Monday, September 30, 2013

Lost World of Tambun's journey by KTM (ETS) Gold Coaches ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Let's make a start on our Lost World of Tambun's journey !

I think everyone familiar with KTM right ?' Not to mention someone like Carol ! :D
Even though KTM moves a bit slower (compare with LXT & Monxrxil) but the area(s) it covered are really lots ! So for peoples like me got no car or even with no license one, no worry because now we all can travel up to nowhere with just KTM (don't tell me you want to go USA by KTM, it is not gonna happen *slap your face*) Or even for peoples who lazy to do the hours drive ! So guess how much it cost you to travel from KL (Sentral) to Ipoh ?' Even with GOLD coaches, it only cost you RM70 (back and forth) ! How much your fuels fee cost you when you drive up to Ipoh ?' I ensure you that it is gonna be more than RM70 ! Am i right ?'
 Spacious enough ?' 
 Foods selling counter ... *Photo from iamStudio*
See ! Carol having so much stuffs also can fit in her seat ! :D  
Best Part of all ! Mr. Bean ! 

Aigoo ~ (from Carol one) 
Should have go to the washroom and take some picca(s) ! I don't have to answer nature call because they are not 'calling' so miss the part >...< But one thing for sure is, there is washroom(s) available inside the train ! En route to Ipoh, we are just too excited that no one is sleeping but chit chatting, mingle around and etc. Of course as what i mentioned in previous post "The Butterfly Project - Survival Kit" that each of us get a hand on the "Survival Kit" from The Butterfly Project and also a Rilakuma's cookie ! 
HaHaHaHa *from iamStudio*

Roommates' sticks !
Told you we are too excited to sleep en route to Ipoh so Selca ... :D 
#LashofTheDay #KOJI #LashConcierge 

Tadah ~ 
Reached Ipoh's KTM station and Lost World of Tambun's staffs are there to escort and welcome us ! 
Seriously need a haircut =...= 
from Henry Lee, iamStudio

Thanks KTM (ETS) for sponsored the Gold Coaches, appreciated ... 

To be continued ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Butterfly Project - Survival Kit ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Remember my entry for the Lost World of Tambun's trip and guess what ?' (if you followed my Instagram then you've already know BUT ... who ask you not to followed my Instagram ?' :P) Have you guess it right ?' Have you buy the right bet ?' *evil smile* It is my honor to be one of the lucky 30 who get to have a weekend getaways at Lost World of Tambun *scream* Excited yet nervous (knowing that i'm one of the 30) ! The Butterfly ProjectMamasan and SWAT team are really amazing, they even get us transportation sponsorship by ETS Gold (KTM). Thanks so muchie for sponsored us ! (So so so sorry that i'm late ! I woke up around 3:30 am but still can't make it there on sharp, MY BAD :( Anyways, thanks for waiting >...<) 

So other than this awesome Lost World of Tambun's weekend getaways, The Butterfly Project also launched their beauty bag (first from them) and we - 30 lucky bloggers are those who get a hand on it before anyone else and it is "Survival Kit" which mean what you need when you're outing ! For your secret information, i fuxking hate samples and i personally think that giving samples as complimentary is quite rude and disrespectful BUT it is totally different scenario when you come to outing ! You don't want to carry full size of body wash, shampoo, lotion and etc. with you because obviously it will only make you "heavy" (i mean your luggage :D) So let's see what is inside the "Survival Kit"
 Get my "Survival Kit" from my Carol ... hehe
Bag sponsored by 1Utama 

First of all, Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer ... 
It kills 99.99% of germs without water with Moisturizer & Vitamin E ! 

Second, Kinohimitsu J'pan UV Bright Drink ... 
It comes with the Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite (you can either straight away pour them in your mouth or make it as a drink) which really tasted candy-like and after two-days of consumption (two sachet in each beauty bag), i really feel like having it again because this candy-like taste will really make me or maybe everyone to consume it continuously (for sure) so i went to drugstore to check it out but it is quite pricey :( Not to mention, this beauty drink definitely one of the essential for outing for UV protection (no matter boys or girls lah) 

Advisable every morning before you 'see' any sun ...  
Every night before bed after see the moon ... 

Third, Maybelline New York Baby Lips Pink Glow ... 
This is an essential not only when you're outing ! It is an everyday essential, f-y-secret-i . It is mixed berry flavor which very kissable so no worry, girls (i even wanted to eat my own lips,wtf.) Check below out for the magic it does on my sexy lips. It is not colorless though as you can see at the second picca below ...
#Before                                                                       #After 

Fourth, Mozzie-A-Gogo ... 
Never heard of it before ?' Same here ! BUT now you do ! It is from and guess what ?! It is handmade and natural insect repellant stick (stick some more which more easier to carry along to everywhere)

Fifth, Alpine Willowherb Facial Travel Set for oily & acne prone skin ... 
Alpine Willowherb keeps sebum secretions normal while soothing sore and inflamed skin. Totarol extract fights acne causing bacteria and prevents uncomfortable breakouts. Website: 

Sixth, LUX Soft Touch Body Wash ... 
Enjoy the sensation of clean, moisturized & radiant skin with Lux Soft Touch. 
Enriched with the exclusive Silk Protein Extract, a moisturizing ingredient known for helping to hold the moisture in the skin. It forms a light creamy layer on skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. 
*Apply lotion after bath is recommended* 

Seventh, Timeless Truth (TT) Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening ... 
Enriched with Swallow's Nest essence to help maintain skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of dark spots for an even complexion inside out. It brings back the fresh, vivified, dazzling transparent and radiant look for your skin. (will do a solo review for it soon) 

Eighth, Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion ... 
Johnson's Body Care is my all time favorite body lotion brand ! I have been using it for years and never changed but only stick to one 'color' lah which is the pink one, hehe ... 

Ninth, Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA +++ Clear Finish ... 
My very first sunblock is from Sunplay which years ago which kinda made me stopped using sunblock because they are too thick, 'heavy' on my skin, and the smell made me feel so 'ugly' but after years and come back to Sunplay again, it is totally different from what i used years ago ! Which texture non-sticky and more on watery, super light and water-based, it does smell a little but not too strong like it used to and you won't feel like you are putting on sunblock or anything. *thumb ups* 
#Before                                                                        #After

Tenth, Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil ... 
I TELL YOU WHAT !!! I'M SO DAMN IN LOVE WITH THIS !!! We went for various hot springs at the night with my long hair down and with no surprise, it went all tangled and i was like "Shit ! I don't wanna wash my hair because i will need to sit down til my butt hurt trying to untangled them >...<" and my excuse for my roommate is "i forgot to bring my shampoo ..." Of course she answered me "There is shampoo inside the "Survival Kit", hello !" Inevitable, i have to wash my hair and reluctantly shampoo-ed my hair with it and when i rinse it off, I FEEL LIKE MAGIC !!! My hairs are not tangled like before shampooing (i can't say it's not tangled at all because ...) and my hair color look more 'attractive' ! "Wow !" Putting on the hair masque and see what it will does to my hair ... *puppy eyes* THE MAGIC HAPPEN AGAIN and my hairs are smooth like a boss ! wth. You ladies should definitely give it a try and i can't imagine how smooth and soft is the hair after the steaming hair treatment ! WHAT ~ 

This is all the things i got in my "Survival Kit" (vary from skin type) and of course with one of the welcoming card from my Carol (i purposely add 'my' geh) ! What do i think about the beauty box ?' 

I really like it ! You never know how useful the box is until you go for an outing with it and you will see ... Most of the hotel (or maybe all ?') provided their customer(s) with body wash and shampoo right ?' BUT do hotel provide you a face mask for you to look good in the next day tour's picca(s) ?' Do hotel provide facial sets ?' Clearly no and here is when you need the "Survival Kit" . Here is the part inspired me that those "Survival Kit" for you guys one should also have the ability to 'acclimate' to where you going and how is your skin condition(s) ! Like if i planning to go a place where is snowing or in winter then the products (especially skin care) will be more on hydration ! When i planned to go Hawaii for a vacation then the products should be more on the whitening or UV protection ! See, how amazing it sound like :P Just my own silly bullshits, hehe ... 

I will rate it as 4.8/5.0 ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Heineken Star Serve with Keith Nair ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Let's talk about beer(s) today !
Did i ever mentioned that i was an alcoholic like literally one, drink til puking ?' I said "i was" that mean i'm not an alcoholic anymore (i don't drink at all now) ! Actually i never like the taste of the beer(s) before, it is hard to swallowed and i think the reason why i was drinking so much beer(s) is because i used to think that girls do drinking is so damn cool and of course i was totally wrong ! Girls you need to love yourself (especially your body) more than everyone else does ! So this is a post for guys, i guess ?' LOL

I bet everyone knows about Heineken so let's leap to Heineken Star Serve ...

Heineken Star Serve 
Launched in 2012, Star Serve is a global draught beer quality programme that aims to improve the quality of beer poured in outlets through a 360 degree approach that tackles every aspect of the on-premise draught beer process and experience. 

Once again, i was damn lucky to be invited to the Heineken Star Serve workshop on last Friday and it is my honor to have pouring workshop with Keith Nair (google his profile, perhaps ?') who is the Heineken Draught Master & GAB Professional Solutions Manager. I was late that day due to my laziness ?' XD When i arrived, all the speeches are over and it is on the practicing the pour-off ritual already BUT i didn't go for the practice because i have stage-fright ?' :D So let's get into how to get a perfect pint of beer to your satisfactory !

First, prepare a clean glass which they rinsed it in a bucket of super duper cold water (which freeze my hand :( ) ! Second, Tilt the glass to 45 degree and turn on the beer tap; Pour in one single motion, straighten the glass when it is 3/4 full and fill the glass till full. (Here is the tricky part !) Third, Place the glass on a drip tray and using a wet spatula, skim the top of the foam. (with your spatula held 45 degree to the surface as well) Fourth, When the bottom of the head sits on the star's horizon your Heineken Draught Beer has been poured to perfection. Fifth, serve the beer with the Heineken logo facing the customer on a Heineken coaster. (it looked easy right but NO) (whoever took the photographs below should definitely watermark his/her name obviously she/he did a great job :P)
#ServeYourPint #KeithNair

So as a customer, you just have to note whether the bottom of the foam sitting horizontally with the star and of course pay please. After the practicing round, we can't help ourselves queuing for foods already because it is dinner time and after dinner time, MC announced that the first round of the media(s) who will have to do the pouring and i was shocked like shit "WHAT ?' Everyone have to take part ?' I didn't practice just now, fml ... " So i was like "Just cincai do lah ! No one really cares about having the perfect pint :P" But of course i still wanted to be as perfect as i can due to i quite good in mimicking so i simply just recall what they did just now when they're practicing >...< (i know it is my bad for not practicing :( )

Time for the perfect pint(s) :-
Carol so bad laughing at people pint :P 
There is something wrong with her beer tap actually ... 
#Eric & #Don  
"OMG ~ How am i supposed to do with this thing ?'" 

When they started to announce the winner (best 6), i was chilling on the sofa like no body cares because i'm quite sure that i didn't do a good job on it >...< And when they announced the first winner out of the best 6 "the first winner is Frankie !" My mind went like "Is that me ?' FrankieRoseUni ?' or is there another guy here named Frankie ?'" But as i walk up to receive my gift, no one stood up and protest that the gift supposed to be his so i bet i'm the "Frankie" ?' And the gift for the best 6 is a carton of Heineken, i bet i'm just lucky that night ?' LOL I bet i can be a bartender now :D

*I don't know who is the white top girl actually >...<* 

Having so much fun at the workshop and thanks for having me :) 

Have  A Nice Day ... ❤