Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff Blamed Malaysian Women for Sex Crimes ... ?!"

I went through an article this morning and i still FURIOUS when i re-read it especially when i'm cropping & editing the picca(s) for this blog post ! It happened on July but obviously no one gave any (BIG) responses on it (it proved by i know NO thing about it before this) ... Let's see what is the sentence that i'm enraged at !

To the so-called Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff (i have no idea who is she) :-
I would like to tell you that your sentence have proven you're born with NO BRAIN ! You are a lady/girl/woman (probably woman)  but you take no side on us - girls (i assumed the so-called Siti is a gal lah) and blamed us for the "indecent clothing" ?!' Before i say or even curse about it, let me illustrate it to you ! If all of us put on the very DECENT clothing like you do (i'm expecting tudung & baju kurung), is that mean no raping crime(s) will ever take place again ?' I SWEAR TO GOD that there is NO SUCH THING ! IT WILL STILL HAPPEN FOR SURE ! Don't trust me ?' Let's put on a bet man ! But not with all of us putting on your so-called DECENT clothing but you and your DECENT clothing persons stay with guys where rapists are included and let's see what will be happening ! AND HOW ON EARTH VICTIM NEED TO TAKE THE BLAME/RESPONSIBILITY ON BEING RAPED BY RAPIST ?' It is like you get kidnapped and ask to pay the ransom but you blame yourself for being so RICH ... Is that even making any sense ?' wtf. THE STUPID AFFIRMATION I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS !

Let's define the meaning for DECENT in clothing !
DECENT clothing mean you dressed well/up for the occasions NOT covering all up even in a beach ... I preferred that is the so-called stupid instead of DECENT !

Rape Culture means ...
Can you believe this ?' This mean from now on, all of us - girls (or even aunties maybe) have to prepare ourselves for getting rape at least once in the lifetime (as it is inevitable) ! wtf. There is no way we are practicing rape culture ! NOT EVEN A BIT OF IT !!!!! Should have just launch emasculate's rule(s).  

Good one, so-called Siti ! Victim-blaming.

What is that mean girls are "rape-able" ?' I guess the so-called Siti is totally agree with this point (proven by the sentence she said) while others (girls) are totally oppose about it ! So i guess you - rapist knows who to go for when you have your carnal desire ... I think the rapist should have the FULL responsibility/blame on this criminal because if it is slut then they will never complain about getting raped, am i right ?'

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This blog post is simply based on my own opinion. 
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DEFINE Music Party ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Remembered last time DEFINE ARt Jamming Party ?' This post gonna be another round of party from DEFINE but it is about MUSIC instead of ARt ... Actually i was wondering about will there be anyone interested to attend a ARt party except for those born-to-be-artist(s) one ?' But it turned out well ! So like usual to those MUSIC party, DEFINE MUSIC party got overwhelming registrations for the invitations and i'm really happy for them and also congratz on hitting 2,000 likes on FaceBook's page and of course more to come ! Are you excited/ready for their next party ?' Shh ...

Their setups and decorations never failed to impress me ...
The pretty PatriciaK was the Mc of the night and also one of the DJ ! This MUSIC party is more like clubbing-type for me >...< But still happy to cover the event and managed to catch up with some friends ! There is one thing bothered me ... (Hmm ... Should i say every girls instead of just me) And it was the LOO ! There is no mirror like a proper mirror ?!' Which was quite disappointing and somehow freaked me out because my thoughts keep wandering between "How is my makeup ?'",  "Did they smudged ?'", "Is my blush still on ?'" and etc. :( I don't actually mind how bad or dirty is the LOO (clubbing place always have dirty LOO) but mirror for ladies (or maybe guys) is a must though. hehe

I didn't stay til the end or even after 00:00 because i'm the Cinderella (i will become mice after 00:00) nia ...
Obviously i'm kidding ! I shall stop talking about non senses and let's the picca(s) do the talking (and i know some of you don't even bother to read, am i right ?') ... I just farted, wtf.

DJ of the MUSIC Night ... 
Patricia K, ED Sickness from "Lah Lah Land", BitterSweet, Darren Ashley & Band, Mr. Dan, John Hafiz & The Other Guy, Glove (International Act) & Deer Society 

Lastly, the Cork Tales thingy ...
Remember this HOT guy ?' I can't help myself keep taking his picca(s) :P 
and i think he know that (i think he is HOT) because i caught him snicker (while i'm taking his piccas xD)... 
He knows he is HOT ! xD

Jelly of ShaSha's nose :( *why my nose so flat one ?'*
 wtf. Should have put on tons of contour-er ! *Didn't take much picca(s) !*

DEFINE's FaceBook page:-

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Monday, October 28, 2013

#GSCHorrorFest by Nuffnang, ChurpChurp & GSC in 1Utama ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How was your (last) weekend ?' Mine was great, like great GREAT ~ 

One of the reason for it is because we (me, Carol & Nicole) are like 'dream came true' that we finally got ourselves Girls Day Out with the dresscode #BlacknWhite ! And i swear they've visited almost every boutique shops in Sg. Wang & Times Square but ... GOT NO THING in the end ! hahahahah GIRLS ! I'm more like a guy that day because whenever they shop, i just take a 'shallow' look on the boutique (not even trying to go inside a bit) and just wait both of them outside the shop so i'm actually in the row of those guys who waiting for their girlfriends ! wtf. 

My Saturday was definitely a spooky one but i enjoyed it ... 
Really thanks #Nuffnang for the invitation to #GSCHorrorFest party ! There was dress code for the party but i didn't dress up at all >...< because i really have no idea what should i be (i have phobia towards ugli- fied myself xD) Of course a lots of party-goers did dressed up and they did it very well. There is one couple who dressed up in a real spooky but matching way (not sure if you get what i mean >...<) which i really like it and trying to take their picca but they decided to ignore me :( fine.  
Wrong poster, btw =...=
Favorite #Kifli ... <3
Kifli's well dressed friends*thumb up*
Refreshment ...  
Sai Lei ...  
Jelly for movies ...  
There is a complimentary finger in each of our goodies bag and ...  
I enjoyed biting it during the horror(s) ... wtf.

#GSCHorrorFest is actually horror movies marathon which three horrors were showing on that night and they are Rigor Mortis, Second Sight & Insidious 2 ! Only managed to watch 2 out of 3 movies without the Insidious 2 because it's getting late and we (girls) afraid of 'hazardous' of the city (i mean criminals) instead of those spooky thingy =...= Such a failed. Let's talk about the Rigor Mortis first which i rate it 4.0 out of 5.0 ... 

It's spooky enough for me ... 
I think you would like to know what my 'level/grade' to horrors ! Whenever i'm free, i watch horrors instead of ... I will go through the synopsis of the horror(s) and if only it is spooky enough for me then i will click "PLAY" ! After hitting "PLAY" button for 5-10 mins if i see NOTHING that can 'cheer' me up then i will click "EXIT" and go for the next one ... Why i always go for horror(s) ?' Because my life is dull for me (maybe because i'm a Pisces ?') but that doesn't mean i'm hating or not appreciating my current life ! I still feel blessed that i'm alive and becoming a BLOGGER and still able to experience a lots of things/incidents in my life ... What i meant for "DULL" is that my life is not like movie-like XD No prince ! No handsome nor even monster (the real monster not ugly people) =...= 

Back to Rigor Mortis (Hong Kong movie) ... 
I have a tip for you on how to make 'attractive' horrors that can make your audiences stay til the middle/end ... *drum rolls* Go for a spooky audio for the beginning of your horror that can literally get everyone 'goose bumps' and i have to tell you that this Rigor Mortis did it and very well ! I love everything on this movie ... The actors, they are so real and so good in acting ! The makeup of the monster made my blood ran cold >...< but it's okay ... xD One and the only thing i don't like is the plots ! It is not logical for me =...= Overall, it is worthy for your time and money (if you gonna pay) ! This movie will make girls 'hug' you automatically (for sure but not someone like me lah), wtf. xD

Second Sight ...
It is made from Thailand ! You know lah ~ THAILAND ! There is one kind of horror(s) i can't take and they are from Thailand (only Thailand, i think) ... You know, those kind with curse (Mandarin called "Jiang Tou") one and something like needle sewing eyes (they show it like literally sewing) which really freak me out and i think the reason is because i have eyes too =...= 

Second Sight is more like lessons-learned kind of horror which actually warn you not to do bad things ! I'm quite ok with these kind of movie and usually the end of this kind of horror(s) will be more soothing instead of mystery (i hate those kind of horrors end with totally mystery which there is no answer for why such a weird/scary thing existed/happened) ... I tell you what ! In Second Sight, there is lots of Leng Lui and the main cast for guys is quite good-looking wei. xD I rate it 4.0 out of 5.0 as well ! So the lessons i've learned from this movie is DON'T CHEAT on your girl/wife; Don't eat too much snake ! Don't rape ! Don't conduct Oral Sex in the car or else you will end up dead like the rapist ! GO WATCH :P 

Insidious 2 ...
I didn't watch all of it but the first 10 or 20 mins of it and i think it is more like Paranormal Activity-kind so i've lost my interest and decided to go home ... hahahaha 

Food of the day (in One Utama) :-
Red Velvet Cake ... 
Rate: 3.0 out of 5.0 
Mushroom Steak (Vegetarian) ... 
Rate: 4.5 out of 5.0 

End the post with #Selca in the toilet for #OOTD ... :P 
with Silviana ... 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

H-Artistry 2013 at The Mines on 02 November 2013 ... ❤


Neon Hitch
The latest female firecracker from Britain, Neon Hitch has established herself as a Billboard chart topper with her single “Love U Betta”. She has also performed and collaborated with A-list artists such as Gym Class Heroes on their hit song “Ass Back Home”, Ke$ha on “BlaBlaBla”, as well as Bruno Mars and Imogen Heap. Join us and experience this vocal powerhouse as she takes the party to the next level at H-Artistry KL 2013. 

LapSap is Malaysia’s duo house music heroes which consist of DJ Xu and DJ Blink, who have banded together for the sole purpose of bringing the electro and house scene in Malaysia to the next level. With countless sold-out gigs both local and around the world, this dynamite-duo is set to give party revelers a taste of Asian inspired electro and house tunes at H-Artistry 2013!

Injecting his signature crossbreed of progressive, electro and trance beats to his music, Holland’s Jochen Miller embodies the new decade’s freeform, Big Room soundscape. Featured in Armin’s “State of Trance” album, Jochen will be treating party revelers to fast and explosive trance hits at this year’s H-Artistrty KL! *so hot lah wei*

Dmitry KO

Progressive house guru Dmitry KO has been setting fire to the dance floor since emerging on the stage in 2009 with this individualized style of traditional house music. Famous for this collaboration with Starkillers on “Odessa”, see him live at H-Artistry 2013 as he brings the house down!

NS Yoon-G

Regarded as a one of Korea’s most sought after solo female acts, NS Yoon-G has worked with top acts like Jay Park on her hit single “If You Love Me”.  Having rocked H-Artistry Hong Kong with her explosive energy earlier this year, K-Pop fans in Malaysia will be treated to an unforgettable night of vocal belting and hip-swaying when Yoon-G takes stage at H-Artistry KL 2013!

Taking party innovation to the next level, the MY Hennessy Mobile App will enable party-goers to immerse in a whole new party experience. Be sure to download the MY Hennessy App NOW from the App Store or Google Play onto your iOS and Android and get the app ready for the experience.

H-Artistry invites can be obtained by purchasing bottles of your favourite Hennessy V.S.O.P at participating outlets. Every purchase of ONE Hennessy V.S.O.P 70cl comes with TWO exclusive invites the purchase of TWO Hennessy V.S.O.P 70cl bottles comes with FIVE exclusive invites.

In addition to that, My Hennessy members can also earn the H-Artistry invites using the MY Hennessy app through collection of points by using the app’s feature and redeem the invites using Hennessy Exchange.

Already pumped up and excited about H-Artistry? Snap, post or share your excitement using #HARTISTRYKL with the rest of the nation as we begin the countdown to this year’s super-clubbing event.

H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing strongly advocates responsible drinking and works towards ensuring the safety of each and every guest at the event. Among the safety and security measures implemented at the upcoming H-Artistry finale on 2 November are:

  • The organizers of H-Artistry strongly encourage party-goers to take a taxi to the event, as parking spaces at MIECC will not be available. Taxis will also be available at the event for party-goers to return home.
  • A chill-out zone within the venue will be set up for party goers to relax after the party has ended.A free-flow of mineral water will be provided for everyone.
  • Food and drink vendors will be made available outside the event venue for guests to relax and recharge after the party.
  • Medical personnel will be on standby throughout the night in case of any emergencies.

See you there ...