more and more fun event like this ... :) 

Have a nice day ... ❤

Monday, January 21, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival Day 1 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Are you excited about my #WeLoveAsia's post ?' 

Actually this is my second times went to this kind of crowded event ... I've mentioned before at the countdown's post that packed event is dangerous right ?' But this times i brought only phone and camera with me which no bag with me that i can enjoy the party to the max without worrying pick pocket ... !!! But they actually prohibited camera, how we supposed to blog ?' >...< Anyways, I sneak my camera in Shhhhhhh ... 

Day 1, my babe didn't came along so it is quite bored there even we met new friends but no group activities which they went separately already ... :( 

I got a hangover, wo-oh!
I've been drinking too much for sure
I got a hangover, wo-oh!
I got an empty cup
Pour me some more







There is another tent which there is games and food test which they don't allowed me to take pictures but i saw pictures everywhere in the Instagram and also too packed to take pictures, WTF ... *maybe im yong sui* There is foods and drinks sell as no outside foods or drinks allowed to be in and guess what is the price ?' Someone treat me a COKE and i think he will be broke till the end of the month HAHAHAHAHA ... It is freaking RM10 per tin, pengsan man !!! Btw, i quite 'impressed' the way they let us out ... Almost squeezed died !!! 

Line Up: Yolanda BeCool / DJ Antoine / Taio Cruz / Ferry Corsten 

I didn't have any selca pictures to show because make up of the night went wrong and i can't take good pictures with flash so ... >...< Anyways, stay tuned for Day 2, promise will be more fun !!! 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Who is going for We Love Asia Music Festival tomorrow and Sunday ?' 
I am going ... 
See you there !!! 
FaceBook : We Love Asia

Last Minute Ticket you can just buy here: 
1. Rock Corner outlets:
The Gardens, Mid Valley (TEL: 03 - 2201 4893)
Mid Valley (TEL: 03- 2201 1423)
KLCC (TEL: 03-21815560)
Subang Parade (TEL: 03 - 5613 1139)
The Curve (TEL: 03 - 7733 1139)
One Utama (TEL: 03 - 7733 5667 / 03 - 7725 5667)
2. Victoria Music outlets:
Sg Wang(TEL: 03 - 2148 7208)
Amcorp (TEL: 03 - 7956 0592)
Tropicana (TEL: 03 - 7722 2955)
BSC (TEL: 03 - 2093 1093)
3. KL Life Centre TEL: 03 - 2162 2570

Friday, January 11, 2013

Silky Girl vs Majolica Majorca vs Mascara ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Sorry for not updating ... How are you guys doing ?' Hope you all doing fine there ... :) 

Okay ... Let's talk about mascara today ! Girls' topic !
Personally, i like mascara which give me a natural look without looking a thick coat of mascara - " cockroaches legs " on my lashes ... It still need to lengthen and volumize my natural lashes but without giving me the " cockroaches legs " So let's see what i have with me ... 

My natural lashes without any coat of mascara :- 

Volumize : ★★★
Lengthen : ★★★
Cockroaches legs : ★★★
Price : RM 45-00 
Easy to remove :  Definitely hard 
How to use : Refer to the brush's picture below ... 
                    Use the below part to apply first then use the upper part to apply again 
Opinion : Even though it is a little expensive compare to other's drugstore brands and it definitely hard to 
              remove, it give you dramatic natural lashes without the help of falsies but not natural looking ... >...< 

2nd Product : Silky Girl Eye Opener 
Volumize : ★★★
Lengthen : ★★★
Cockroaches legs : ★★★
Price : RM 20
Easy to remove : Moderate 
Opinion : It gives you dramatic lashes without the help of falsies ... 

3rd Product : Silky Girl Hi-Definition 
Volumize : Depend
Lengthen : Depend
Cockroaches legs : Depend
Price : RM 16
Easy to remove : Depend
Opinion : Why i put every single characteristics in " depend " ?' It is because the gel inside already dry out 
               and i always use other gel with it brush so can't really know how is the original gel with the brush 
               doing ... But i do like the brush as it really give me no cockroaches legs and natural enough lashes 
               which i can use in naked face make up to give myself a natural " no make-up " look ... :) 

 Pictures :

Have a nice day ... ❤