Friday, January 31, 2014

[REVIEW] Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink - Collagen with my double eyelids story ... ❤

Taken right before i started typing. #FluDay

Howdy guys ... :) 
I bet (almost) every Asian having problem with their (double) eyelids right ?' Me too ! 

We - Asian always hope to have a pair of big (parallel) double eyelids like Westerner so that we will look good with any kind of makeup / without makeup. Big double eyelids = Big eyes ! (Asian's theory) I born with double eyelids but it is always imbalance ... My left double eyelid always bigger than the other one and my right eye one only visible at the end (super tapered/asian). So when i started to apply makeup, i use double eyelid tapes to make it bigger to parallel kind and i used to apply it every single day and hoping that after two or three months, i don't have to use it anymore and i will have those big (parallel) double eyelids. BUT i was wrong. So DAMN WRONG. 

If anyone out there wanted to try on double eyelid tapes or glue or whatsoever, my advise is DON'T. Because you will get addicted to it and it made your eyelids sagged when you take it off. So you will have super duper tapered eyelid whenever you have no tapes on which is consider as saggy to me as you can actually see lines on your eyelids especially the area you put on the double eyelid tapes for it to 'goes up'. 

I put on makeup quite frequent as well as the double eyelid tapes so it getting worse and worse. I even spend lots on the eye cream (anti-aging and lifting one) and hoping it will rejuvenate my eyelids but NO. NEVER. (i haven't try SKII lah ~) I go to work with no make up on so i lost my confident and avoid eyes contact with anyone in the train or bus until i met IT

It is the end of my story and peridicament so i'm gonna introduce you The Saviour.  

This is actually just a simple review but i wanna to share with you all what it does to me and i'm most grateful that i have a chance on trying this. All thanks to The Butterfly Project. And tell you what ?' I don't really put on double eyelid tapes now but still looking good in the picca(s). #win. 


Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink is a tasty collagen drink that helps to plump up skin and restore its youthful vitality. Regular intake helps to enhance skin beauty that glows from inside out. It helps to regain smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in just weeks. 


I was given a box of 6-Day starter pack (there is six bottle inside) on the Kinohimitsu Luau Party and i consumed it for six day consecutively (each bottle per day). It contained 50 ml in a bottle which is quite a lots compare to the other brands. It is 100% Natural ! Safe to consume with all the ingredient used like Apple Condensed Juice, Collagen from Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Condensed Juice, Silk Protein and etc. and no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring, no chemicals ... It is ready for immediate consumption at any time and any where. 

Effectiveness :-
*Noticeable firmer, smoother, brighter, youthful skin with glowing cheeks in just 6 days.* copied.

I started on 14/12/2013 and end it 6 days later and i can't really recall whether my skin got smoother or not but if i didn't mistaken, i was trying new skin care regime as well and it worked very well so i have no idea or maybe both of them work together. #Lol. But one thing very obvious is that it gave me a younger and firmer eyelids. I have considerably big double eyelids without any tapes on and it is noticeable on the second day man which the new skin care regime did nothing on it. APPROVED. (Check the before-and-after picca below for your reference) 

Deliciousness :-
*More than just a tasty treat, every sip is packed with lots of beauty & healthy goodness.* copied. 

YES ! It is super tasty compare with the XXX brand which taste yuck and i don't really see result =...= ! APPROVED. 

I didn't/haven't repurchase it since then so you must be wondering whether my eyelids have go back to the saggy type ?' The answer is NO. Check out the selca at the beginning of this post, it is taken right before i started typing. :P Now i 'ogle at' every handsome guys in the train. #wtf. It proved to me how important collagen is. #Lol. #Serious. Saving up and will get it as soon as possible because i wanna look young and considerably pretty with no makeup on forever man. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Updates with Bulgogi Brothers ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Are you excited for Chinese New Year's holidays ?' Just hang on, two more working days to go ! Gambateh ~ 

Let's me do a weekly update since this is a LIFESTYLE blog so it supposed to be like this, i reckon. Beside this, it is also a good way from preventing my blog goes dead. #LOL. All picca(s) taken by my phone (so don't expect a high quality one >...<) and enjoy. 

These are the two crazy and adorable person i met during my weekend job. So much grateful to have met them, hoping we will be working together again. xD #hanzenasation #soneear [Instagram] 

A day out with #velourjiamei who having her winter break (she's studying at Taiwan) ! A long-time-no-see friend and luckily no awkwardness between us ... xD #justsaying We caught up with each other's life and of course hers will be much more interesting than mine as you will be hearing something like different cultures ! What those words mean in Taiwan and how Taiwanese pronouncing alphabet(s). #LOL. 

She loves singing so our hang out venue will definitely be in karaoke room. I was so reluctant (to be exact every time xD) but that day was the first time i sang without audio (just music) and luckily she didn't complain "You can't sing don't sing lah ~" xD and started enjoy til the end. 

She brought me some souvenir?' xD Thanks and credited to either my mummy or brother that they ate my moo-candy (each person one) when i accidentally left it on the table and went out (you never see it again). hahah But i think it is good, if not they will left it there for few days one. xD 

We walked all the way from Berjaya T. Square to Pavillion then from Pavillion to H&M's area then back to Pavillion again just trying to look for dinner. hahahaha At last, we decided on having Korean cuisine for our dinner and we went to Pavillion (can't remember which floor) Bulgogi Brothers. 

They served us these side dishes and not bad ! I like all of them and even though i can't really savouring the KimChi because #velourjiamei find only KinChi good enough for her so my duty is on the other two. hahaha She said the middle one is made of kangkung. Hmm ... 

Of course we asked for refilling and they only serve this three side dishes instead of 4 or 6 but still very satisfying. I was damn full that night. My skirt was going to explode man. xD

It's #velourjiamei's dishes. I didn't jot down what is the name of the dish but guess what ?' #velourjiamei told me this is the best Korean cuisine she had in Malaysia at the moment. Wow ! I bet you guys should really try it. 

Vegetarian scrutinized every single page for something to eat but still managed to spot few in the menu and i decided to go for Spicy Cold Noodles and my comment is IT IS SO DAMN SPICY ! My tolerance level of spiciness is actually consider high but this one ... Tak Boleh ! :'( 

I don't like the noodle they are serving. To be honest, i prefer our maggi (which is their ramen, lol.) and the weird thing is we didn't see any rice cake in the menu and i actually expecting there will be rice cakes in my dishes but ... :( I miss rice cakes. !

Went to Hada Labo with Liu Yen session and i started to apply sunblock and hope it will get into my daily skincare routine >...< The thing about sunblock is that i have to remove it before i cleanse my face (so that no pores clogged) and this is what annoyed me :P Guess which one i'm decided on ?' Stay tuned. 

I cut myself accidentally ... :( 

LOL ! Just kidding ! It was strawberry and i have no idea how it 'went' on my nail. hahah Currently i tend to spend on this quite costly strawberries ! :( But it is so good even though it looks like it grows lot of whiteheads, lol. 

When come to Subway, my food will only be Veggie Delite or the Egg & Cheese (breakfast set) and i decided to take my Veggie Delite in wrap and it is surprisingly good man even though there was some part it seemed like not well-done enough that it is quite hard to tear it off with my teeth ... 

Current obsession. Chocolate milk from Dutch Lady as i read an online article regarding How To Make Hunger Stay At Bay and this is one of them. But of course it does contained calories which is around 160 cal but it makes you forget kinda not to snack so what do you think ?' :P 

Had this Cantonese Mix Noodles at Station Kopitiam (Sri Petaling Big Aeon) and they served me only BiHun instead of Mix Noodles but charged me the Mix Noodles's price with a high tax. wtf. Worst dining experience ever. F them. The taste was just so so only. 

Saw this couple ?' shopping groceries ! They are so darling. I bet they had a real romantic young love stories but hor. They might be just sister and brother, you know ?' Hmm ... hahahha Not every couple/siblings can live together til elder ages so cherish every moment with them instead of hoping and keep praying for being together until the hairs turn white. 

This is a view from one of Malaysia's bus stop on a random night. Can you see there is groups of teenagers chilling there ?' Actually that's not all. There was more and i risked my life for this picca >...< There was a dog coming out from the shop behind the bus stop and one of them tossed a drink can after it who with a cigar on her hand. (she is kinda boyish) And tell you what ?' They are all MALAYS ! You never know what they are/were planing / up to and either they will choose to hurt you or not (there are groups of them and age not above 15) ! An advise to those lovely parents, you can't make sure all her/his friends are good or the behavior and attitude she/he is having (teenager's rebellion period) but please make sure you LOCKED them up (eg. curfew ?') so that Malaysia will be safer. oOo

Went to #phatbarrels_kl's launching at Publika. They served Guinness flavored popcorn man. Take a visit there and chill with your friends. There will be live band performing after 9 (if i didn't mistaken). 

#OOTD which i posted on Instagram. 

Try this. hehe

Okay ...
This is the wrap of the week and hope you enjoy. Have A Nice Day ... ❤

Friday, January 24, 2014

Denim + Skater Dress, #OOTD ... ❤

Have you ever wondering who is the one who took those awesome and epic portrait for those (international) fashion bloggers ?' Some of them get helped from their boyfriend who is a photographer (eg. the blonde salad) ... So i guess in order to produce a good portrait picca(s), you need to get a photographer as your boyfriend ?' LOL ~ By the way, lady friends/girl friends also a helpful one (including me) when come to taking #OOTD picca(s). Trislyn was the one who took all the above picca(s). <3 Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

If You're Assuming that Bloggers are a FREE thing ... ❤

Blogging is not an easy thing. 
I saw this came into my timeline the other day and I think every blogger is sharing this. 
I've had some bad experience with clients?' that approached me trying to get some publication in my blog. Candidly, they think blogger is a damn FREE thing and once they offering you (blogger) something free (either treatment or product) then they assumed that you 'have to' accept the offer and give them a Goddamn FREE blog post ! 
Refer to the above picca, blogging is not that easy as you think it is. If it is that easy then why don't you make one and hard selling your own products?!'
Somehow the whatsoever project get turned down (by the blogger), they (so-called client) ignore you (and somehow blacklisted you)! They not even grateful that we spent TIME in replying and trying to make a win-win situation man. And do not expect for a blog post if you're offering your products (as i'm not paid to do so) unless i really like your product(s) ! That's all and for those who i'm addressed to, thanks for your time and showing interests to my blog but FUCK YOU ! You (to be exact is your company) have been blacklisted and i will NEVER ASSOCIATED with you, NO MATTER WHAT ! Thanks and have a nice day ... ❤

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outfit of the Day - 22/01/2014, #OOTD ... ❤

外表 与 内在

Friday, January 17, 2014

Daily Simple and Natural MakeUp Tutorial ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
As i've mentioned in my Beauty Resolution 2014 that i wanted to do a makeup tutorial right ?' 
I spent my public holiday trying to come out with a video but FAILED max so i decided to come out with a 'piccatorial' so that my work won't go totally wasted. :( 

As this is my first time in makeup piccatorial so i will be doing a simple and natural makeup which just enhance the very own features instead of trying to alter the shape. 

Let's get started with the base first ... 
First of all, i will be applying a layer of the POREfessional primer from benefit (which i forgot to include it in the picca taking session) on my pores problematic area (T-zone, cheek area - beside nose, chin & below the nose area) to conceal / diminish my pores appearances. Using Hada Labo air BB Cream as my foundation, apply a thin layer gently but make sure you spread it all over your face and blend it well (i prefer dabbing). Tips: if you want more coverage then apply layer by layer using the abovementioned BB Cream but advise not to exceed two thin layers in order to look natural. Move on to concealer part ... 
Tips: If you using stick-type concealer then dab it on the problematic area (you wish to get some concealing) instead of pulling a considerably thick layer of concealer then make sure it blend well in order to look natural. Tips: In order to conceal your dark circle naturally, apply concealer (dab it on) to a bigger area under your eyes instead of just the dark circle area. The above picca showing the area i would apply my concealer ... It is also the area where highlighter applied but apply concealer before that will make it more prominent. Then after the concealer, i will be using the Agent Zero Shine from benefit to gently sweep it all over my face to set the foundation and take away extra shine but still give you natural radiant on your skin. Move on to the 3 Dimensional Face Creator from Aupres (Product No. 13) ... 
3 Dimensional Face Creator will give you a very natural highlight yet give you a considerably amount of shine that make your face look glam and the most important is it didn't reflect light when you take your picca with or without flash. No white cast, at all. As you can see (Product No. 13), it contained not only highlighter but contour-er and three shades of blush which is super duper convenient for all of us. Move on to contouring part ...
The above picca shows where i apply contour-er. Make sure it blend well. 

Eyes part ... 
I don't apply brow mascara to change my eyebrow's color in this makeup because this is all about looking natural but i do use eyebrow powder to fill in the gaps especially the front part of my eyebrow. Tips: Use light brown for the front part of your eyebrow and dark brown for middle part to the end of your eyebrow. Then move on to the eye shadows part ... 
Using Product No. 7 from CANMAKE ... 
There is three brown shades in one case and Tips: if you are in hurry, sweep your finger through horizontally then apply it straight away on your eyelids and you are done (darkest at the bottom and lightest on the top). Apply the lightest brown shade on two-third of your eyelids to create a base. Using the middle one, sweep a line just above your double eyelid fold to neutralize the lightest and the darkest brown. Lastly, apply the darkest brown on the double eyelid area and bring it up at the end of your eyes to create a V-shape which just above the middle color line. Move on to eyeliner part which i'm using Eyeliner from Dolly Wink (Product No. 5) and draw a thin line as close as possible to the lash line and end it on the end of your lash line. No bringing it up or out. Then for bottom lash line ...
Line one-third of your bottom lashes started from the end as close as possible to your lashes as well (thin line will do). Then with Product No. 10 from Mary Quant, using the brown from it apply it over the eyeliner you just drew on the bottom lashes part to enhance your eyes shape. After this using Product No. 4 from CANMAKE, apply it below the bottom lash (just two-third from the front) but not gonna create the Aegyo Sal and end it right before the brown color. Apply thin layer of mascara to upper lashes and bottom lashes and remember not too thick to avoid clumping mascara/lashes. 

Done with the eyes part ... 
Let's move on to the final part ... 
I chosen a quite dark shade (more reddish) blush from CANMAKE but with the correct (light) amount, it gives you a super natural blush that make you look like you done a good job on your skin care steps. 
Apply it on your apple cheek area. Then apply Product No. 3 from Mary Quant on the lips and it gives you a natural pinkish lips. Tips: Apply Vaseline Lips Care after you cleanse the face and wipe it away before you apply any lippie so that you will have a plumper lips and easier to apply lippie. AVOID: Not to put on Vaseline Lips Care before any lippie because you will have a cracked lips like literally cracked at the end of the day. #truth Done with the features, let's do the final touch. 
Using Eyebrows Powder (the middle one) to contour the nose. In this simple and natural makeup, i will be only applying it started from the front part of the eyebrow and extend it only til the arrow i drew on the above picca so that it will accentuate my natural shape/curve of my nose. Remember to blend it well or just swipe it downward to avoid the harsh line of the brown color. After the nose contouring, using Product No. 8 from CANMAKE to re-highlight the area needed to be highlighted except the under eyes area and cheek area because this one give a quite shiny finish so only apply on the area you really want to be accentuate. Which mean apply light amount on the T-zone area but sufficient amount on the nose, peak of the upper lips & chin area which is the small area below the bottom lips. 

Okay ... 
Here is the wrap of the Piccatorial and i hope you do enjoy. 
Please comment and let me know what kind of improvement should i have and what do you think about this, whether it is helpful >...< 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤