Monday, July 29, 2013

Hennessy V.S.O.P night at The Butter Factory ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let me blog about my Thursday Night (25/07) with Hennessy V.S.O.P !!! 

Can anyone/makeup gurus advise me on how to do clubbing/night makeup and look good even with the super flash on ?' Especially eyes part ! I was trying to go with super natural eyes makeup but it is a totally terrible idea ! I tried it on the other party and none of the photos is presentable ! Aww >..< So this time it is slightly presentable than last time but still not-so-nice ! Should i put on bold eyeliners ?' Or belly dramatic falsies ?' *i actually thought i'm gonna have my eyes closed for every single (group) photos* 

So as i mentioned in the previous post, this Hennessy V.S.O.P party held at The Butter Factory again ! I'm really glad that it held nearby/in KL which made everyone easier especially me ! lol So i can present to you guys this Hennessy post and rock my night with RED lippie which belly hard to go with day look ... haha 

Let's get started ... 
Guess what !!! I'm super duper early that day but still someone earlier than me ... Guess who ! Roslyn Kong [FaceBook] So lucky that i don't have to wait alone ... The invitation stated 8pm but it start (let us in) nearly at 9:30 leh ! So we decided to take piccas ... I have no idea why my hair looked so damn messy there ! I swear i look sexy when i study mirror before went out ... haha
We got our ticket earlier but decided not to go in yet since nothing is happening inside so we chit chat outside (talking bad about someone here and there) *obviously i'm kidding* and wait til peoples come especially Manoah's bloggers ! Peoples started to arrive and for sure bloggers as well and when we decided to get in, the security asked for identity card ! (I have my identity card with me but ...) One of them actually just 20 years old and they actually wanna stop her (blogger) for going in so me and Roslyn actually wanna sneak inside since i'm also 20 (=..=) ! But luckily they allowed us since we're VIP - Velly Important Person, haha ... 
I super love their decorations/setups for the VIP's area ! damn classy yet glam ! This is my second time been to The Butter Factory and my first time been to their VIP's area, such an honor man ! hehe 

The super black-color-drink is my drink of the night ! Guess what is that ?' The beside two is Hennessy like literally Hennessy, no doubt ... haha It is COKE lah ~ I used to be an alcoholic like literally alcoholic ! I even get drunk in my sis's teacher day (my sis is a tutor) function which they served vodka ! See ... It is totally ridiculous right ?' Aww >..< The boss's handsome son was sitting just behind us which mean he saw how drunk i am, lol ! But now ... I just hate alcohol even the smell of it but it doesn't mean i hate partying ! Too much alcohol also not good o ... 

Guess who i met in the party ?' Is Daphne ! I saw her because of her hair ... haha Love her Red lippie ! 
Picca(s) time from Jaz Khai [FaceBook] :-
I really love his picca(s) man ! So nice and pretty one ~ This is the second time i met him and his photos ! Next time if i know he will be there then i don't need my own camera already ! haha 
 #RoslynKong #JaniceYeap #JazKhai #Me #JessyLong 
 #Kelly #Me #Yukiko #Janice #Roslyn #SuTing #Yumi
 #Me #Roslyn #Janice #SuTing #Yukiko #Yumi 
Such a great night man ! Miss it already ... 
We dismissed quite early though ! Most of them didn't work on Friday but i did so i worked with my zombie's face ! lol 

End this post with my own picca(s) okay ?'  

Thanks Hennessy V.S.O.P and Manoah for the awesome night! 

Download #MyHennessy app to know more about their future events ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday at Pasar Ramadan with Jane Schwan & Celcom ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
*no pretty selca to kick start this post but stay tuned for food piccasss*

How is your Saturday ?' Mine is ... >..< Totally boring one ...
Since i got no invitation for any event on this weekend plus sis went to dating with boyfriend or friends and another sis have to work so i decided to take a walk to pasar ramadan which nearby my place ! I walked there ... I know there is pasar ramadan nearby but i didn't know where is the exact location so it actually took me like half and hour to reach there ! LOL

This is my belly first time been to pasar ramadan *i swear* ... It never popped up in my mind that i will ever been to pasar ramadan because i thought the foods wouldn't be good and also will be nothing for vegetarian but i was wrong ! I tell you huh ... You guys should really go pasar ramadan for foods ! Especially when you have a budget-tight session ... haha 

Anyways, you know what is welcoming me ?' Let's me show you !
Yeap ~ That's the Celcom's logo !
From far you already can see the logo ... I think from another end of this pasar ramadan, you also managed to see it *if only it is high enough* haha ! So why i bump into the Celcom matter with my blog and you - who read my blog ?' Because ... I belly "ke po" one mah ! I'm a blogger so i need to find something which you guys find interesting one to update mah if not who will read my blog, you say lah ~~~ haha

So i actually stand there and ask them whether i can use their WiFi ?' And they said yes to me so i use lur because i wanted to check who is talking bad about me in social networks ! Is that you ?' haha For sure, they show me what is it and how it look like and etc.
Don't you think it is super convenience for everyone when you have a WiFi in the car ?' Especially you will be having a long journey or maybe i should say a-pain-on-the-ass's journey ?' lol The PortaWiFi's device is free neh ! *for sure you have to buy yourself internet lah or else what is the point of having the device but no internet connection ?* Come ! Imagine with me ! In a 2-hours drive to Malacca, you are bored in the car while everyone sleep already because nothing else to do except sleeping but you have enough sleep even though you are a sleeping pig ... What if ! Daddy plug in this Celcom PortaWifi's device and ask you to surf net ?' Don't you just love your daddy ?' haha *sorry ~ Out of point already* Now i think no body will sleep and everyone will have a happy mood when/while reach(ing) the destination and it is able to be connected up to 5 devices !!! *you might wake up feeling dizzy or wanted to sleep more when you reached* 

Okay ...
I know i'm a belly suitable people for promoter's position ! haha 
Check their link out lah :-
WiFi Your Car for the Raya Journey Home
Visit Celcom Blue Cube's outlet for more details lah !

Now !!!
Is foods' turn ! WAIT !!! You know lah ~ I'm a picca's person so picca's time !
Yea ... I know ! I know !
I looked like a pregnant person right ?' But no worry because i hadn't have sex for a while already ! WAHAHAHAHAHA I'm single mah but not available ! Blek :P Ignore my fat arm please ! The bag lah ! Hate it already ! Take the blame ! wahahahah The blue guy is an uncle ... I mean chinese uncle and see who i bumped into ?' Jane Schwan ! Pretty like what and what ! haha *recently super like to use this quote* Tell you what ! She is belly friendly also neh ! Love the way she laugh ... 

Since Jane come alone as well so we decided to get some foods together !
Don't you think Jane buy a lots ?' wahahahaha Yes, indeed ! She tell me that what she bought can actually 'tahan' til supper ! WHAT !!! lol But she is still thin like that and that ... >..< I buy myself ... 
Roti Boom and don't-know-what-is-the-name ... 
Roti Boom taste good and it's only RM1 neh ! Can you believe it ?' If you go mamak at least RM2 arr ! The below one, no taste one ! Aww >..< Anyways, it is so-called oily meal ! hahaa

So i should name this post as ... 
"A Day with Jane Schwan and Celcom ...", okay ?' 

Have A Nice Weekend and Party Hard yea ... ❤

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Your Personalized Tee on ... ❤

Bello ~
Nice mah the picca ?' I mean the tShirt ! haha 

So far how is you guys Raya's holidays ?' Mine is like damn bored man ! Aww >..< No worry ! Something will eventually come up or maybe nothing =...= 

Let's move on to the subject of the post ... 
Do you guys wear tShirt ?' *if you say no i will tampar you* So i take everyone "Yes/No/Sometimes/Rare" as YES, okay ?' No objection ! Then let's move on ! So check out my tShirt above, don't you think it is very unique ?' PLUS me become belly picturesque already right ?' haha I bet it is not that hard to realize that the heart design is inspired by our MALAYSIA's king (fruit), durian ! I miss durian ... >..< 

My tShirt is from #iDotShirt
Have you heard about it before ?' If no then no worry ! Because you are here ... 

What is iDotShirt ?' 
It is a Malaysian online game play that allows you to personalize your very own t-shirt design. We build variant graphic themes you can choose from, let you fill in the words of your choice and print them on the tee for you. *COPIED* 

For the personalize your own design on your own tShirt will only available on September but now you can still grab those heart design and i heart MY design on their website (pre-launched) ... I actually wanted to get the i heart MY design which the heart design will be in Malaysia's flag (HOME) but it ran out when i went to the Bijou Bazaar Publika to get my tShirt because it is the last day ~ >...< Should have get it earlier ! But Durio still 'tasty' ...

Their pre-launched design feature 16 hearts design representing the essence & uniqueness of Malaysia. *COPIED*

Let's check their LookBook out ... 

Okay, my turn ! 
No lah ~ I didn't take because i got no photographer ! 
By the way, don't ever worry about the size because the tShirt come in XS or maybe XXL (if you want/need) and they will have your order packed in aluminium foil bag !!! 

That's no all for it ~
There is more upcoming ! I pretty excited with their upcoming design (onsite) which feature MOUSTACHES, EYES & CROWN ... *Wah ! Can i have them ?'*  There will be additional choices of tShirt colors and types of printing method - silk screen, velvet and etc. *COPIED* 

Last but not least, my picca ... *wahahaha* 
The tShirt is really in good quality until i personally think that it is a little thick for Malaysia's weather ... hehe 

I heart iDotShirt 

Website : 

FaceBook : 

Instagram :


Have a Nice Day ... ❤