Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daily Workout Routine with Sexy Miley Cyrus Legs Workout ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Breath ! I'm doing a fitness blog post ! Not trying to be inspiring or invigorating people's life just sharing about the (daily) workout so that i will stay with the obligation of complying those workouts everyday !

This is my first time doing something like this and i always tend to dwell on something / harping so pardon me if i do that >...< ! I don't know where to start +.+ ! 

Okay ~ Let's talk about my diet plan and why i've started workout ! 
When i first started (diet plan), I'm practiced a rabid one. I ate everything i wanted in the breakfast of the day, like everything then eat N.O.T.H.I.N.G., not a single things for the rest of the day ! The thing is ... You have to have helluva self-control toward your coordinates, like hands for reaching the foods which available all the time, mouth for relishing every single things you get into it moreover, your MIND ! But it is the best and most effective diet plan i have ever came across ! You get to see your body is literally shrinking but i'm not sure whether it is the fats or muscle ... And you get to eat everything you want ! Lol. 

Why i started workout ... 
Because i don't want a saggy tush ?' Flappy arms ?' And i wanna to be able to have my mummy's cook in the evening even just a small portion ! Yeap ... This is all. 

I make it as a daily basis at home before going to bed (save all the hassle from signing up the gym membership). Candidly, i still don't do it everyday. I don't do it when i have ate dinner (cheat day) ! You are allowed to have any cheat day for sure JUST not too frequent ! Other than that, i will try to do it every single day because i tend to slip out of the routine (mean completely stop working out) if i make it thrice a week or every alternative day (self-control is simply not in my genes so i get strict !). BUT still, i don't eat what i want all the day ! I still try to reduce my food intake by having rice in the morning before going to work to keep my hunger at bay and a snack at the afternoon and mummy's cook at the evening, like Taufu (irresistable) and some veggie ! 

I'm truly happy that i'm started workout because with workout, your result seems expedited. Let's see what workout have i been into ... 
Sexy Legs Workout !
It seems easy but it definitely NOT ! When i first started, i can't even do 20 squats consecutively. And the wall-sit make me wanna amputate my legs so that i don't have to go through this. >...< Squats really bring you good tush (butt) so it is a must no matter what you are toning up ! After a while, you will get used to it and it seems easy because the harder one is at the back for you. I usually do it with a set of dumb-bells which weight 4kgs each and this make it even harder but it save me time from training my arms. hahaha The is the first set of workout i did. The second will be ... 

Miley Cyrus Legs Workout !
This is the second one ! I just added in this set of workout days ago when i feel bored and unsatisfied with the first and only set of workout i did. So i youtubed "Sexy Legs Workout" and this is the top one for the result of the search and moreover Miley Cyrus's leg (not tush !) ! This is a strenuous one ! 50! Squats ! I try my best to stick to the end but i just can't ! I need airs but i keep up once i have enough airs in my lung. And you will truly satisfied once you are done. I have the tape plays every times i'm doing this set of workout so that there is a guide as well as tickers ! Your heart beats definitely revving up. 

I hate training abdominal part ! I just hate it ! I hate the feeling when my stomach churning for something ! I hate hunger as well ! The second of this set workout actually hurting your boobs as you lay face down, haha. The third one will hurt your wrist. hahahah Not abdominal part. Only the first one, i do feel something going on on my abdominal part. lol. No harm to give it a try right ?' And it is nothing compare to 50! squats ! xD

How to stay motivated! :-
1. Go to Instagram and search tags like 'thighgaps', 'fitspo' and etc. 
I kept checking out 'thighgaps' pictures til i'm finally came to a decision that i need to do something to myself, especially my thigh ! Keep checking back while in the process and it keep you from giving up or binge eating. After some period of dieting, start workout and you don't really need it anymore but check 'fitspo' (a bit messy in this tags !) out instead to keep you from slipping out the workout routine. Or check your favorite Victoria Secret's angel(s)/celebrities out ! Or even go to someone you hate and make surpassing her as your goal and motivation, lol.

2. Tell yourself food can wait ! 
I used to eat whatever i want all time and telling myself that is okay to have whatever you want because life is too short to keep yourself from all those yummies ! Yeap ~ Truth ! But have it in the morning or wait until the next morning so that you have the whole day to burn it away (if it happened to be something super high in calories) ! If you really have to have them, take only a gulp or be more strict on the next day !

3. Keep checking your muffin tops !
It will not shrink just after one day of hard workout ! Place your hand on it or pinch it (if you want), check it twice a week or once a week to let yourself know either you are doing a great job or you have to work harder / eat lesser !

4. Avoid weighing yourself often
This will only stress you out to the max even you did it once per week ! It dictates your mood especially when you are nearer to the weighing day ! Stress will eventually lead to binge eating / depression so ... Of course you still need to weigh but make it after 3 or 6 months !

5. Don't afraid to tell your friend about your plan 
Of course they will tease you and sometimes tell you how wonderful is the foods but when they have acknowledged about it and they see you getting near food or getting something you shouldn't be having, they acts as a reminder " I thought you are on diet ?' " !
To be continued ?' ...

I'm sharing this not because i have reached my goal or i'm an expert on it ! Sharing is caring and we should all stay healthy and fit !! Love. Think of the bikini body you always wanted. xD

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Updates on Books & Bulgogi Brother again ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time for weekly updates again ! Let's see what have been going on, maybe ?' lol. 

Sorry for the delay (weekly update usually up by Monday) because i wasn't feel like doing it >...< 
Last week's biggest achievement is that i've made a video ! Have you guys watched it ?' "What's Is In My Bag ..." ! Carol said no so bad but my accent didn't sound like the usual me ! Hmph ... Talking to yourself is like that one lah ~~~ xD Hope you guys enjoy and maybe drop me a comment on what do you think ?' :) 

It'd have been (officially) one week that i didn't talk to my lovely brother ! He is so busy preparing for his examinations and i hope he really did working on it instead of just trying to 'ostentate' that he is studying (so that he save himself from all the squawking of me and mum)! If stop joshing with him will make him think i'm disappointed/upset over him and make him work hard on what he supposed to do then i'm okay with it as long as he is still alive. :/ We even bantered about having meal all the time at his place (when he is in wedlock and has his own place) ! ...

Let's stop this prattling and get into the pictures ! 
Thank you Hada Labo for sending the Mild Peeling Lotion and the press pack ! (Stay tuned for more) 

#OOTD on Saturday !

How many people out there love and hate this (sweet potato?) like i do ?' I love to have it but the thing is the skin of it ! I hate peeling it and the residue will never failed to stuck in my nail (especially thumb) and quite hard to remove or just wash it off ! :( 

How many book is there in my bag ?' lol. Quite happy with my reading habit ! 

You need my help boh ?' - during Kenko Fish Spa

Ya ~~~ (a stub of bihun there =...=)

I'm suspecting that there is vampire in my house! attacking me while i'm asleep ! lol. 
It might be the pesky mosquito ! or else. But i find there is scratches on my hand this morning, wtf. hmph ... 

Vincent Brothers ! The book i'm reading currently! It is categorized into ROMANCE ! hmph ... 
As far as i have been, it is not so bad even though they using those bare words like nipple and all that ! haha Excited for their venturous love story ! What is your choice between Sawyer (reputable good guy) and Beau (Town's bad boy) ?' Huh ?' xD  It is Sawyer or Beau ! 

Peoples beside me was enjoying getting the fishes fed by the cuticle of their legs ! But it is too itchy for me ! 

Shimono ! My favorite dessert all the time ! I don't think i will ever feeling vile by having it all day man ! xD

Trying to develop a habit of keeping the earphone in a pack to avoid it from getting spoiled. >...< 

(Face & Eyes) mask of the week ! - from My Beauty Diary 

Sexy boh ?' 

Expressioooonnnnn ... 

Went to Bulgogi Brothers again and ordered Spice Salad Noodles ! (not really spicy compare to the previous one) 

I swear i can just have their side dishes and getting satiated ! 

Finished. One thing bothered me ! They have wifi all around their campus ! What's that for ?' Hmph ... 
Not that they're able to create a FaceBook account and updating status like "I just have the best feeder in the world ..." / "I just made a blood whore !" kind of status mah ! So i really have no idea ... Maybe for research ?' But do people uploaded any info on Moroi ?' Strigoi ?' dhampirs ?' Or etc. Hmph ... Overall, not bad ! Read-worthy even after you've watched the movie. I was hoping there will be episode 2 but it is very unlikely because the next book is all about Alchemist whom trying hunt them down. =...= 

Finished. As well. I'd have like finished 2 books in the week, man. !
This was given to me by The Bag of Love and i kinda 'derelict' it until recently i realized that i have't finish on this one yet so i started all over again !  The way of the protagonist think is really helluva enraged me, man ! She realized the virtue - Frugality after overdrawn so damn much on her credit cards and having so damn much debt not only to banks ! While she's supposed to be saving money / cutting back all the unnecessary expenditure, she still convinced herself that it is okay to spend because it is part of the necessary which in fact it's NOT ! The way she daydreaming about she gonna win the lottery (millions) and etc. The ending is that she make more money but still not able to control herself on impulse purchase and still on debts !

#OOTD on Friday ! 

Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

Saturday, February 22, 2014

KenKo Fish Spa in Pavillion vs #OOTD ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How is your Saturday so far ?' Mine is pretty bland but productive (enough). lol. 

Let's update about what and where we were (earlier this afternoon) - The Butterfly Project's blogger ! 
We went to Kenko Fish Spa which located in Pavillion, 5th Floor (nearby cinema) to have a try on the fishes spa thingy. Let's get started without much piffling, shall we ?' 

Wash the foot and get ready for the fishes ! Where am i ?' 
I was taking as much as selca i can ! Lol. IT WAS TOO ITCHY FOR ME TO STAND IT ! When i first dipped my foot inside, i was all ready for the itchiness ! A tiny one came and 'attacked' my feet and i drew my foot out immediately because i CAN'T STAND THE ITCHINESS but of course i gave it a second dip but still failed and i gave up ! I tried my best to stand the itchiness and not to move my foot at all but >...< Now only i realized i'm a ticklish person, i should added super duper. :( I will get roused even just a strand of hair skittering over my neck =...= I never thought i'm a ticklish person ! Wtf ! So i didn't get to try it :( And tell you what ?' Carol and CheeChing (not only two of them lah) are basically keep moaning and it was so noisy there ! hahahah But at least they have tried to make sure their foot stay inside *salute*

Anyways, thank you The Butterfly Project for this, appreciated (even though i wasted it, sorry). 

Selca while waiting the other to be done ...
(Was trying to do a messy but chic bun but it turned out to be a real mess =...=)
Trislynn's ! So damn non-ticklish ! 


#Lippie of the day 

Have A Nice Sunday ... ❤ 

Friday, February 21, 2014

What's In My Bag ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Here i am on my early weekend (Friday) ! YuHoo ~~~

I've fucking made one 'Movie' after so long (trying to make one) and it is on it's way to the YouTube (i know ! Everyone can upload one/some) but still and finally i made it ! Didn't stammering much (but still stammered) and have edited it (by iMovie) which i hope i did a (fair) good job because it is kinda intricate and i've tried my best and surely i will explore more and utilize it to the max.

It is about "What's In My Bag" (i know it is a bit out-dated but still, i'm doing one) ...
I went out earlier so i just grab the bag (not my usual one) and pull it off ! Usually my bag will be so much crammed and with lots of 'rubbish' like tissue papers (they find their way out from the package, i don't hurl any used tissue in it), receipts and etc. You will come across that i stuffed my personal cards in an angpau (instead of a purse) and you find no purse/wallet in it because ... Simply that i don't have one ! Not that i lack one just that i don't need one. As i've mentioned, i carry little cash and basically my bag is strewn with coins and paper notes (un-glam). The worst thing come to the card(s), when you need it, it seem no where to be found unless you go scuffled with your bag, lol.

Current book in my bag :-
Vampire Academy

I hope you guys do enjoy !

Conquer your fear(s) by doing the things you are fear at ! - from The Magic of Thinking BIG 
*It really worked*

*ain't no other picture for the thumbnail right ?'* >...< 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Updates with Brother's Teenager-Rebellion-Period Story ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Happy Monday ! Stay ALIVE for yourself and your loved one. 

How was your weekend ?' Oh yea ~ There was a kinda-rave-up-concert on the Saturday night right ?' I hope you guys had lots of fun so after that had been a super relaxing Sunday right ?' No doubt ! Mine is all fine until yesterday which is (a little) miserable one because of my lovely brother (i bet i can't addressed him as lovely anymore) ... I was so damn shock when i heard from my mum that he find studying boring (it truth that study is boring but ...) and wanted to 'evict' himself out of the high school (not only once and quite frequent). 

He always has been lovely Not that he always get straight As (or lots of As) or always followed what we told him to do. It is that he put on efforts in studying (i don't really see him work real hard on it but he do try and get a just-beyond-mediocre-result) and get 'promoted' from sixth class to third for this year (Form 5 - the-so-called-SPM-year). Don't misunderstood ! Below there will be an evident that getting an excellent result in academy doesn't mean you are intelligent. So i don't care if he going to continue study further after this (at least after SPM) as long as he knows what he wants and doing ! This year will be the-SPM-year which is the paramount one because not matter what ! If you didn't sit for the SPM, it means you have not been in to the high school education. You got me ?' Nevertheless, it might all caused by the maladjustment from switching the class. >...< 

I asked him "If there is RM20,000-00 (just a number) for you, what is your choice between making your own business or study further ?'" He didn't even think for a millisecond and answer "Business ! Anything except study !" My heart stopped. So i proceeded to ask "What kind of business will it be ?'" He freaking answered me "No idea !" WHAT ?!!!' So his attitude proven to me that he is in the Teenager-Rebellion-Period even though i find it a little too late man. I've had it when i was in Form 1-3. Gosh ! Do you have a younger siblings with you undergo the same thing ?' I will never allowed him to stop study (before SPM) unless i'm died. Wtf. I tried to dig out what is his ambition and what he's planned to do in the near future (if it happened that i/we allowed him to stop his study) and his answer is still "No idea !" Freaking got an idea ok ?' You are a guy ! "What if you have decided in months (only matter of months) that you decided to become an accountant (or something else) then what you gonna do ?' Re-enrollments into the high-school ?' It that possible ?' Think !" He didn't reply much to my question and i do cried my heart out on this. Wtf man. I'm still so damn down whenever i think of it anywhere, any time. 

I do have friends whose younger brother fell out from school before even make it to Form 5 and guess what he ended up with ?' A foremen ?!' A technician ?!' Their working hours are so damn longer than office hours (mean entertainment restricted. only after 10pm or even 12 in the midnight and you wouldn't have much time for your family/own family and etc.)! I didn't meant to deride on those foremen or whatever the-occupation-that-having-so-much-longer-working-hour-than-usual (and guess what ?' Most of them regretted that they didn't continue study/give up so easily) but i know that my brother isn't interested on them at all (to be honest ! I want my brother to have the best like working less hours but high-pay - use-brain-job ! Overtime doesn't count!) and it hurt when i see my brother toiling over the long working hours and come to the only meagre paid (i know foremen make quite lots but no ...). I really have no idea how to 'trick' him into talking his heart out with me regarding this ! There is two version of story he's told ! One for me (dull because of the non-stressful) and one for my momma (stressful) but still bullshit because he listed all the stressful reason "Study ! Work (just helping not even a part-timer)! YamCha ! Martial Arts and another Martial Arts !" He included YamCha ?!' Wtf man. Is that a necessary routine to fit into everyone lifestyle ?' He picked the extra one Martial Arts himself so he HAVE TO juggle between them no matter what or else GIVE UP ! Aww >...< Tell me how to deal with it ... :( 

Sorry for all the piffle and harping! Just wanted to spell it out. 
It is not something shameful as everyone go through the phrase and leave me a comment maybe if you have any idea how to deal with this kind of teenager / brother ! :( 

Had a kinda big-haul from the book store man. Happy die me until ...
An advise for those who wanted to slim down or a better self-control from binge-eating or snacking, develops the reading habit and it helps you to know more / feed you more mind food and away from snacking or even eating because you wanted to finish reading the book as soon as possible (because of the plot twist or whatsoever). I hope i can have all the book man. 

Watched this in a rather scary and deserted cinema hall (no much people watch). 
The stories/plots are just fine (mediocre) but i admire their idea of having an institution for the vampires and the lives of the typical high-school-er like bullying, love affairs and etc. The most interesting part is their classes conducted at night and they all go to bed at morning. What an aspiring lifestyle man. xD Guess what ?' I bought the book ! Let's see what is the difference ! hehe

Karipap ... *yummy*

Read this. - from The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
Astonishing to find it out but it is truth. I used to thought the more you know (memorize), the more successful you will become (in the future). The term and condition of becoming successful is how you use your brain not how much you can contain in your brain ! 

Had my first Lou Sang of the year after the CNY end. Lol.  
Never really into Lou Sang and i don't eat them at all. The more you 'Lou' meaning the more successful you will be in the future ?' Hello ! Don't be superstitious ! Lol. #justsaying 

The Magic of Thinking Big ... 
A book to read. 

Until You're Mine. 
It sounded like a romance right ?' NO ! It is a criminal fiction with an exciting plots ! It is about pregger and for ladies who have 'trauma' over horror are not recommended as it will really bothered you when it is your time for pregger (pregnant) ! A book to read as well especially the last quarter where there is a plot twists and you just can't put it down or bothering about bed time. #serious !

'asshole-ish' brother but i still love him for sure !

Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bell 宇田 - 記得你說過 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Here i am to blog again which will be a driveling - silly nonsense = bullshit !

I came across this song (yesterday) from the fm and the melody caught me off. I'm pretty sure we all have heard it somewhere else just that i couldn't place it ! The melancholic melodies made all the memories come back ...

Not gonna be verbose / dwell on the old stuffs just wanna say like ...

Mr. A, I'm quite sad (30%) and happy (70%) that we didn't worked out in the very first place ! Thanks for the other girl for intercepting and taken over (you), the shyness, the misunderstood and etc. that made us not working out but it's okay ! I'm glad that we didn't actually because i don't think you can cope what have had happened in my life, good and bad (even myself couldn't). But things are getting better. I'm actually believe that we will somehow meet again in the future (a hunch but i believe on it) but i sincerely hope it is not a near future. I sort of have imagined all sort of situation that there is possibility for us to come across each other. LOL. You might be still single, might be attached, might be in wedlock ... Anyways, all the best to you ! Whatever happens, stay strong and lovely ! Don't be shy (don't do honking ! Straight away ask for number ! xD)! Study for a good grade, perhaps ?' haha Thanks for all the memories (sad and good one), they are part of my life. <3

Stop here.
*seriously i hope he never read this because i'm too shy to talk about this when we meet ?' lol. wtf.*
Happy Valentine's Day !

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something about Valentine's Day ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Tomorrow will be the annual Valentines' Day ! Again ?!' 

To be honest ~ I never have had a Valentine with me on this special fete (since born) and i'm getting accustomed with it (for spending this special day alone) and i don't really care if those couples throwing me those pathetic look(s) while jostling or sauntering on the mall. I used to make wishes almost every single solitary day before and after the Valentine's Day, hoping that i will get a (or maybe more than one lah) Valentine for the next year one or maybe the following years ?' But then it seems like it's not gonna happened ... 

Candidly, i was so desperate about having a Valentine that i (or we - me and my sisters) paid a visit to the ''月老'' (Chinese Cupid ?' Relationships' God ?' or else.)! Does it worked ?' Hmm ... Yes and No ?!' I think it depends on what you are looking for ... But it really give you a Valentine that somehow fit in to your ideal Valentine (that you always have in your mind). The thing is ... 

月老've 'bestowed' my elder sister with a guy (or maybe Mr. Right ?' who knows ?') who is one of her high-school classmate (if i didn't mistaken) and they are still (happily ?') in the relationship. I think 月老 goes for an easy opt which save much more hassle on getting to know a complete stranger from nowhere ... I'm not sure whether they are glad to (finally) have each other in their life but they are definitely settled on it so 月老 did IT's job after all. In my case ... 
IT 'shove' me a rather waif-like guy from nowhere (like i said). He could be your (some of you) ideal guy just that patience and leniency are everything you need which i rather gave up. Why ?' LONG STORY (or maybe it just simply not worthy) and no worth to dwell on it. He could be an imposter, who knows ?' It didn't lasted longer than 3 months and i don't see it's going anywhere as well. 月老 still did IT's job ... 

It's hard to fit someone in my life. HARD - HARD and i'm not really ready, at all. What i want is work hard for a better and brighter future and do the best i can for my family (parental & siblings). It could be delightful when you have the one by your side who can share things with, i know and i'm still very into those romantic rencountre, of course. Lol. What i'm trying to say is that ... 

Sometimes it is better to be alone instead of settled with someone who don't deserve you / doesn't treat you right. 

Whenever i see couple(s) bickering on the street i was like "Thanks, God !" xD
Single doesn't mean solitude, bereft and all the negative thoughts. It means the 'right' timing have yet to arrived. So ... 

ENJOY YOUR SINGLE LIFE before it somehow banished. 

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Phat Barrels (A New Hang-Out Place) is now in Publika ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Having a hard time looking for a Hang-Out place with the buddies (lads or lass, doesn't really matter)?' 

I've to admitted that cafe (no specific) is indeed a pretty idea place to hang out / chit chat especially the ambience of it make the conversation went through smoothly without any distraction (maybe a hot guys who sitting across you lah?') but sometimes (just sometimes) that there is a dead silence between the conversations when you wish there is something that can distract you, don't you think so ?' Lol. Other that this, don't you have a REAL hard time in putting yourself to sleep when you have coffee?' especially at the night ?' Let's beer put you to sleep then. 

What i'm trying to say here is that there is a (new) Hang-Out place for you guys and it is located in Publika (which i believe is a good hang-out area, doesn't it ?'). Have you heard of Phat Barrels ?' They started their business in December 2013 (new as you can see) and they provided imports/micro-brews/hand-crafted beers, live music (performance) and an engaging atmosphere that encourage conversations. Propriety amount of beer is good for health, fyi and they serve quality beers.  

Phat Barrels KL
the prelude of House of Guinness Malaysia and the heart of Publika

No. A1-G2-06 & 07 Solaris Dutamas, 
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 

I went there personally (with work groups) and i find it very unique on the upholster part and i'm quite love it. A bit classic yet classy. They've chosen barrels to be the tables and match with a rather plushy leather bar stool which is so comfy sitting on it and like usual you are able to move the either table or the bar stool around if you really need to. If you prefer a non-air pollution seat and chatters then opt for the inside seats; if you prefer the Ferrari roaring by view then you definitely should be seated outside. xD All-pervasiveness, smoking outside and non-smoking inside (you're allowed to smoke inside, if i didn't mistaken). Let's take a look around (soft launching) ... 
Live Band Performance ...  
Guinness Flavored Popcorn ... 
Finger Foods served at the soft launching ...

Let's have an idea on what they serve ... 
(they do serve lunches ...) All pictures taken from their FaceBook's page and collage-ed by me. 

FaceBook's Page :-

Nerdy Me !
with RosalynTan ... 
with Josh & Jessica ...
Enjoy your Hang-Out sessions ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤