Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prostitution ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Sorry for lack updating ...
I'm not so inspired to blog lately even though there is topics i wanna blog about but just don't know how to start or how to carry the topic on ... >...< Office life make me stupid, DAMN IT !!!

So decided to start with my Saturday as i went 天后宫 "bai bai", my main purpose is for 月下老人 HahHAhahHAh !!! I afraid to be forever alone so *shrug* ... As my real life attitude is really bad as i'm thinking everyone is bad so basically don't know how to be friendly or approachable and made my social life really ... =...= *I'm trying hard to be friendly*

I'm not wearing the strings on my hand anymore as it is not designed to be wearing it on wrist because the knot will eventually loosen itself ... =...= 


Actually today i'm gonna talk about prostitution ...
Let me share a conversation i have with a stranger in WeChat ...
Name : 开心就好-Happy
Happy : 可以聊性吗?/ Can we talk about sex ?'
Happy : 看看你身材可以吗?/ Can i have a look on your figure ?'
Me : Go to my blog ... / 去我的部落格
Happy : 我要看性感的 / I wanna see your sexy pictures 
Me : Let me see your face ?' / 让我看看你的脸
Happy : 下面要吗?/ Wanna see my dick ?'
Me : No. Face please ... / 不要!要看脸
Happy : 想给你看下面,硬了/ Wanna let you have a look on my horny dick 
Me : Face / 脸
Happy : 我要!你给我 / I wanna have sex with you ...
Me : Want what ?' / 要什么?
Happy : 身材 你的 我想弄出来现在 帮我 / I wanna your body i'm horny let me cum 
Me : Money / 钱 
Happy : 多少?给我吊可以吗?/ How much you want ?' Can i fuck you then ?'
Me : How much are you paying ?' / 你给多少?
Happy : 你要多少?x3 你价钱 / How much you want ?' What is your price ?'
Me : 1000 / 一千令吉
Happy : 你是做什么的先?几岁?一千多少次?/ What are you first ?' How old are you ?' How many times for thousand ?'  
Me : 我是做鸡的,20,一次 / I'm a prostitute, 20 years old and thousand for once 
Happy : 怎么要一千 / Why so pricey ?' 
Me : 你说呢?你能给多少?/ What do you think ?' How much do you gonna offer ?
Happy : 什么地方?通常你的是多少?/ Where will be the venue ?' What is your usual 'transaction' price ?'
Me : 1000
Happy : 鸡那有这么贵?/ There is no way prostitute can be this expensive ...
Me : 有!我!/ There is ! Me !
Happy : 不可能!什么地方?看看你身材!什么都有个价钱吧?对吗?怎样?/ No way ! Where will be the venue ?' Let me have a look on your body figure ?' There is a value on everything, right ?' How ?' 
Me : HaHa ... How much you gonna pay ?' Tell me first ?' 
Happy : 200 ! 看了你身材怎样?/ Will be paying 200 according to your body figure *=...=*
Me : HaHa ... Thanks 

Okay ... 
That's all ! Don't you dare to laugh on the value i got with my body figure, badass !!! LOL It's fine, i don't care !!! So i'm gonna talk about prostitution here very quickly but try to make it as fun and interesting as possible ... 

I know there is girls out there trying hard to earn some money to afford luxury stuffs or maybe just a living and yeap i got you nowadays part timers got no stable salary as the wages come only after 2 months or maybe 3 or even longer, full timer is bored, have to wake early, low-income so why not try to lay on bed and let someone fuck and if you have a good body figure maybe you can get 1000 once or maybe even more right ?' LOL then good luck and all the best to you, slut !!!Okay ... Why i'm never into them ?'

1.  I DON'T WANT MY FAMILY TO BE SHAME ON ME, i want my family to be PROUD with me and my relatives kiss my ass because i earn good with my own ability ... You know all the aunties when CNY gathering ?' They have really bad and stingy poo mouths ... *majority/minority* Even though my grannies passed away, we - relatives don't gather anymore but still rumors and shit still run around ! So if i met one of them during my 'business hours' then BOOP ... One of the relative know = Whole generation know ! If it really happened then i don't know where to put my face already =...= Commit suicide ?' 

2.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FACE THIS WITH MY HUSBAND after he found out ... After marriage or before, it is really hard to deal with this ... Say something like "That time i haven't meet you and i need money ..." ?' or " You poor mah ! I need money for this and that ..." ?' LOL ... Up to you ! For me, if it really happened on me, i swear to Gawd no matter what he say i will suicide >...< *This is just my own opinion toward the situation*

3.  PROSTITUTION MADE MONEY FAST BUT NOT STABLE ... This customer satisfied with your vital statistics so he pay higher than the customer before which think your boobs or butt is not big enough ?' As some guys like fat ass some like tiny but toned ass ?' LOL don't know ! I know if you have a good 'business' which extracted bad 'business' day, you can earn like maybe 5000 more or less in a month which made enough for you to shop or what but try to think if you pregnant ?' Or maybe HIV carrier ?' Or the worse AIDS ?' Fuck !!! LOL But it doesn't mean if prostitute have a stable income like 5000 per months as long as you attended at 'business hours' like OL, i will commit into it ... The 1st and 2nd reasons over come this assumption :D Earn with your brain not vagina !

4.  MY VAGINA ... Lol, actually i meant the vagina will not be tight anymore as being fucked with different sizes of dick so your husband might probably go for a tighter one ! So for a happiness life after marriage, don't fuck hard and practice a constant partner, it also avoid AIDS ! 

5.  YAK ! ORAL SEX ! Once, i was waiting inside a car at bus stop and i saw a AH KUA with thick make up and sexy wear and amazingly he got boobs ... *Teach me how to push up ... LOL* I saw the way he attract customers and for sure he can't be attracting girls right ?' So he hold his hand up in front his mouth and follow with the masturbation gesture and his tongue 'poke' out at a side with his mouth closed ... =...= This meant the ah kua will give them blow job using mouth instead of having vagina for them to put in their dick ?' Actually i heard a news saying if you get caught while doing oral sex, you and your partner will be straight away send to sentences or jail as oral sex is illegal neh ... Is it true ?' I hope so because ... *I need to respect* I know it also happened in normal couple sexual intercourse but aww >...< 

6.  I DON'T WANNA LOSE MY CHOCOLATE MILK ! In case you don't know what or who is chocolate milk then he is my brother, my lovely and cute brother ... Once i ask him, if you found out one of your friend is some kind of prostitute, what will you do ?' His answer is "I will not talk to her and 'repel' her" and this answer i know what he gonna say if i change the subject to one of the family member ... Definitely "I will never talk to her and 'putus' relationship with her ..." So yeap !

So here is my prostitution post ...
I'm trying to present this kind of topic another way ; Instead of accusing who and who, i bring it out with my own opinion so that there is some kind of reason for you why you girls shouldn't be going for this, enjoy ... :) 

Have a nice day ... ❤

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Review] O'slee HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Today gonna do a Valentine's Day make up tutorial ... LOL
I'm kidding! I'm still not pro enough to do tutorial *then why do you mentioned that ?'* Hahahahaha
I'm gonna do review on O'slee HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++ ...
Let's me introduce to you ...

HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++
- Super Breathable
- No make up meltdowns
- Flawless nude make up
- Super Fresh
- Verified by SGS *not sure what SGS stands up for it is an international company which testing or verify products*

At first, i thought why so "keduket" only give me sample size and after realized the price "RM79.88/50ml"; okay ... I'm kinda lucky to get 30ml for free :) 

Naked face :-

After application :-

Only a little amount applied but already managed to cover all the redness ...
Add more on for full make up ... 

Full make up :-

HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++
- Super Breathable
- No make up meltdowns
- Flawless nude make up
- Super Fresh
- Verified by SGS

Texture : 
It is kinda watery when i first open the lid cover sticker, some liquid like water came out ... I was like WTF, do i got cheated but LOL NO, it is watery ... And i love it, not sticky, super duper to be blend and absorb into the skin leave flawless nude skin *if you have a little skin problem*, otherwise need concealer to cover for a really perfect skin !

Coverage :
The coverage is perfect in cover redness and leave natural glow and blush ...
But still. super duper dark circle like mine is useless >...<

Finish :
Not matte ... Not dewy ... Not shiny/oily as well ...
And it is perfect for pictures !!!

Worth a try :

Worth the price :
YES!!! I will try you why at "Comment" 

Breakout :

Comment :
Only need to applied a small amount for medium coverage and just layer more accordingly for more coverage ... Why it worth the price ?' Because small amount with great coverage so even 30 ml, can 'tahan' for long time so what do you think ?' And it smell super good for me like baby powder ... Grab one !!!

Your truly

O'slee made in Hong Kong
Smart . Natural . Beauty

Exclusively at GUARDIAN 
Online shop : O'slee Malaysia 
FaceBook : O'slee Malaysia

Click purple color words for the website 

Have a nice day ... ❤

Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Review] O'slee C-Shape Eye Mask & Rosehip Whitening Mask ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Have you guys heard about O'slee ?' 

·Smart  ·Natural  ·Beauty
At , we believe "NATURE" is the principle behind every of our skincare product and so every woman can experience the natural skincare benefits. Applying the latest technology,  can further enhance the efficacy and stability of her skincare products. Combining with this concept of Advanced Technology and Nature is devoted to let every women manifest her smart, natural beauty.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner ... 
So girls, prepare the skin for a nice make up !!! 

ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask 
- Eyeseryl - Effectively in 14 days

Effectiveness : 
No comment 

Comment :
I can't tell whether it is effective or not just after one application because brightening is not something that can be done in just 15 mins of eyes mask so maybe the result will be shown after few days or maybe after few application ... I'm wondering about the "effectively in 14 days", whether after 14 application or as the instruction, applied 2-3 times a week and the result will be show in 2 weeks time ... 

Worth a try :
I guess yes as it is quite expensive, expensive things never go wrong ... LOL
It worth a try because of the C-shape of the eye mask for reducing the fine lines at the corner of the eyes, brighten up the eyes area, reduce dark circles and eyebags and the most important is the mask is thin and light unlike the cheap eye mask which is heavy and thick to show that it is full of "serum" !!! Everyone who been here know i have a really dark circles and eyebags right ?' Maybe i should ask for a 14-days challenge ... 

Worth the price :
To be honest, it is a little expensive but if it really work then i will definitely be spending on it ... 

Rosehip Whitening Mask
- Whitening 
- Lightening Pigmentation
- Long Lasting Hydration

Effectiveness : 
No comment

Comment : 
Same thing here ! Can't tell in one application and whitening is definitely depends on whether you applied your sunblock when you are exposed to the sunlight ... But of course mask is also a bonus for whitening !!! 

Worth a try : 
Yes as it is in affordable price range for the majority 

Worth the price : 

O'slee made in Hong Kong 

FaceBook : O'slee Malaysia
Online Shop : O'slee Malaysia

Your Truly

Have a nice day ... ❤
Stay tuned for more O'slee

Sorry that i don't really know how to review mask but i'm telling what i really think so if there is any mask(s) review, please do send me more than 2 so that i can really use them and review them nicely ... For sure, it will takes more than one week for the review to be up  ! Thanks !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's talk about Privacy ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Miss my long fringe so freaking much >...< 
How is your reunion dinner ?' Reunion dinner supposed to be having with family right ?' Mine is an assholes one with relatives!!! Fml ... 

Anyways, I'm gonna talk about privacy today ...
Reminisced last year, i have a big fight *my big fight means we hadn't talk to each other for like six months or more not really boxing* with my mum ... Why ?' I was in toilet and she answered my ringing phone without my permission and she told me it is from TARC so i thought it is an urgent thing so i call back and found out it is just a phone call remind me to go for examination ... I was like WTF !!! Yea ... It is good to have reminder but if a person didn't study and you call few days before exam, what is the point of going to exam ?' Get a PASS or C+++ ?' If you wanna remind, i think better remind us everyday since we enrolled =...= !!! 
A brand sent me a parcel to review and when i got home, it is opened !!! Fuck ! My mom did it and when i go through some of them, they are like 'crumble' but i'm not sure whether my mum did it or the POS LAJU there made this so i can't say anything but i do 'say' my mum but she act like i'm kidding and she said something like "Yours one i dare to unseal but your eldest sis one i don't dare to !" You know what my eldest sis did when her result's letter been unsealed ?' She kinda bang the door and talk loudly to the air like "No manner and blah blah blah " and my mom took it seriously but when i 'say' in her face she thought i was kidding even though after the big fight last year ... >...< * PekChek * 
This is the worst one !!! 
Something bad happened to my family so we moved to my auntie's house, luckily they treated us like normal but there is always big mouth one out of ten so there is one or maybe more in this house which fucking PISSED ME/MY FAMILY OFF !!! One of the twenty-something guy who over 25 years old in this house told everything of my family to his manager even my sis and I planning to move out even though not succeed and i was like WTF, do you know what is privacy ?' How if i tell someone else who you don't know but is close to me and she/he gonna meet you someday that you failed a test for 4/5 times ?' You went to England study for few years but you can't even spell easy vocab right ?' You want more ?' Huh ?' You are over 25 years old and you don't even know what is privacy ?' I know more about you as there is auntie(s) between us so i can basically say whatever that made you "face drop" ?' Please man, RESPECT !!! 

Above is the story i can share with you guys ... 
So how to deal with them ?' Mum is always mum so i can't do much and for the over 25 years old guy i actually wanted to talk with him about this but i afraid that he is narrow-minded enough to be snapped off at any minutes en route we talk about this *You know chinese* so i decided to sent him a long messages but i think he is the typical narrow-minded chinese !!! I think he kinda snapped off already but he didn't show or reply my messages but maybe he turn himself to his gf already or what gua ... But i'm not sure whether he knows about privacy now or not !!! So the only thing we can do to the privacy intruder(s) is only TALK TO THEM !!! 

The end with Privacy's topic !!!

While writing this post, TV actually showing "The Wedding Diary" and the synopsis kinda goes like this ...
A moderate income guy married a rich girl and the rich side demanded for 100 tables in the most luxury hotel in Singapore which the currency is quite high for malaysian and the groom managed to 'push out' the wedding dinner but beside than wedding dinner, there is diamond ring, wedding dress and others which need money to be spend on and accident happened at the wedding dinner which cost him extra so the total is like 100 thousand so a moderate guy can't afford this handsome amount and the groom kinda went bankrupt on the next after wedding ... 
Hmm ... i would like to say always have extra with you even though it is a BIG BIG thing to you like wedding ... It is not that after wedding you and your mate just died and won't need a penny anymore so at least you are fucking RICH like hell then think about what you gonna spend on and what after that ... *I know it is just a movie but this situation applied to everything like your business or something you invested*

So last last thing ... 
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to Chinese(s) ...
And enjoy your holidays to other races ... :) 

Share a sweet music video below 

Have a blast holiday ... 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lonely Valentine's Day ... ?' ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

After reading Mr. Lonely's blog, I feel like blogging everyday from now like what time i woke up this morning, what i ate, did i put my babe FFK *which i did today >...<*, how is my love life and etc. " Mr.Lonely, I'm not teasing or something, I'm really enjoyed reading your blog :) " You guys can read through his blog when you're bored, the contents are just so real and so close to the real life that maybe describing you or me ! * LOL It is actually some kind of dairy so it is 101% REAL * 

I've answered one of the questions from my previous post with " I hate Chinese's dick(s) ! " right ?' But guess what, i hate white or even freaky BLACK's dick(s) as well ... I won't choose dick(s) over a guy's attitude or behavior >...< Even a guy have the world best dick/sex skills, no girls will stay with him forever, someone get to you for a try ?' Some girls stay for a while to have fun a little while ?' No one will stay with you forever just for sex because eventually your skills will depleted ! So my answer basically just for those "perverts" ... 

What February make you think of ?' Basically other than "special" people's birthday, nothing is bigger than Valentine's Day ... =...= Oh Well, i prefer Single Empowerment Day ?' Hmm ... Rewind back how i passed my last Valentine's Day ! Hmm ... I remember there is college on Valentine's Day and there is a/some booth selling roses and stuffs for you to get to your girls or someone you like and honestly i'm actually waiting someone to turned out with roses or maybe not the dramatic roses but maybe just a bar of chocolate ?' But fuck it !!! Forget about it ! What passed is just a pass LOL !!! So i was thinking to go down to the street and get a guy to be my boyf so that i won't be alone in this coming Valentine's Day but =...= How this is gonna happen ?' You see handsome or maybe your type but you don't know whether he is attached or not so it is not gonna work ! So friends is the second option but the terms and conditions of it is your friends have to be single also =...=! 

" We got robbed and they only took the toilet's door ... " 
LOL !!! It is an lovely love movie which i idiot forgot to took down the title >...< It showed on TV yesterday night - 03/02/2013 on 10 p.m. something, TV2, anyone can tell me ?' I can't find the entertainment's newspaper already ! The lessons i learned from it is fighting is a new way of communicating so i think we have to fight more ... =...= KIDDING !!! 

While blogging, i saw the charity event's news ... 
Do email me for the invitation of charity/vegan events, i would love to take part ... :)

So basically it is an bullshit post ... LOL
I'm not really inspired to blog but hand very itchy for blogging so yeap ... 
Here is the bullshit !!! HaHaHaHa 

Have a nice day ...  ❤

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Q&A about Dick(s) & Sex ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time to update ... 

Yesterday i went to hair saloon for hair treatment which is quite costly as it calculated with the hair volume and length which is the most 'chak lak' part for me >...< but i'm not gonna disclosed which hair salon it is as my hair sponsporship is still on hold so i hope i can get it soonest as possible so that you guys will know where to go for affordable hair treatment with the best result ... * But any hair sponsorship or free trial for a blog post is welcoming *

Okay ... 
If you follow me on Twitter or maybe in WeChat, you see i posted something like this ... 
I don't know how to do screen capture on my phone so i can only show you what i posted on Twitter ...

Why i posted something like this ... ?' 
I did tell that I AM AN OPEN-MINDED PERSON but that doesn't mean i'm fuking ok with sexual harassment !!! 
Someone messages me in WeChat and said he got something for me and wanna ask about my opinion so i am keen to help like my babe or friends always sent me photos and ask for opinion whether which one is the nicest one to post it to public so i will never say NO to those who need help especially just an opinion which i don't 'kedekut' with that ... Guess what !!! Guess what he sent to me !!! A fuking DICKHEAD !!! A REAL DICKHEAD !!! WTF !!! 
Okay ... I actually jotted the conversation(s) down in case i can't get em back whenever i need em for a lovely blog post ...

I know after this blog post is publishED i might get no admirer in real life but perverts as i'm not posting it as anonymous?' But i really get irritated answering and seeing those question(s) so for whatever the consequences, imma gonna do this ! 

Before i start answering any questions about their or your dick, let me tell what my opinion toward dick(s) and sex ... 
What my opinion for dick(s) ?' For me, it is totally just an ORGAN !!! It is like your hand, your heart, your stomach and etc. all of them are just ORGANS !!! I studied Biology so basically i can tell you the labelling if you would like to know them or i think you can just google them ... Of course for sure, they are 'available' in different sizes and shapes ?' LOL !!! They are all in 'batang' !!! For more information, if you kinda obsessed with thick and long then i think BLACK will be the one for you ... If you ... SOrry !!! I have no much information about the different races dick's size so good luck for you, ladies !!! 
Carry on ... So basically it is just an organ for you and me to have sexual intercourse and produces posterity !!! It is the main and basic function of it but nowadays because of lust and material benefits, it turns into some kind of business and transaction !!! Anyways, everything bad happening like rapes it is just because of LUST !!! I think GAWD, you have some amendments to do here, give only one ball to each man instead of two to reduce the LUST so that the world will be more peaceful !!! 

Okay ... That is basically my opinion !!!
Q&A sessions !!! 
Mervyn 27/01/2013
Mervyn : [Pic] sent 
             : Give me your opinion
Answer : As i say, it is just an organ so basically when i saw it is a dickhead picture, for sure i feel pissed a           
               little bit as it is kinda sexual harassment but i do managed to reply him and yea like i said i do feel
               sick about your dick, i'm sorry ... Hope you feel better now !!!
Mervyn : Would you personally like to suck or have it in your vagina ?" 
Answer : No thanks ! I hate Chinese's dick !!!  LOL 
Mervyn : Would you give it a blowjob ?' 
Answer : I think your dick need a job or else it will be too free and you will be full of LUST !!! 
Mervyn : You don't have any sexual needs ?'
Answer : Yes, i do as i'm a human ...
       Everyone have that 'need' just some are too conservative to say it out unlike shameless me, SOrry   
               there! I perfer open-minded, thanks ~
Mervyn : Would you let this dick in your pussy ?' 
Answer : As i said, i have hatred toward Chinese's dick !!!
Mervyn : I got another pic, you wanna see ?' 
Answer : No thanks, bro ... You should spend some time to polish it instead of keep selca your dickhead !!!

Hey, Mervyn there !!! 
I didn't managed to reply you at that moment but here is your answer, hope you enjoy em ... 
You are welcome !!! 

Dxxxx 28/01/2013
Dxxxx : You are so sexy, what about me ?' 
Answer : Sorry, i don't really think guys can be sexy at least you have a great toned body and yea still 
               depends even you have a great toned body !!!
Dxxxx : Come on, make me happy 
Answer : Soriiiii ... I didn't born to entertain everyone !!! So please yourself maybe fuck yourself ?' Thanks !

You are welcome !!!

Laughing GOR 28/01/2013
Laughing GOR : Can you send me sexy pictures of you ?' 
Answer : You want sexiiiiii pictures of me arr ?' I got compliments that in my blog, pictures of mine is quite 
               sexy so take a look on it but please no semen on my face, thanks !!! 

You are welcome too !!!

Jayzai 28/01/2013
Jayzai : Do you love having sex ?'
Answer : Love arr ?' Hmm ... Maybe it have to depend on bf's skill ?' 
Jayzai : What is your ideal type ?' 
Answer : Good in sex ?' I know this is what you guys expecting but hell no !!! I can't have sex with old man 
               even though he has so much skills !!! So my ideal type is ... 

Free 29/01/2013
Free : What do you know about dick ?'
Answer : IT IS AN ORGAN !
Free : What is the function of the organ ?' 
Answer : Fucking ?' LOL Sexual intercourse to produces lots or tons of posterity !!! 

KS 29/01/2013
K.S. : Are you open minded ?'
Answer : Hmm ... Guess so ?'
K.S. : Do you ever have sex relationship with guy not your bf ?' 
Answer : NO 
K.S. : Any special experience that unforgetable ?'
Answer : No as i know !!! 
K.S. : Having sex with different guy on the same day ?'
Answer : NO 
K.S. : Any partner recently ?' 
Answer : NOOOOOOO as i don't have bf !!!

You are welcome threeeeee !!!!

Assholes Jim@VW from WeChat 30/01/2013
Jim : You an open minded person ?' 
Answer : Hmm ... Guess so ?'
Jim : Can you accept fling as physically engaged, kiss hug or even sex ?'
Answer : Hmm ... It really depends ! If Lee Hom is looking for one then i am definitely going for it ... LOL 
Jim : You can accept outdoor sex ?' 
Answer : NO !!! That is awful !!! It is like you don't even have a house/room but you want sex ?' 

You are welcome fooouurrrrrr !!!

Share with you guys the conversation i have made with Jason Yip from Wechat ...
Jason Yip : Do you wanna have sex with me ?' * In Mandarin *
Jason Yip : We can have sex here 
Me : Let's try !
Jason Yip : Okay ... Start now 
Jason Yip : Now i will bring you to the room first 
Me : And ?' 
Jason Yip : Then i will kiss you first ...
                : [Lip] [Lip] [Lip]
                : [Kissing] [Kissing]
Me : ... 
Jason Yip : Now i will keep kissing you and my hand will undress you 
                : Wow your boobs are so big ...
                : I can't stand. I will sucks your boobs 
                : arr...arr...arr...
Me : Go on 
Jason Yip : arr... arr... arr... 
                : Now i will undress your skirt 
Me : OK
Jason Yip : I will lick your hole 
                : [;P] [;P] [;P]
Me : ... 
Jason Yip : Licking ...
                : Keep licking ...
                : Now i gonna to fuck babe hardly 
                : fuck... fuck... fcuk...

LOL ... How is the conversation ?' I sure there is girls out there wanna reply to this kind of messages but don't dare to do so, so  here you go !!! Actually when this messages came to me, i was getting ready to be out so my reply is not too hmm ... Motivated ?' Whatever !!! It is not fun at all or even sexual ticklish so at the end i didn't reply him anymore because it will be nothing special  ... Maybe go down to the street and get a stranger will be better than this ! HaHa :D 

For all the name i used above ...
I actually thinking about attaching your profile's pictures with it but hmmm ... 
Is okay, it is just a normal thing for me to deal with so yeap, good luck and all the best !!! 

Now ... 
Let's talk about "pervert" !!!
For those who like to send pictures or maybe even show his dick out in the public except those having mental problem one are basically just low-educated ... If you are educated, *trust me, you don't have to be high-educated to know em* you will know that dick or even vagina are simply just an ORGAN(s) and you won't show or take pictures of your hand ?' Your legs ?' Or your heart which all of them are just ORGAN(s)?' Am i right?' So basically if you thinking to send a dick's pictures to harass someone, think about that, no one will interested on your ORGAN !!! Might even feel sick like you see a real heart ... They thought they having dick so they are special and they wanna show em out or even sexual harass girls ?' If you are one of them and you really think this way then try to think " How many men is there in the earth ?' ", " How many dick(s) is there except of yours ?' " If you think yours is the best then try to think " How many person around you handsome than you then you will know how many dick(s) are better than you ... " Don't misunderstood me, i didn't mean handsome will have a good dick for sure =.= ! For rapers, i really don't have much to tell ... Maybe they are 'mati pucuk' so they can't get girls so they rape girls or even boys after they have 'wei ge' pills ! 

So basically gonna end here ... 
If you have any kind of questions for me is always welcoming but for those question i already answered are not gonna be answer again ! Thanks for your cooperation ... :) 

The questions is still coming in so stay tuned for part II ... 

Have a nice day ...❤