Sunday, March 31, 2013

Current Food Obsession vs. Food Review ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Let's do a food's post !!!

Let me share my current food's obsession ...
- Rice Cake from Sg. Wang 6th Floor (Korean Food)
- Minestrone Soup from Secret Recipe
- Gorgeous Chocolate from Krispy Kreme (Beverage)
- Veggie Lasagna from Secret Recipe *but seem like they stop selling already >...<*
- Mushroom Xiu Mai from Low Yat Veggie Restaurant *the lowest floor*
- Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe (Cake)

Low Yat's RedBox 
You know me as a vegan always scare the restaurant we dine in have no food for me ... Luckily there is one for me in RedBox and i think the other karaoke do have for vegan right ?' This one is actually lamb pork?' and mushroom ! I forgot to jotted down the name but there is only one vegan food on the list so yeap ... 

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Times Square's Korean Restaurant ( Opposite Cold Storage)
This is the one so-called 'Jak Jiang Mee' in the Korean movie but it is quite different from the movie one because from the movie the noodles actually looked like our maggi here but how come when i ordered from a Korean restaurant it become think noodles ?' Anyways, it doesn't taste good ...

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Rice Cake ... Don't mistaken it as my favorite one ! I love Sg. Wang 6th Floor one better ... *It is just my own opinion*

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I like this three small portion dishes the most ! The kimchi taste fresh, i like the middle with cabbage one and the last one is with cucumber and taste not bad too ... Don't be shy to refill ! :DDD

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Tim Tim Hong Kong Dessert House from Kepong Aeon Jusco
Due to sore throat, i can't have chilly desserts so showing what my sis ordered and they satisfied with it and ii would like to try the mango one >...<


Sweet Chat from Berjaya Times Square
#BakedVeggie is mine ... When it is served, i actually put my hand on the ship shape dish and 'poop' my hand burned >...< It should have stick a sticker 'CAUTION ! Extreme hot !' but it taste not bad and made me craving for Veggie Lasagna from Secret Recipe ! Btw, This Baked Veggie is made of cauliflower, carrots and broccoli as well as cheese !

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Due to sore throat i can't really have those favorite food and now i have 'a kua' voice but it is quite fun with this voice because i always wanted people especially girls to suspect me to be a pretty 'a kua' ... :DDDDD But still sad lar ! What also cannot eat ! 

Have a nice day ... ❤ 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Robber vs. Pervert ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Wanna share a tiny bits before i started with my topic today ... 
Yesterday i went Times Square and i was shocked like shit while en route from Sg. Wang to Times Square ! Malay's 'sea' !!! WTF ... I'm wondering where do these Malay(SSSSS) came from ! Standing/Sitting beside the road and 'talking' to girls who passed by like 'Moi, pergi mana arr ~' Fuck shit ! OMG ~ I swear to God they gonna be at the same level with foreign worker(s) soon even though they are 'bumiputera' *not sure whether the Malay word is correct though but i don't care* They using the status of them to actually acting like an assholes !!! Yea ... I'm racist like always ! *People do thing for at least one reason* 

I woke up this morning and checked my FaceBook and saw one of my high-school schoolmates got robbed by 3 Malay(s) and hit him til his skull burst ! Luckily he is admitted now hope he will get well soon ! I got robbed once *just informing you if you are new here or you just simply miss the post*, so i fucking sensitive about this kind of shit ! I'm always wondering why peoples out there work so hard to do a living and you - robber 'work hard' as well to take away people's hard work ! If i managed to get a job then i think no one will get no job ! They just too lazy to even go for mall or office ?' *NO ! Malay don't do office* to look for it , am i right ?' Or another reason is they don't want to actually work ! Robbery is the fastest way to get money, i knew that ! I know Malay's government distribute money for Malay(s) like every months or what but i sure the amount is enough to afford each of your children an iPhone or Samsung so don't you think they not supposed to be in the earth if they are not working their ass out for some money except from robbery ! Don't know when will be the demonstration to get rids of those useless Malay(s) ! But i swear to God if you are not trained then good luck for your ass, i'm freaking sure one day your ass will hurt so badly !!! What you do will eventually come back to you, maybe born a baby with no ass and get suffocated with full of shit(s) ! 
*for sure all this cursing and shit are addressing to useless Malay guys/robbers, of course there is still Malay's professional out there* 

Okay ... 
It is an unhappy opening but hell yea shit(s) always happened and you can either speak it out loud like Mr. President or just shut up and carry on life ! Hmm ... Actually want to do a merry topic but due to Malay's shit above then let me carry on the post with a not-so-merry topic ! And it is about ... PERVERT(s) or VOYEUR(s) ! 
Due to someone who brainless enough to let foreign worker(s) came into Malaysia to be legal and now Malaysia is basically full of foreign worker(s) and some of them robbed and even raped too ! I think the other day, i was on my way to office in monorail and i actually stand beside the door and in front of the big 'window' ... A foreign worker sit on the seat in front of me and fucking keep staring at my legs and i swear he started imagine !!! And i noticed that and went mad and actually showing middle finger to him *Not obvious enough to let everyone know i'm showing my middle finger but it is obvious for him to see* but guess what ! He still keep imagining ! WTF and i went to the other side and same bullshit happened, another foreign worker sat down and started staring ! FML 
Malaysia is a 'tropical' country even though it is an Islamic country so wearing shorts is actually necessary ! Because no one want to reach their destination with full sweating body and stinky as well ! There is a few issues girls met when wearing short *including skirts or dresses* ! 


I, myself usually will be wearing shorts instead long pants or jeans because my thigh is so fat that the shape doesn't look good so i just go for shorts ! There is stairs while i'm getting to office's elevator or even my office and also while getting to the monorail ... My thought actually goes like this ! Girls in the world is smart enough so if we decided to wear shorts then we put on 'safety pants' ! Ok ... Maybe 'safety pants' all still in laundry then is okay we still wearing colorful panties ! Or maybe some sluts out there forgot their panties ! But the point is even though you see a vagina, what can you do perv ?' I asked sister(s) about this question and their answer is "Start imagine lar ... " but i didn't ask boys about this so don't know the opinion from boys ! Maybe leave your comment ?' I get really annoyed when i'm walking up stairs, i'm a girl so i'm trying to walk up the stairs without exposing the inner so i actually need to push my abdomen part out like a pregnant woman and after all the way my abdomen and thigh part actually hurt like just finish an intense workout ! So what i wanna do so badly in my mind ?' Is ... PULL UP MY SKIRT, showing my 'safety pants' and walk up the stairs without any concern and then let down my skirt after walk up and show a victory gesture *peace* ! LOL So perv what are you looking for actually ?' A vagina to fuck ?' Then pay and get a prostitute ! 

Hmm ... I don't really know the celebrity in the photo but what i'm trying to show is the skirt after sitting down ! The skirt usually will go up and with short we - girls have to cross our legs like hers and this is when most of the thigh showing and people(s) beside will be checking it out ... My chocolate milk noticed and will actually scold me instead of go in front the person and use a fork to poke the guy's eyes out ! WHY ?' LOL *Yea ... I'm cruel but this is the thing i will do when i go insane* Perv looking for colorful or laces panties right ?' =...= 


Have a nice day ... ❤

Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Recommended] Skin Care Products for Moisturizing ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
It is me again ! I wanna try to update as much as possible so that after laziness attacked me at weekdays, you still have some post to go through when you come in >...< This post will be girly post ! Gonna talk about MOISTURIZING ... 

I born with a problematic skin and when i was in high school i went to beauty salon for facial(s) personally and my dad brought me to dermatologist and hmm ... Apparently they didn't work really well and as my ages going, the rate of pimples growing goes down because i'm not young anymore >...< The beautician actually ask me to accentuate moisturizing my face instead of using acne products which will make my skin dryer and dryer ... So i do accentuated moisturizing my face and of course as pimples grow, i would like to try any kind of products to calm the fast growing pimples but end up face looked like a 'dry taufu' ! 
I always believe that if i do the moisturizing work well then the pimples scar(s) will eventually recover and not to leave a hole on my face and also slow down the aging process ... 

So i'm here today to share some products which i SUPER DUPER RECOMMENDED to you if you want to moisture your face ... 

When come to moisturizing, i think everyone have a thought on HADA LABO for sure ... *the above picture is from google* I used this series while ago except the mask i didn't try it before and it really did the moisturizing well but the problem is it made my skin look oily or maybe it is just me or i just used the  wrong way when applying because it have it own way when come to apply HADA LABO products instead of dotting 5 dots on the face area and spreading ! But now i choose only the lotion to be my toner in moisturizing and combine with other products ... But it is still recommended especially for dry skin ! 

2. Moisturizer from CETAPHILL
I super recommend this moisturizer from CETAPHILL but i don't recommend the face cleanser because it doesn't do the cleansing job well due to the mildness and gentleness to the sensitive skin so basically it didn't clean your skin properly ! But the moisturizer is the best one i ever 'meet' ... Carry out this test with your current/trusted moisturizer ! Put on your MOISTURIZER and started putting on full base makeup like foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter and check after the day and see whether your skin become flaky or not; if yes then that mean your moisturizer is not long-lasting one and doesn't carry out moisturizing well enough ! I forgot what my previous moisturizer already and it made my skin goes flaky like shit right after i put my foundation on and with this CETAPHILL the base look smooth and not flaky at all after my day ... #RECOMMENDED 

3. Intensive Hydrating Serum from O'slee 
I got these samples when O'slee send me products to review and of course i used them and yup they worked and smell good too ! So this is one of the serum you can try on :)

4. Moisturizing Mask from My Beauty Dairy 
Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask from My Beauty Dairy ... When My Beauty Dairy masks first launching into the market, i not dare to use it because i heard so many bad rumors like getting the fake one or it worsen the skin and blah blah blah so i got mine from Watson after some times ! Of course i bought a box of it and that's how i know it really worked after some times ... And it is the last one with me *the above picture LOL* and i got other 'function(s)' one and they both worked really well and i'm so in love with 'My Beauty Dairy' now !!! *Will disclosed it soon* 

Okay ... 
Above is the products i recommended when come to moisturizing ! 
Can i share some of my narcissistic's photos of mine ?' Hope you don't mind LOL

Have a nice day ... ❤

Commitments on a Relationship ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

I wanna blog about "Being in a RELATIONSHIP" today ...
For sure, i have 'ex' in my life ... And now, it is hard for me to tell whether i'm attached or single even for myself; you know ! It's complicated ! *Now i know why there is this option for your relationship's status on FB* 

Good Morning/Good Night's text !!! Some did this to her/his boyf/girlf and i have to admit that i'm jealous of you because i never get any even from my 'ex' so for sure i googled the picture above ... *my 'ex' calls instead of messaging LOL* But i don't really expect this kind of messages because i think it is COMPULSORY :DDDDDDDD In case you woke up with a stomachache, you can actually bring your phone along to the washroom and text ! Or after 'settled' your problem, you still can/have time to text ... Or you woke up in a hurry because you're late then text after you done everything or after reach your seat in the office ?' Or even after your meeting ?' Why is it so hard for someone out there to do so ?' 

Ok fine ... 
Maybe it is just so hard but at least some messages per day is not too over right ?' Am i ?' Asking how is my day ?' Anything bad happened ?' How is my family ?' How is my working today ?' You don't assumed girl you met to be 'SUPER WOMAN' even 'SUPER WOMAN' need someone cares about her tooooooooo ... Simple talking is needed for every couples even though not everyday but at least there is !!! Couples that are not staying together need more communication between them and for couples those are staying together need even more communication to stay out of break up !!! The point is COMMUNICATE !
I would choose someone who talk to me everyday and poor instead of those who give me a million to spend per month and not communicating one !!! 

FIGHTING is the new/best way to COMMUNICATE ! Fighting actually let each other know what is really on the other side's mind and within fighting he/she can speak out his/her mind loud so no side will be accumulating unhappiness with her/him-self and burst out after some periods of time and made the relationship totally break ! I know there is someone out there trying to avoid getting involved into fighting because they thought she mad then i keep silent and will text/call her on the next day and she should be calm already ! Tell you what ?' HELL NO ! We - GIRLS will only get more mad if you ignore our trying-to-get-things-done messages !!! Or like i said, accumulating and 'shoot' it all back to you in once ! Good communicating reduced fight(s) ! 

3.  TIME
SPENDING TIME TOGETHER IS THE BEST GIFT EVER !!! Time is the most significant things when come to couples and it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE thing that all of us can afford ... No matter how 'big' is your business, how busy you are; one must have meals and at least 2-3 times per day right ?' So what about drop by just having lunch/dinner together ?' Have a small and simple talk while dining ?' Or before started with paper works, call and ask "Have your lunch ?' ... Take care !" Or go for a walk in the park ?' Whatever it is but SEX IS NOT INCLUDED because if he only drop by and wanted to have sex instead of spending time to talk, walk and etc. then you are just the SEX TOY for him ! *This is what i think and i think almost 99.5% people in the world will agree my affirmation* 

Allocation of time ... All kind of status human being are qualified to be in relationship anytime even married but these are the disgracing one ! So there might be divorced with no children attached or even children attached; the problem is when you want to be in relationship, no girls will make you choose between your children or her because when she decided to be with you then she knew you have children attached with you and if you have time for your children then i think you must have time for your girlf/boyf as well ! If you didn't expect your girlf/boyf will need you to spend time with them after acknowledged that you are attached with children then you better go forever alone ... Between works and spending time also very important ! No one will need to work 24/7 everyday so if your excuse is "I'm so busy with works ..." then i think you are shitted ! 


Anyone can say "I Love You" anytime but majority didn't mean it ... Actually since i really know what "I Love You" meant, i take this 3 words very seriously and i will never trust someone who can tell it so easily ! Of course it will never changed til now ! But i'm glad i told my family ❤ because i really do ! *For sure i only told them once or twice lar not keep repeating* For couples who say them frequently and didn't mean it is like saying "I poo" ... How to prove ?' Taking good care of your girlf/boyf ... *Of course have to be both side* That is all ! 

That is all the simple commitments i can think of when you want your relationship worked well ... 
Tired already ! Thanks GOD tomorrow is Sunday so i can sleep like no tomorrow ... 
Good Night !

Have a nice day ... ❤

Friday, March 22, 2013

KL Festival City Silver Cut w/ REDKEN ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally i got myself MiFi 20GB so i can blog whenever i like already but i'm wondering why it is so slow ... >...< 
So as for my Bday, i did myself a new hair color and of course except from new hair color, i also want a silky and smooth hair with me for my Bday ... So SILVER CUT offered me - Birthday Gal 50% off for CUT+TREATMENT+WASH so i went there again . Without discount, it is actually quite expensive =...= 


My LONG hair ... 
I insisted not to dubbed my hair 'SUPER LONG' ... Lazy to completely blow dry it and the picture above is the consequences of it ! HaHa LONG hair need a lots of commitments as well geh ! *Of course it is because i knew i will be hair salon the next day* But ho ... I realized nowadays almost 85% girls have SUPER LONG hair like til can cover butt one so mine is like only belly button level *small case* >...< Getting bored with the long hair, what should i do ?' Any hair salon wanna take challenges ?' LOL

I go back to REDKEN as i feel satisfied with the outcome of it after my first try so this is basically the second time i'm using REDKEN for hair salon's treatment ... 


When i was in secondary school, my hair level will never go over boobs' level because of my hand or brain itchiness ... Always feel like cutting and cutting so i once have a really boy cut hair >...< *WTF happened to me* And my eldest sis was having the perfect thick and long and furthermore smooth like ever hair of course because she went for hair salon's treatment continuously to maintain the healthiness of the hair and i once made accompany for her and her hair need more than one person to blow dry made her look like "Da Xiao Jie" that make me jealous and now ... SEEE !!! WaHaHaHaHaHa 

#SmoothLikeNoTomorrow LOL

So here is my experience with Silver Cut and REDKEN for my Bday ... :)
Hmm ... Something extra here to say !!! 
My first time went to Silver Cut was totally a bliss and my second time went there, it is not totally a bitch but almost getting there and i'm going to update my previous post "How to be a bad hair stylist" ... *Some name might appear but still depends on my mood on that moment !!! GOOD LUCK* 

Anyways, thanks SILVER CUT for offering Birthday Gals/Guys 50% off so that we will be 'richer' on the birthday month to pamper ourselves with something (luxury) else ... But i don't think there will be 3rd times going there because it quite un-affordable even though i so in love with the outcome of REDKEN >...< Or Dear Silver Cut, can you offer me 50% off for life time or anyone wanna sponsor the fee?' WaHaHaHaHa 

If you gonna there for haircuts or whatever service, look for the short hair girl instead of long hair one ... You know ! Long hair girls always a bit arrogant one compare with short hair girls HaHaHa 

Have a nice day ... ❤