Sunday, December 28, 2014

#FaithInXiaXue vs #FaithInGushCloud ...❤

I know i shouldn't be writing this post because there are bigger disasters that have happened in my country. But i wanted to share my opinion and of course be the opportunist, if it is what you would like to quote.

I have read what Xx have written on her blog post and the other who involved and have spoken out on their blogs. I have also come across the group chat chat log that meant to be private but somehow exposed (btw, i didn't finish it. it was too long!). Let's see things from the outside. As a human.

From Xiaxue's side ...
She did make an effort in trying to speak out what is bad for her industry and i think it is completely normal in a business world. It is just that she is an influencer ... She did make an impact on what she has written.

Let's take from her side and imagine if she is just a customer ...
When she is using Brand X and she somehow find out Brand Z is deceiving their customers. With her loyalty to Brand X, it is normal that she would find ways to prove her point and speak out and as your word -defame Brand Z. Now imagine if this customer is XiaXue, then what do you think she will do if she have found the relevant 'evident'? Do a blog post lah! Why?' Because it is her power and the only way she can get the message spread.

Let's take from GS's side ... 
When someone, not XiaXue, defaming your company's offering ... What would you do? Ignore her/him because one person wouldn't make a big impact on the revenue or profit. Or if somehow, by word-of-mouth recommendation, you find out that your brand has been defaming ... What would you do? Sue the whole bunch of people who receiving the message? Improve your market offering and try to position a different perspective for your market offering in the mind of customers, right? Then when Xiax's blogpost came out, why not just take it as another unhappy customer and invest more in repositioning your company's market offerings?'

In a world with internet, everyone entitled to her/his opinion toward any company. Including Xiaxue. 

Let's take YKK's side ... 
(I'm never sure that whether Xx pick on YKK or what ...In the chat log, undeniable that she sounds manipulative and it made me wonder is she having some says in the company. Lol. )
Imagine that you were her, for sure that you will be upset (after reading the blogpost) and you blurt out whatever mean and crude words you have in your mind privately (in private group chat). Actually i'm wondering who is the one that expose the whole long conversation. SPY! Everyone did this when they are angry and upset. The only thing different is whether it becomes publicly available! When you are upset, you become mean to defense yourself from being sad, hurt and so on. You curse tons of people when you are upset, you tell them to go to hell BUT do you really mean it? (Don't tell me you never curse anyone before... Either in your mind or verbally)What if whatever you curse come true? No. You don't mean it. Trust me! It would be a homicide then. Everyone does it. Just like everyone has sex and some accidentally get exposed. You don't say they are bad right?' (tell me you don't have sex then)

What i'm trying to say is that ...
No one is at fault or all of them are at fault. XiaXue voice out whatever she thinks (aka her own opinion) on HER OWN BLOG/her own territory. Bloggers are entitled to their own opinion and it wasn't a paid defamatory. GS as a company in the world of business, there will always be positive and NEGATIVE feedback in regard of your company's market offerings. Please don't try to cover it up. There is always a room for improvement. YKK was saying mean and crude things but it was her defense mechanism/human nature. As long as she didn't hire any assassin to take down who who who and who.

There are #faithinwhoandwho hashtags and a lot of comments taking whose side and being abusive with their words. Sorry to say that but it is considered as CYBER BULLYING. Think and take their side of view before you comment any will definitely help a more lot.

This is what i think...
Thank you.❤

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mind Games vs Desperate ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Finally! Exam is over! I had been working on it until my spinal cord shifted its position and it is tingling due to sedentary ... :( But anyway, let's talk about something! Something i find it really interesting! [Refer to the video above]

"More than one sentence, you are considered as DESPERATE!" 
Everyone has been through this stage, i guess. You don't know what to say, how to say and when to say something or anything to your "crush" ? (They say crush is someone that never like you back ...?) So you seek advice from your friends and normally that is what they would be telling you. "Don't make yourself look or sound desperate, or else you are cheaper to him/her." =...=

I have just been through the stage and i'm those straight-forward type.
I hate wasting time or hanging on some uncertainty. If no one stop me, i would just go up and tell him "I think i kinda like you, can i have your number?" I tell you WHY! Because if he said NO then what is there to lose, for me? (Thick-face usually get you more instead of losing. Because you dare to ask what others don't!) Move on and get another one?! If he said YES then let's get to know each other more! By taking things straight-forward, you save lots and tons of hassle from your mind! You may be over-thinking about whether he is into your friends or somebody else and blah blah blah ...

My friends have been saying like "You so dry meh? Why so desperate?'" and so on.
Let's define the word "DESPERATE" ...
This is what i get when i google "define desperate" ...
I guess we have been using it wrongly ... 
This is what i get from "Urban Dictionary" ... 
I guess this is what they meant ... 

Frankly, the word "Desperate" flares me up a little. 
I'm not DESPERATE. If i am, i would have just settled for less and simply get anyone with me. It isn't that hard though. In contrast, i think it is fine to sound a bit desperate. You know WHY? So that the other party will have the feeling of being someone special to you. Instead of uncertain whether he likes you or is he just trying to be nice or even just kissing my ass for something he is beneficial. 

Don't misconstrue! 
I'm not saying that those friends who have been telling you to hold back are nerds or what ... 
What i'm trying to say is that, you take in people's advice but you don't stuck with it. You collect, analyze, process it and make decision yourself whether or not to do whatever the action is in your mind. 

Just remember ...
If he/she likes you, no matter what you say or reply in messages, he/she will still like you. 
If he/she don't like you, no matter how "hard" or "expensive" you are, he/she won't even have a tad of feeling toward you. So why not just be yourself? The right one will fit in. ❤ 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Communication ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
I have completed my Public Speaking's classes and now i feel like i can be a speaker already. xD #justsaying 

I was about to persuade my audience to take my side of stance saying that computer communication prevents us from develop interpersonal skills and having meaningful relationship with each other. What do you think? Agree or disagree? 

I have to agree like nobody else. You know why? 
One of my pet peeves is that whenever i talk/in the middle of conversation, people get distracted. Especially by their phone! Trust me. When you talk, the other party is either texting or scrolling their social networking sites, they are not listening. Basically they are just hearing. They are able to repeat exactly what you were saying but when you ask them "So ~ What is the point of my speech?" Majority of them are unable to answer. DAMN! 

It is all-pervasive to have this kind of behavior nowadays. :( 
I still hate it but i compromise and we all compromise, if not i don't think i have anyone to talk to. :( 

In every conversation, 30% is based on verbal-communication of what we actually said and 70% is based on non-verbal communication like body languages and eye contact. Without sufficient amount of non-verbal communication (which banish by the concentration those have put on their phone), you wouldn't be emotionally engaged with any one of them. 

Talking and listening is the element part of communication. 
People can't read minds and people can't see through what you are thinking and that's why God has bestowed everyone with a mouth to tell what do you think and what you are thinking. God has bestowed all of us with fingers, 10 of them, but that doesn't replace the mouth and ears. 

Argument is part of communication as well. 

Afterall, gadget is just an accessory. 
Don't let gadget accessorized you or be you when come to communication. 
Build relationship with people around you not the people online. ❤

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Hold Grudges on People ... ❤

Let's talk about grudges! 
Me and my brother were bickering about frivolous thing and i was about to burst out whatever mean and cruel words i had in my mind on him but i stop, took a deep breath and avert my head back on my computer screen and keep my assignment going.

He held grudges on me til the next day. I was the one break the ice after the bickering on that even date by showing him some adorable pet's pictures i have come across on social network sites but he gave me no facial expression nor a lopsided smile. I talk to him the next day ...

We have been through a lots. Life and death and i believe that everyone has been through something with someone. Am i right?'
I have learned to appreciate little thing in life. Little thing like everything and anything. I'm truly happy that i'm awake (normally) every morning even though there are grudges from stepping away from the bed. I live in the moment because i and you never know whether this is the last time you and who are having the last meet and you will never see him/her again. I'm not being pessimistic, i'm being optimistic. 

Live like it is your last day and treat people like it is their last day in the world. #NotACurse
Don't hold grudge on them. If they did something that you find really uncomfortable with then tell them how you feel. If they care, they will do something that make you feel more comfortable or even try to change themselves. If they don't care about you, why hold grudges on them?' Simply evict this person out of your life or mind. Grudges hurt you and only you, yourself.

I'm not saint. I hold grudges as well but whenever i think of what they have done because they don't care then who i am to care what they did?' Nobody so why not i just let myself be with those who care about me?' I don't hold grudges on someone who i truly care about or someone care about me and simply because there isn't need for that.

Let me share something with you guys!
A show! A theatre show that you mustn't miss! It is about love! It is about the Crazy Little Thing Called Love, featuring love, courtship, marriage and family relationships.

It was my first time seeing this kind of theatre performance and i think i have started develop a thing toward it. Definitely you can't visit it like you visit cinema because of the ticket's fare, treat it as an occasion. The performers are really great in their skill, for instance the arguing scene, it made me feel like "How on earth am i sitting here watching someone arguing?' That's rude!" It is humorous yet meaningful. It shows you what is love and how people express their love in different stages of relationship. Communicate. It is the only way to show your love one that you care. Listen. and so on. I truly enjoy the show and i believe you will too.

They are performing in Penang Performing Arts Centre on 4th -7th of December. Check them out!
*my own recommendation* 

Live a happy life.
Life is short so be gorgeous and happy! ❤

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All Sizes are Beautiful ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Based on the picture above, you know what i'm going to talk about, don't you?' 

" All sizes are beautiful! "

There was a plus size woman sitting in front of me while i was standing right in front of her (in monorail, en route to my workplace). I saw the way she look, scrutinize and stare at me and  my legs. 
I'm not model-skinny type. In non-modelling world, my body shape is totally normal neither is it fat nor thin. You don't wanna be model-skinny in real life unless you are in the modelling careers. All sizes are beautiful. As you walk along the street, you will see various types of body shape and also skin tones. There is always plus size ...

I agree than all sizes are beautiful but in regards of plus size ... 
I think they are not. Not because of the way your fats look from the outside but what is happening on the inside, your body. I'm not denying the beautiful of being plus size; if you are happy and healthy then go ahead, no one is going to bother about your body shape because you yourself is truly happy about yourself. The thing that matter with being plus size is health. People wouldn't have normal body shape if they keep eating non-stop, except for those with skinny-genes (don't be jealous. you have something they don't have as well). 

They (normal body size people) take care of what they eat even thought they are not in modelling ...
Everyone likes junk food! Potato chips, french fries, cakes, chocolate, pizza and on and on but the thing is you shouldn't take these kind of food frequently. It isn't about taking care of the body shape but your own health so that you are able to enjoy more and more kind of yummy and delectable foods. Stuffing all the junk foods at once will cause you diabetes, high blood pressure or even stroke so why not just have them at once a week or once every 3 days?' It is about quality not quantity. Not that i'm the 1st one to talk about it, there is information and articles about why and how you should take care of your health and so on. So ... It is all about you. 

If you are a plus size and you are happy with it (not insulted by all the criticism) and you are healthy like a normal people then go ahead. Like i said, nobody ain't got time to bother about you being a plus size or not. Your body shape doesn't define who you are. Be what and who you wanna be. 

No one born to be a plus size. It is about what you eat. 
Being in normal body size or even chubby or fat is fine but not plus size. No discrimination because i don't think there is ever any plus size out there is considered as healthy. It isn't about how people perceive you, it is about yourself. Your own health. Afterall, everybody got fats and it is just a matter of percentage. 

Your choice. 
Do something about it or keep feeling belittle. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

People. Tantrums. Patient. Love. ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Wanna talk about tantrums today. I'm kind of making here as one of the channel for sharing my opinions. 

People feel tired after work, normal. 
People feel tired after half of the day spend in school, normal. 
People complain about it, normal. 
People is taking granted of people that they love and throw tantrums on them, normal but not okay at all. 

After long working hours, (no matter what is your job, everyone works) you feel frustrated or even fatigue and having migraine and you feel like complaining or when something unexpected happened / something that happened you find it unpleasant, you 
throw tantrums and majority is on your family members. Because you know they won't leave you and divorce is just too much work that your spouse would never bother about it. You are taking granted of them. 

Family leaves, it is just a matter of time. 
Your spouse would leave as well, it is just a matter of time and state of mind.
Nobody can't live without anybody. #fact

After a long and tiring working hours, when something unpleasant happened but on a stranger, you wouldn't be as mad as you shout at your family when what happened is on your family instead of a stranger! Am I right? 

Everyone works and do you ever think of what kind of job you have to make you have the privilege to throw your tantrums around? (I'm not sure about Obama though) Everyone works and why do you think everyone else other than you is not tired? Do you think you work the hardest so that you are able to throw tantrums around? Think! I'm sure you are not. 

People tends to get mad and throw tantrums on the one who they are close with like family members, especially mom. Mom never leave their children and that's why! Children are the one who leave mom (exceptions do exist)! And treat strangers with all the patient that should have given to your love one! I don't know what happened?! 

Imagine when you are all excited about your father's return from work and you wanted to share with him what happened in your college but then your father come back with grumpy face and shout at you about trivial thing! How would you feel? Or imagine yourself as the father but you never see how hurtful the child will be. 

People never appreciate what they have until it's lost! Appreciate the one with you especially family members because you never know what may happen tomorrow and this encounter may be the last one. You don't want to regret. Trust me! 

You may not be the one who is throwing tantrums around but someone else is then what you should do is don't hold grudges and talk to them about it in due course. Appreciate. ❤

Monday, October 27, 2014

Personalized. Names. Texting. Stares. ... ❤

Hello ~ 
Let's talk about stupid and random things in my (recent) life! 

I have decided to personalized all my social network sites because ... 
I was searching for blogs to read and then I typed "Caroline Ng May Ling" which is her real name and of course there was her blog, social network sites and her selfies. Tons of them! I was astonished by the information i got with her real name! It made me concern so much so i google my real name! There is my photo!!!! Btw, "FrankieRoseUni" isn't my real name! :/ Don't you think it is creepy that people able to google your personal details on the internet?'!!!!!! 

The only social network site you can reach me is my Facebook Page:-

Will keep blogging ... 

I don't know what happened! You tell me! 
I can't remember names! There was a few times that my friend introduced me to her friends and we were chatting and gossiping and it all went rather smoothly but the problem is none of the names went into my brain! I can't recall what's their names! OMG ~ It would be really embarrassed if they asked me what is their names! :/ 

But i still able to remember those whom i really like to know or hate! xD

I love like okay with texting. I don't really text. 
I don't text with my friends (in your words, they are bff because i differentiate acquaintances and friends CLEARLY) asking how is your day?' Have you eaten?' and so on. I tend to ignore these kind of texts. (By virtue of would you send me food if i'm telling you that i'm starving?) Sorry. I text when they said they need someone to whine or talk to! I have just started using WeChat voice messages week ago and i find them really useful! You don't have to type whole length of messages to comfort people!!!!! xD #OrangAsli

I don't mind texting with someone whom i wanted to know more about. 

I really don't like hate people staring at me. Are they trying to pick up a fight with me or what? I'm okay with fighting. Come! xD
It is just me?' Don't you guys feel the same way like i do?' People are not staring! They are leering! Or staring for something! Like come on! Tell me what is it! Don't let me hanging there if my zip is down man! #ExceptionIsRARE

Stay Gorgeous~
Stay Happy!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love, Rosie ... ❤

What do you get when you fall in love ...
Love, Rosie.

A love's lesson that need to be known by every single one who is going to have / having a relationship! You can't rush into a relationship because you are feeling lonely or by virtue of feeling tired of living alone. There is a lesson to be learned. 

Do not rush into any relationship!
Or else, you gonna waste another 5 years' times or more to get thing right! There isn't much 5 years in reality. You don't know what may happen to any one of you the very next day. So don't take people for granted. Appreciate. 

Be with the wrong person ...?
Seriously, i really don't get it like why and how on earth people able to take someone else in (kiss someone else, hug someone else) when there is already a person in their mind/heart. 

If she/he isn't the right one ... 
Don't ever think of trying (to be in a relationship). You will only end up stuck in a relationship that you feel like running away all the time or alone again or even miss someone who really matter. 

We all have different frame of reference which made of our own previous experiences and stories so we may have different opinions on this / this movie. But one thing for sure that we will have it in common is that ALEX (Sam Claflin) is so damn hotttttttttt!!!! xD 

Recommendation: ❤❤❤❤❤

Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Ways to Overcome Overthinking ... ❤

Afterall, overthinking is just a state of mind! 
I opened up with my mum and she shared with me how she managed to survive through the excruciating period! She told me that it was really just the way you think and you can control your thinking by being more relax and not think about the things you are fretting about! I didn't really take it in when she shared it with me! But then ... 

If you are one then you know what i'm talking about!
You are unable to control what is going on in your mind! Tons of BAD events flash back! Even the irrelevant one!
You are unable to control your temper! Just like (girls) having mensus! 
You are unable to think or make any decision. Even a simple one! 
It will drive you crazy! Sooner or later! 

I googled about "Overthinking" and have come across a few of solution that seem to work! 

Talk to someone you love to talk to but NOT about your problem! Listen to them! Find ways to annoy someone you like to annoy! In my case, my (younger) brother! Read a science fiction! Read a motivational genre book! Watch a hilarious show! Watch a macabre horror! Go for a jog in the park! Do some Yoga! Whatever that will occupy you mentally and physically! 

Something has triggered it! What is it! Take a paper and write it down. Underline it. Draw a center line on the page with "PROS" on the left and "CONS" on the right! Start filling it! For instance, you were thinking whether to confess. 

List down the PROS: a. she said yes and we're on! 
CONS: a. she has a boyfriend! b. she said no. c. you are embarrassed. d. she isn't befriending you. etc. 

There are so many unfavorable situations but would you rather feel embarrassed or spending the next 5 years' times or more remorse for what you didn't do?' You think. 

Overthinker tends to take all the bad experiences their have with them all the time, no matter what! :/ So when something (bad or similar) happened, they think and think and eventually over-thinking things! They are thinking whether the outcome will be the same as last time! They are thinking whether the other party will do the same thing that will hurt them all over again! They are thinking that the other party may say no! They are thinking that they may failed! Thay are thinking that ... They think and think and are afraid to take real action! 

So the easiest way to get rid of all the thoughts is simply TAKE ACTION! It is either a "Yes" or "No", "Yes" then you are happy to go! "No" then at least you have tried your best! Try harder next time or move on! 

Life is short! Give everything a shot! 
You will be surprised like how life is amazingly amazing! 

Seriously, don't over-think things! 
It hurts! brains! 
Be gorgeous! Positive! Happy, always! ❤

Monday, October 20, 2014


Someday, sooner or later, i'm going to die from OVERTHINKING
It is just a matter of time. 

Just like last time, i googled my problem - PERFECTIONIST.
This time, i'm googling about OVERTHINKING
(Walau-E! Overthinking's articles are consisted lots of words which making me more depressed. xD)

"When you are in a bad mood of some type - depressed, anxious, just altogether upset - your bad mood tends to trigger a cascade of thoughts associated with your mood. These thoughts may have nothing to do with the incident that put you into a bad mood in the first place, as when a poor job performance causes you to think about your aunt who died last year." - Psychologist Susan Nolen-Hoeksema 

Overthinking SUCKS!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guess F/W 2014 Collection ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Haven't been updated about events for quite a while!

GUESS what is it about this time's round?' 

It is about GUESS f/w 2014 collection!
It was my honor to be invited for their Nashvilles Most Wanted Denim's party night which hosted by Hunny Madu from 8TV at GUESS, 2nd Floor in Pavilion. 

I was really surprised that quite a numbers of celebrities were there attending the event. :O
There were Henley Xu, Cathryn Li, Carey Ng, Venice Min, Tracy CJE and more! You guys can check the pictures out with the Instagram hashtag of #GUESSMY and #GUESSMOSTWANTED.  

Let's go through some pictures. 
Hunny Madu - Host of the day
Carey Ng and Hunny Madu
(Their outfits are provided by GUESS
Guess Denim
Guess Accessories
Dessert of the day 
Fish & Me

Let's have a look on their new collection which are showcased ...
There was sexy, elegant, decent, nerdy, flirty and more! 

For more information, kindly visit:-

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Dog's Life ... ❤

Howdy guys ...:)
Let's talk about dogs or anything else that make sounds?!

This morning ...
I was on my way to work and an auntie was flagellating her dog because the dog barked and she felt annoyed.

Like hello! I bet you know dog barks, right?' In fact, they only bark!
You flagellate them because they bark?' What are you thinking?' You expect that they say it out loud "This guy is creepy and i think you should check on him!" ?' WTF! I don't really get it like why people get a dog but don't 'allowed' them to bark or taking good care of them?!' Get a dinosaur lah! #MadLikeShit #AnimalAbuseLurComeOn

I think the only when you can kind of slap a dog's body (flagellate is just too much) is when he try to eat something that are lethal to him like Chocolate!

Have you ever think about a dog's life?' 
They aren't like human beings! They can't talk or tell you what they are thinking and how they are feeling! When they feel nauseated, they bark (to let know you)! When they feel threatened, they bark! When they feel excited, they bark and swag their butt! When they feel hunger, they bark as well! When they are injured, they just couldn't say anything, not even "Ouch!", what do you think?'

Have you taken good care of your dog?' 
Making sure he is always feeling good?' Making sure whatever you have offered to him is edible for him not you?' Making sure his nails are trimmed nicely so that he won't hurt himself?' Maybe you do but some people out there just don't! They discriminate! They abandon! They abuse! They let them starve!

Have you ever think about what is their life's purpose?' 
The purpose of their subsistence?' No purpose! They come to enjoy being a pet! That's all so treat them well lah! Puh-leezzz ~

Try to walk in their shoes and imagine if you were them!
Treat people or even animal the way you want people to treat you!
What goes around, comes around! #Karma!

Thanks for your time ... ❤

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfectionist ... ❤


Are you a perfectionist?' 
I always thought only Virgo is perfectionist! Never knew that Pisces is also one! 
I didn't realize i am one until i'd started my college! 

Definition of Perfectionist:-
a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection 

Problem with Perfectionist:-
1. Knacker yourself in order to be the best and try to be perfect 
(when perfectionist say try, we try real hard)
2. Stress over everything we've decided to do
(be the Best or nothing)
3. Overthinking 
(Literally Over and Over)
4. "Almost Perfect" means failure
5. Fear that we are incapable on reaching the goal
(Stress then hormone imbalance then breakout!)
6. Dwell on mistakes 
(even a small one)

Perfectionist take excellence to a different, more stressful level than that of mere high achievers. 
- from

I'm a bit shocked when i found out that i'm a Perfectionist. 
I always thought that being a Perfectionist must be real hard for them mentally because they seek for perfection in a world that nothing is perfect. Until i have discovered i am one ...

I'm taking Public Speaking this semester. 
There are assignments and it is not paper-based. It is on presentations and the result will be part of the GPA. I strive to get full mark in every subjects i'm taking and Public Speaking is not at all an exception. (I'm not those TOP / Straight A students though) The assignment Q was based on Multiculturalism and i had been stressing myself since last week to come out with the best content ever or at least it had to be interesting. 

There you go procrastination because when you are brainstorming a way to be perfect with the stuff you are working on, you get despaired when you think it is simply not the best and you stop everything you do (literally everything) and started putter away hours and hours without getting anything done! 

There are so many side effects of being a perfectionist!
Like over-stressing which leads to breakout! Drive you CRAZY! 
and etc. (depends on your character lah~)

I took a test. A Perfectionist's test. Guess what!
"You're a Perfectionist.

I took my test here:-

But i'm quite lucky that i don't seek perfection in every aspects of my life. 
Only academic for the moment. 

Imma HAPPY girl because the presentation is over!
I think i did a not-bad job!

Can't wait for weekend. ❤

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

每一次戀愛 - 梁文音 ... ❤








忘了真愛 也要忘我



失去對方 剩下自我


親愛的  加油 ❤


Friday, September 26, 2014

Westlife - If I Let You Go ... ❤

But if i let you go 
I will never know 
What my life would be 
Holding you close to me 

Will i ever see you smiling back at me

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal ... ❤





My friend said the feeling to get married will slip off as i grow older ...
I DON'T KNOW! I'm single but i feel like getting married. 

Meet someone (not simply anyone, okay?) and get married. 
How is that sounds like?' Retarded?' Probably. 

 In my frame of reference, it may work. 

#LOL. #Piffle. 
Sign off. ❤

Monday, September 22, 2014

Life is Life ... ❤

What if Gawd decided to strip everything HE had given to you away from you?' 
Suicide?' Be despaired?' Or work hard to gain it back?' 

I don't know! 
But everything happened for a reason! It is either a lesson to be learnt or something better is on their way! 
(This is what i believe in) 

Who want to be in mishaps if we have a choice?' 
Who wouldn't want a smooth and easy life?' 
Everybody wants it! 

But Life is Life! 
It will never be easy nor will it be nice to you! 

No matter what have happened, life still goes on! 
It will be better tomorrow! 

Pain is temporary! 
It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year. 
But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. 
If you quit, it lasts FOREVER! 

Stay positive! 
Stay gorgeous! ❤

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Shed Those After-Festival Pounds ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Time for another Fitness! post!

I'm going to share some tips on how to shed that few pounds/tummy you have gained in fete!
Remember that i mentioned that i had gained weight during one-week-off RAYA holidays?' What i had basically done during the RAYA holidays was just eat, sleep, sit and eat. Not much walking around or energy-consuming activities and i grew tummy and fats!

I know this post is a bit late (Raya was like 2 or 3 months ago) but this is applicable for every after-fete that are on their way!
So read on!

#1 Walk whenever you can!
I shed those pounds and tummy by just walking home everyday after work (which is around 30-minutes walk)!
It is not pitiful nor is it awful! I still walk whenever i can after work, it is enjoyable! Walking alone calm your mind and let you think whatever you want (some me-time)! You may want to put your earphones on.

Benefits of walking:-
- Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
- Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
- Improve blood lipid profile.
- Maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity. 
- Enhance mental well being.

We don't really care whether it is lowering the risk of getting a heart attack or so, do we?' But we really do care that it maintains our body weight and lower the risk of obesity, am i right?' LOL. Walk around even you are in the office, don't put your ass on the seat for too long!

Risks of Sedentary's Lifestyle:-
- Heart Disease
- Cancer
- Obesity
and many more.

Make walking as your workout routine!
Get your butt up and walk around to the park for 1 or 2 hours if you are not that into running!

#2 Drink water! X soda/carbonated drink
For example, Coca Cola itself has 39g of sugars in a can (65g in a bottle and 108g in a 1L bottle) and it already exceeds the maximum amount of the sugars you should be having daily. Don't tell me you usually buy a can of Coke and share it with 2 or 3 person?! No way! Soda and carbonated drink are contained with high sugars level and it is also one of the reason why you still gain weight by simply drinking this!
Sugar provides calories and can damage your metabolism! Obesity, Diabetes and so on will be haunting you down. Guess what?! Sugars expedite the aging process!

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of (added) sugars you should have in a day are:-
(i) Men: 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons
(ii) Women: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons

Other than soda and carbonated drinks, cakes do contained high amount of sugars as well! 
I LOVE CAKES! LOVE LOVE but still you really need to take care of the amount of sugars you are putting into your body extensively! I restrict myself to one piece per months! :/

Drink more water! It helps control calories by substituting it for high calories beverages!
It helps keeping your skin looks good!
It helps maintain normal bowel movement!
(When you reduce your intake of food, your bowel movement somehow affected! Constipation is the usual case!)

#3 Think before you eat!
Before you put whatever it is edible in your mouth and chew, think whether if your body really need that piece of stuff in your hand?' Or are you just thirsty instead of hunger?' Or are you just feeling sleepy instead of hunger?' Or maybe feeling bored?'

If you are feeling sleepy then put the stuff down and take a nap (if possible) or do something that will wake you up! Do whatever it works instead of eating! Getting enough sleep is important as well because when you feel sleepy, you tend to eat junkie foods!

Cheat day is a different story! xD

Develop a habit that will make you forget about snacking.
Like reading or occupied in work!

Be happy!
Be positive!
Stay active!
Stay gorgeous! ❤

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Daily Makeup Essentials ... ❤

"When you look good, you feel good!
When you feel good, you do good!"

After so many ranting's posts, finally a beauty's post! 
I wanna share with you guys my daily make-up essentials which i really like it!

Skip all the prologue and let's get started! 

Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control]
SPF 50+ PA+++
It is well-known for its natural and semi-matte finish so i decided to give it a try. 
I really like love it! The finish is really natural and with a little blusher, people can't really tell that i have applied a layer of it on my face. The precondition is that you don't put on a thick layer. The coverage is light-medium, definitely not able to cover the dark eyes circle and redness but it does give you a overall radiant. Thin layer is enough, be natural, flaw is fine. 

It has refreshing smell that makes my mood instantly better. #serious
With the BB Cushion's applicator, it gives you a natural finish by tapping it on. 
It does minimize my pores appearance not only when i have it applied but also when i have removed my makeup or have non-makeup on my face. My pores is reduced! #seriouslikeshit
Another bonus is that, after 8 hours in the office, you still looking good and radiant. I don't really touching-up. I don't have oily T-zone at the end of the day (which usually around 15 hours after) but just a little little shine. 

I have to admit that the price is a bit high but it is really worthy. 
Price doesn't really matter when it can make you look naturally good man! xD

Aupres 3 Dimensional Face Creator 
RD 1 / Price < RM100
You should have seen it before somewhere in my blog right?' Yup! 
It is still my favorite! How easy my life is when i have highlighter, contour-er and three different shades of blushers in one case?' 

I use it as my highlighter for my nose and blusher on my daily simple and light make-up. 
That explained why it is an essential on my daily make-up products! 

benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss
It doesn't cover up your natural lip color but accentuate and give them an appropriate amount of shine and make them look gorgeous. Yea. Gorgeous. 

It smells a bit like yummy macaroon to me. 
It has moisturizing feature as well, it is not like those drying-your-lips-out lip gloss. 
It may not stay as long as you want and definitely can't stand over a hot drink or meal but wipe it off before you start to eat or drink, you don't want to eat your lip gloss. I mean literally eat! 

These are the 3 essentials on my simple and light daily makeup and i'm pretty sure i'm going to stick with them for a long long time. xD 

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Customer Service ...

I'm an impatient person.

I'm not a friendly and easy-going person.

I'm not a nice person as well but i always remind myself to stay calm, stay cool and stay patient.

I went to this Telco service centre to check something out.
(i decided not to reveal the company's name because i have been with them almost 5 years and this is the first time i encountered this kind of treatment from them!)
I saw a lot of staffs behind the counter serving customers of different demand. I was rushing but i contained myself not to show the unhappiness of having to wait and might be late for my next event. When i reached the counter, the guy who was behind the counter actually slouched down on his chair instead of sitting decently and properly to welcome his customer. I didn't really realize how he sat until i recalled back the whole incident.

After i told him what i was thinking to have and asked him to check for me, he kept typing on his computer instead of asking my details and so on. I was sitting in front of him for a solid 5 minutes or more but 4 out of 5 minutes, he was basically kept on clicking his keyboard even without my information. I was wondering what he was doing (who knows he was playing his facebook and chatting with someone all the time?) but of course i waited and pretended to be interested with what the customer next to me is going to do!

Oh yea!
He greeted me with "What you want?'" instead of "How may i help you?'"!
He asked my number by "Phone number?'" after clicking on the keyboard for some times instead of "Phone number, please?'" / "Miss, can i have your phone number?'"!

After 5 minutes or more ...
I gave up! I was rushing and he was just taking way to long to answer my one merely simple question so i asked for his name! As a customer service staff, when customer asked you to provide your name, you provide it and say something like "My name is XXX and i apologize for any inconvenience caused./Is there anything went wrong?'" if you are intelligent enough. Instead, he questioned me back "What you want my name for?'" with his voice rose! I reiterated that i want his name and that i'm rushing but with voice even louder "I can provide you my name but tell me what you want for it?!!" I FINALLY LOSE TEMPER! I DON'T CARE WHETHER I LOOKED NASTY! I asked him back "What do you think i want your name for?'" and he GLARED at me and retorted me with something else.

I'm not easy-going but i'm forgetful.
If he has provided me his name the very first time i have asked then maybe i might be so occupied with my next event that i forgot his name or decided to forego the hassle and not to lodge any complain BUT ...

So i decided that i HAVE TO get his name and i went to the other counter (quite a distance) and asked his colleagues for his name and the moment i finished the question to the colleagues, HE FUCKING POINTED HIS FINGERS OVER ME AND SHOUTED OVER "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?"! If like this also i don't complain then i'm not who i am!

Really terrible!!!!
People just don't know where they stand!
The guy's job is definitely a cushy one and he is taking granted of it and forget where he stands! He is an employee but he serves customers like a boss! Slouched on his seat! The way he talks to customer! Pointed and shouted over on his customer! And taking granted of customer and has that attitude like "i serve, you got! You mess with me, i mess with your time/your whatever demand!" Part of my every month hundred-over payment goes into your salary and every customer is your boss! When customers aren't bossy, you shut up and stay at where your position is!

I lodged a complaint and the staff who handled it told me that the normal action that will be taken are counselling or interviewing them (something like that!) but i don't know whether they are going to do that or even bring my complain up to the relevant authorized department! This is how this thing works unless you befriended with someone higher rank in their company and you requested that him to be sake.

If i ever go back, i know i may see him or not, the attitude is still the same then i'm revealing the company's name! I know it is a big company but i can assure you that you will be amazed by how their service really is.

I really feel guilty every times i wrote a "bad" post or even lodge a complain!
(FYI, i don't just share "bad" thing! I do share good services like the Havaianas's post!)
I suffered mentally after the hassle as well, my mind is not focused, my productivity level sloped downward, my negativity level went up, etc. I could have just ask for mental compensation fee which is usually higher than physical compensation fee! #justsaying

Sorry for the ranting, really!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ambulance Asked for Money to do Their JOB ?'

I was trying to retrieve the news but it seems nowhere to be found/maybe i just miss it somewhere.
I'm wondering why it is not viral shared on the social network?'

It is about the an artist from RED PEOPLE and his mum whom didn't get to send to hospital in time because they couldn't pay the bribe asked by the ambulance crew which was RM250. IT IS REALLY TERRIBLE!!!! At first, i share this news to my brother and i was thinking that what happened to M! Why is it getting worse and worse?' Is M race really that poor?' I don't have to tell which race is that who asking for bribe because if you are a M'sian, you will know. (i could be wrong but the possibility of it will be damn low, Sorry)

My brother told me that it happened on us as well when my grandma couldn't wake up from her sleep and my dad was really anxious and he asked the driver to drive faster and he said the driver asked him to pay in order for him/her (the driver) to drive faster!!!!! GODDAMNIT! My grandma has passed away for around 5 years so it didn't happened just recently and can you imagine that if it is you and you don't even that "RED" enough to share the news out?'

A mum!
Can you imagine what would you do if you encountered this same exact situation which take away your mum's life?' I'm not cursing anyone! Just try to step into the victim's shoes and think! She is his mum! What is your mum to you?' For me, she is almost everything! I would do anything to make this incident go viral like shit!

I don't care who is the Jimmy from Red People and what he did BUT NO ONE DESERVES THIS KIND OF TREATMENT WHEN IT COMES TO LIFE!!!! EVEN ANIMALS!!!! 

There is a problem somewhere with the people ...
Those people who ask for bribe. Like come on! What RM250 really mean to you?' Will it make you rich?' NO! Please lah! Corrupt something bigger like RM10,000 instead of just RM250!!!! Is your salary / wages worth only RM50?' Then i don't mind throwing my RM250 to you, you know.

As i mentioned earlier, people don't become teacher or lecturer because of the passion. They do it for MONEY and just like this! People involved in health and care or even emergency department because it makes money!!!!! Motherfucker! (Sorry! Really mad!) Oh wait, i thought there is a Anti-Corruption Unit?' Hey, how are you doing there?' Doing fine?' The coffee good enough or not?' Want something with higher quality or not?'

Do your job if you chose it! 
Did anyone point you with a gun on your forehead and ask you to go for whatever you are doing now?' NO! Fucking No! You are the one who holding the stupid damn gun! Pull the damn trigger please!!!! With this kind of situation, M never going to be developed lah. It is only going to get worse and worse and become a piece of shit joke in other country!

I'm embarrassed. #SHAME

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

19 Facts about Me ... ❤

I feel like listing "20 facts about me" as well even though i'm a nobody! #copyCatsss
But i'm going to just list down 19s because 19 is my birthday's date. :P

1. I daydreaming a lot ... 
I daydream about being in a relationship with my Oppa, Yong Hwa and how we quarrel and so on because i'm a Pisces. Can't help! xD

2. I hate people whom don't reply my texts.
I'm the texting-kind of person but i only text selected person and when i text you, which means i wanna hang out with you or i really have questions for you/wanna talk to you so i will be really pissed OFF when the one who i text-ed didn't reply my messages. I hate slow-texter as well. 

3. I prefer face-to-face interaction. 
For me, phone-call is for emergency. When i missed a call, my mind will automatically start thinking about all sorts of bad situations that the person who called wanna inform me or talk about it. >...< Wanna talk?' Then let's hang out! We talk face-to-face! 

4. I have spelling disability.
I can write/type and speak well but when come to spelling of the words or even numbers, i'm stuck! For example, "allergic"! I would spend around a second to type it out or write the words down but around 10 seconds or more to spell it out ... :/ I don't know what happened. It is like my mind need to filter the alphabets and get the correct pronunciation (of each alphabet) before i spell it out and i stop between each alphabet. >...< 

5. I'm slow and fast. 
Ask me 8+3 equal to how many periodically, you will see my answer speed might be fast like just a second after or after 10-20 seconds of calculation with fingers. :/ 

6. I forget things. 
I forget things easily. There is once, junior asked me what subject did i take for my last semester and I come up with 2 instead of 4 and keep stuck there for like ... I don't know what happened to my brain. But i will never forget your statement about me like "You don't look like a girl also!" ! 

7. I trust people easily. 
I literally trust everything people tell me and everyone because i can't seem to think of a reason why they are lying to me. :/ I hate people lie to me! 

8. I'm a 3-minutes-hotness person. 
For example, games. I only addicted to them (each game) like 3 or 4 days or more but it never exceeds two weeks. There isn't any games in my phone except Temple Run 2 (which standby in case i'm bored).

9. I hate being injured / -ached. 
Even a paper slide. Or headache, stomachache, cramps and so on. 
When i'm in pain, i just wanna disappear and the feeling of not able to get anything done SUCKS! 

10. I'm kind of a perfectionist.
Either i don't care about it or i want the best of it. 
I'm those who ask for 100 marks person but it never happened. xD 

11.  I hate shy guys.
I REALLY hate shy guys and guys who don't take initiative. I prefer think-faced guy but still not-too-thick like can't recognize when to be thick-faced and when not to be.  

12. I hate people whom don't keep their words. 
Don't talk to me anymore if you breach your words. 

13. Don't send me roses but FOODS!
Have never received any roses in my life but i still prefer Mr. future Bf will bring me something edible instead of roses or other fancy stuffs. But i don't mind a Lamborghini though. xD

14. My tattoos are meaningless. 
Don't ask me why "blue rose"?' Is there any meaning on it?' Like is your ex-boyfriend sent you a blue color rose?' Damn! It is just for fun! I did it when i'm in my teenager-rebellion-period, okay?' 

15. My phone is on silent almost all the time. 
Because i get shocked by the sound when there is a message coming in almost everytime and i check my phone quite frequently so there isn't a need to de-silent it what. xD

16. I have only a few friends. 
There is a difference between acquaintances and friends. 

17. I hate people disturbed me when i sleep. 
I will not talk to you for the rest of my life if talking to you isn't necessary. 

18. I prefer straight forward. 
I accept any truth and criticism (as long as they are truth) and i hate people beating around the bush! I don't understand why people are beating around the bush whenever they wanna ask for something or so. I know it is a politeness to greet and talk a little before speaking out your request but really, i think you should save them and stop torturing yourself. Either a "Yes" or "No". Simple as that. 

19. Hate people whom throw tantrum at me for ... 
For what others's fault or you just argue with your boyfriend and you show that face or temper to everyone who trying to talk to you. I don't think we ever need to talk anymore. 

AiYaa ~~~
List of 19 or 20 just not gonna fit the every facts about me. 
Save it for the next time lah! ❤

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loyalty ... ❤


I mentioned earlier here that in 21st Century, people no longer committing even 50% of loyalty into the relationship she/he has chosen to be into!
I don't get this!!!!

When it comes to relationship ...
If both of you (it doesn't matter heterosexual or homosexual) like each other then you are good to go into a relationship and start your commitment. If either one of the party don't have the exact feeling for committing to the other party, then just call it off and don't even start the relationship. 

Life is short! 
If you have chosen to be with someone whom you don't really feel like committing then you would have wasted year's time sticking into the relationship and you are wasting people's time as well. 
Maybe loneliness moved you toward someone whom you don't really feel like it and you are thinking about using each other til you finally find the right one then you are being selfish! 

Be responsible!
Once you started a relationship then stay loyal and start making effort on it! 
Once you've decided she/he is the right person in your life, you stick with the decision til the end/death. 
Once you've decided to be married with the right person in your life (who you chosen), stay loyal and make greater effort on it. 

When something changes ...
You don't just go for the other girl/guy without talking about it with your spouse! 
You don't just go away like nothing happened between you guys! 
You don't just stop committing to each other!

Life is short! Stop wasting people's time! 
If you are not ready, then get a fling or go for prostitute instead of holding on someone. 
If you are not ready for the commitment and effort you are going to make for a family, don't get married. (even you guys are having a baby soon)
If you are not sure whether you are ready then don't start it at all. 

Be responsible with your decision!
Without responsibility, you get nothing done!