Sunday, March 30, 2014

[MOVIE REVIEW] In The Dark 怨鬼 2014 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let's do this ! I rarely do any movie review because i'm too lazy on it ! But this one, i just have to do something ! Or say something ! Anyways, for your information, it is a Malaysia's production. 

I will rate it for 1 out of 5 or 2 out 10. 

As i mentioned, i am a horror freak (i can't live without them and i need to fix the addiction from time to time). 
Actually the first movie suggested is the project H-something (Thai) but the screening timing is like all f-up. So we decided to go for this one as the showing time is kind of perfect for us. I do came across Malaysian's horror once (only ONCE) in the YouTube and let's not say about anything about it because it is just like this one. So i do not get my hopes very high (for this movie) but i do still have some standards (as it is not on the YouTube and you don't get free entry) ?' I never into those farcical (funny) horror but ... This one is like worst ! 

I'm gonna list down what i dislike :-

1. The Way They Speak 
It is getting sense that they are (the movie) trying to get into the movie watchers by speaking the way just like we do. If you wondering, here is some of the example "做莫将的?"/"做莫我要帮你?" I can't really recall much of them but i really find it irritated. You just don't do it in the movie which will be screening in the cinema (this will never get out of Malaysia, not a chance). I feel like laughing all the time they spoke. It is like i'm watching a failed-made/demo/blooper of a movie. Sorry and it didn't worked. 

2. The Protagonist's Chinese
She is Jennifer Foh, if you wondering and i think she speaks only English in real life because it is either she is nervous with the camera on that she didn't sounds right with those words or she is a banana ! 

3. Lazy Script-er / Lame Plot
I'm not gonna synopsis the story here (as there is an official version) so let's just pinpoint where is it i meant. The whole story turns up to be quite mind-f-king because instead of trying to lead the supposedly ghastly plot by having her (May, who died in a car accident) friend (Vivien) to be the culprit, it turns out the spook is a guy instead of a girl due to the both organs she born with it (she hides the truth from her bf and she didn't returned to do anything about it ! Just standing there ?). There is another spook who haunted Vivien and it turns out to be a student from their piano classes (they conducted) who committed suicide and she thought they held the responsibility on her death instead of the May who try to haunt her down for murdering her (to get her bf). 

I know the plot i mentioned above is so dang mediocre (for horror) and very predictable but what i've seen in the cinema (this movie) is much more worse than what i said. Don't believe me ?' Watch it. 

It is definitely an unexpected twisted plot, a very surprising plot that it never existed in my mind after tons of horror in my life but it is ludicrous (maybe the student still acceptable but definitely not the guy-or-gal part). 

4. Crying Scene 
The guy (i can't recall the name) is really good at using his face, perfect for being an actor but there is no TEARS ! Not even once or one. They're actually good at being natural in the movie and no doubt regarding their acting skill (i'm not expert to judge on this or evaluate so leave it). What intrigued me is that crying scene, none is considered as passed except the guy's face with no tears (i mean he did make himself look very agonizing about losing his gf but why no tears ?). Tears (actor) stimulates another tears (audience). Cry your heart out and people will cry with you, even in the horror !

5. It is being Ridiculous instead of Spooky/Ghastly 
Do i need to repeat once again why is that ?' I hope no. 

Wait ! That doesn't mean you will not get scared by those scene. 
Maybe the black lady (someone burnt not black in races) in the reflection of the mirror ?' Others are okay. Just some opaque figures standing there. Doing nothing. Just ready for those abrupt blaring sound (which is normal when you watch every horrors). 

Above are the five reason why it is to my dislike. 
But if you really have to watch this then just look at their good-looking faces. They are all kinda pretty and handsome (for me, i don't know you lah). Anyways, i expected more. More ghastly. More spookiness.

Have A Nice Day ..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Gotta Keep Running ... ❤

Don't run away from challenges ! 
Run Over Them.

It's not how you start !
It's how you finish. ❤

Monday, March 24, 2014

Besglas - Customized to your LIKING ... ❤

To whom thinking of doing a renovation 
moving into a new place and you're looking for some upholster to your own liking ! 


Check out more info at :- 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Need for Speed versus Superfluous Race Cars ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let's back to the real me ! The emo one wasn't me. I have no idea who is that and why it is in my body/mind ?!!! xD Anyway, I'M BACK ! 

Finally watched Need For Speed and I'm gonna do a little review on it. 
Hmph ... I would like to say that the Fast series is the legendary one and can't be replaced. 
If you are up to those modern-luxury-race-cars (those like Ferrari type and i think everyone up to it) then here is where you can get to see them in race. Lots of them. And like usual, the teamwork. Candidly, i find the racing part a little boring/draggy. A little too much on the actor's face and it looked like they're gonna ran out of expression if the camera decided to keep running. Other than that, everything else seems okay. The plot is more on realistic due to the peacockery ! Actually, you have no choice to make if you are itching to watch a racing movie as it is the only one (racing type) in the cinema at the moment. But worth it lah ~ No worry ! 

Let's talk about those luxury-race-cars. 
I bet we all have seen them somewhere before either on the road or at the valet services of those exclusive shopping mall right ?' Okay ! I have to admit that they are so damn beautiful and i would definitely do anything to have a test drive on them (maybe after i get my license) then i would be ready to death already. haha. I have no idea who the hell are those who afforded to drive this kind of car (other than LCW) and what they do for the living and let's subside the idea of having a damn rich family that their parents afforded it instead of themselves. Oh ! Anyways, i'm not gonna talk about them. 

They are superfluous
More than you needed but maybe you do want them. 
Like i mentioned before, i do love them and die to have them (if they are sponsored). But whenever those cars appear in my sight, i will averted my head and choose not to even glimpse at them because i don't want to know who are they and evaluate them. 

Okay ! Let's take this example. For example, i'm richer than Bill Gates
The last thing i want to do with my money is to buy those superfluous car (even one) ! Does Bill Gates have any of those cars ?' Maybe his children does ! Because it is simply more than you needed. I will definitely invest on a good car like Bens, BMW or etc because they are really good at those quality thing. Can you imagine when the Bens only have a few nicks while the national product's bumper has gone. (sound like advertising but this is based on my own experience) Invest in a good car for your safeness not a bourgeois / trying to public display the wealthiness. And do you ever see a real successful person (successful doesn't necessarily mean making more money) showing any interest in any of those superfluous cars ?' Only those unsuccessful will. They use the money their made to make more money (instead of spending it that way). 

Bill Gates have don't-know-how-many-millions with him but that doesn't mean he has don't-know-how-many-millions of cash to spend (not before he converted all his belongings to cash and no doubt that this is the last thing he wants to do).

And i have no doubt that most of them are spoil brat and whoever money it is, they are running out real soon. Like REAL SOON. 

They are endangering their own life. 
If you decided to drive those car then you better have bodyguards or something like that. They are basically the target of thieves even just a pick pocket. No doubt that their wallet always will be quite thick even not with cash but cards ! They might draw bandit's attention as well and this is the last thing they want, am i right ?' Or maybe they always have a ransom's foundation. xD  *shrug* It is really none of my business. Actually my concern is on their the other half. Poor girl ! Or lucky girl ?' *shrug* *shrug* 

That's all for today and if you find it offended then that means you've owned one. 
Good for you ! But my articles won't change anything of yours, am i not right here ?' So take it or leave it ! 

Just for your secret information, this is my blog and it is entirely entitled to my own opinion/experience. Thank you belly muchiex. 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Misunderstood. Time. Get Over It. ... ❤






Do you ever have the feeling of wanted something to happen so badly that you pray so hard every night in the bed that thing will happened / changed when you wake up in the next morning ?! 

Or even fabricated every possible situation for it to happens and mentally prepared for it ?! 

Wondering what's gone wrong. Wondering what's made it not happening. Wondering ... 
Wonder sucks ! 

What meant to be will be. 
What meant not to happened, never happen. 

I guess time is the best medication for everything. 

But for the moment, i still want it to happened. 

I ...

I'm not being myself anymore. WHY ?!!!!!!!!
Things suck ! I'm so mad at myself. Especially during this kind of mood swing. 

Or maybe i've misunderstood. The whole thing. 
I think too much. My fault. 

I need to get over it. 
Really. Need. To. 

I will be fine. Everyone will be fine. Everything will be okay eventually. 


Good night. Sweet Dream. 
Sorry for this melancholic post.

My Birthday. Another Wednesday. ... ❤

My Birthday (19/03). Another Wednesday.
Wish me Happy Birthday !
(Lol. Attention seeker much !)

Birthday Wishes.
Be Prettier. Be Slimmer. Make more money. 

No matter how beautiful the dream is, you will have to wake up from it.
Just sometimes, you feel like never wake up. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

[Review] Mad About Coco in Publika ... ❤

One thing i like about blogging is that ...

Not really active nowadays in attending events so i hardly get to meet to them. :( 
So i decided why not have a personal rendezvous so that we can really catch up with each other. We went to Mad About Coco due to the pictures presented in other blogs which looked very savourous ! We gossiped a lots (most of the time) and laugh like shit but what is said will always stay there. We are not gonna hurt people in their face. 

Miss it already ! 
Miss laughing out whole-heartedly. Hardly laugh about anything nowadays. 

Let's talk about food/desserts. 
Three of us come to an attune conclusion which is we grew hatred toward chocolate. xD

The one with strawberries and OREEEEOOOO in the soft crepe is having way too much oreo. Strawberries only contained like 10% of the whole thing, other are just oreo ! The freshness of the strawberries are just fine. Another problem existed when you decided to chat and relish them slowly, the crepe get harden.  Not soft anymore. 

Too much Oreo = vile. 

Trutti Frutti Waffle. 
Side dishes first. The strawberries again are just fine, not really like fresh fresh. The banana are fine as well, not much comment on it but it taste bland not so banana. Move on to Ice Cream, I have no idea what flavor is that and it is fine as well but thaw considerably fast. The waffles get harden as time goes by as well. 

The price !
Total = RM51-00 (two serves)! But i don't think it is any how worth it. Except if you are paying for good looking food. Just good looking, nothing else. 

Til next time. ❤

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Emo Night ... ❤

I hate it.
I hate myself for lingering around the thought like this and it's getting frequent.

Why people can wear Prada effortlessly?! Why people able to get to the top of the rank effortlessly while I'm trying so hard to make it all worked. I didn't mean Prada or fame or anything else.

Just sometimes. I think it is unfair. People get boyfriend effortlessly (switch between effortlessly), get a mobile effortlessly, get enrolled into the college effortlessly and etc. Not that I don't have them at all. They are short-lived. I sabotaged it. I never wanted to talk about it (too much for me to talk about it) and now I'm paying back to the Karma.

I failed to get hold of what meant so much for me. I'm such a failure.

I'm always a positive thinker and being so optimism about what have happened. But sometimes, I just don't feel like it. I wanna stop being so positive or optimism about everything and disappeared.  

I'm independent enough. I can travel alone to some distant. I can survive with all the things keep to myself and whatever bad things happened. But I'm not Superwoman. Just sometimes, I wanna share it. With someone. 

Always proud of myself being so positive thinking and optimism about what have happened and able to take any challenges. But I get emotional sporadically. And I hate it.

I failed to impress. Impress someone supposed to find me impressive. I don't know why and how i can make it better. They never really tell. 

Always telling myself that best thing come to who waited. But it is hard. The waiting.

Sometimes, I just feel like disappearing. 

累了! 只是有时候希望有一个肩膀可以依靠。有一人可以分享喜怒哀乐,而不是来了又走,重新开始更适应另一人需要很大的commitment. 我想消失。一天,也许。I can't leave that irresponsibly.

Good night.
I will be fine, i think. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[REVIEW] Hada Labo Skin Care Regime with Mild Peeling & Moisturizing Lotion ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally getting this done after so much procrastination ! 

First of all, thank you Hada Labo for being so generous on the full size set of skincare products ! 
Actually i'm not that into skincare products because my skin is kinda sensitive / allergic (i don't know which one) ! It made a huge reaction on the new product if it doesn't like it (which is most of it). =...= I used Hada Labo before so there is no such concern on it. Why am i stopped using em ?' Because i don't know how to use it (before this) and ended up that my cleansed-face look so dang shinny which appeared as oily (after the skincare steps) but my skin condition did improve and this much is sure ! Follow me so that you will get the correct application method and get a fresh-radiant-face. 

Let's start with Cleanser, shall we ?' 
Moisturizing Foaming Wash - Hada Labo
What is the cleanser you are using ?' Will it leave your skin feeling dry and tense after the cleansing (before any toner or lotion) ?' If yes, then it do your face no good because it means it deprived the moisture from your face while you cleanse so think ! What if your moisturizer is not really moisturizing (enough) ?' How long will it take for your face to be be-wrinkled ?' *shrug* This one - Moisturizing Foaming Wash actually does leave your face/skin feel supple and no at all tense. (refer the above picture) There is 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid in the wash that moisturize your face. You can use this method to test whether the cleanser is dry for you or not. Use the cleanser to wash your hand. If it is dry (for you) then it will leave the back of your palm feeling tense. For your information, it is not happening with this Moisturizing Foaming Wash. I love how soft the foams are on my face. The more significant one is that it cleanses ! 

Step 2
Mild Peeling Lotion - Hada Labo

The Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion has a unique formulation that does not only sloughs away dull skin and impurities but it also stimulates cell renewal. It delicately tighten up pores to prevent clogged pores and breakouts, minimize the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Beside that, it also has moisturizing properties that deeply hydrates the skin, providing a natural radiant and beautiful matte skin. 

This is a new product from Hada Labo which released in February 2014. It removes dead skin and impurities like make-up-leftovers, dust and dirt in the air and etc. It does reduce my pores appearance, for sure and get my skin ready for the Moisturizing Lotion (which is the next step of skincare regime) ! As well as leave my skin looking much more radiant than having to apply the remove-impurities-face-masks sporadically. Be aware that this Mild Peeling Lotion have to work with cotton pads ! Never pour into your palm and does it like the Moisturizing Lotion. I don't think i can live without this ! It is like a luxury skincare products but much more cheaper but of course you have to take time to do this extra steps ! It is suitable for daily use and no worry about it will thinning your skin. 

Step 3
Moisturizing Lotion - Hada Labo
The famous Moisturizing Lotion. As i've mentioned in the Beauty Talk's post that there is 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid in this lotion that obliged in the moisturizing part so check back if you wondering what are those ! Pour propriety amount of the lotion, preferably (old version) of the 50 cents on your palm and spread it all over your face but still it depends on the size of your face. Tap them in (if you are 22 years old then tap 44 times for the whole face which is twice of your age) for it to be absorbed so that you don't waste it ! Using this Moisturizing Lotion is also prepare your skin for the Moisturizer - Hada Labo and for better absorption. 

Step 4
Perfect Gel - Hada Labo
Do you accidentally get the fallacy and thinking that this is a sleeping mask ?' I thought so ! But no. It is a Gel that you apply after the Moisturizing Lotion which acts as a moisturizer and it can be use as a Sleeping Mask occasionally. Up to you. Let's talk about the smell of it first. For me, it smells like a kind of alcohol that my mom used to cook the chickens with. I can't remember what is the name and i'm lazy to get my butt up and ask my mum, hehe. But the smell doesn't goes very strong or annoying. The texture is very light and the gel is very bouncy?' A thin layer will do. 

Last / Step 5
UV Moist Emulsion - Hada Labo
Sun Block ! Do you developed the habit of applying sun block after the last step of your skincare regime ?' It is important ! If you don't then you are bearing the risk of having darker dark eye circles and more wrinkles/fine lines (according to Liu Yen) ! I started right after Liu Yen told this. =...= I'm scared. This Sun Block is surprising me ! The texture is very light very spreadable ! But remember to shake it before you pour the amount you needed to avoid a separate layers of the Sun Block. It feels a little oily when you spread it but right after you finished spreading it, you feel nothing and see nothing. Do i make any sense here ?' Remember to remove it before you cleanse your face again ! You are ready to go now ! Look into the mirror after all these steps and you will see a radiant and so dang fresh face. 

Recommended BB Cream :-
(do i have to tell you how much i heart this BB Cream again ?' Don't laugh ok ?' >...<)

Okay ~ 
I know ! This look more like an advertorial instead of an honest review BUT IT IS. It is an review and based on what i really feel and think about those products ! Try it yourself. Or leave it. There is nothing i dislike (nothing i can think of). After using this set of products, my skin really feel so much supple and look so much radiant. As i mentioned that my pores appearance have been diminished (getting no enough moisturizing / dry will left your pores looking more prominent) and even though you are on the mensus-breakout-season, no worry ! With your skin looking so much supple and radiant, it actually not that bad to have those pesky breakout, hhaha. And now, you can study yourself in the mirror no matter how close it is ! It won't be perfect or flawless for sure but it definitely is better. 

That's all for today and i hope you enjoy and find it helpful?' maybe ?' And really sorry about the portraits' quality !

For more information :-

  Have A Nice Day ... ❤

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Updates with Non-Stop & Haunt ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How was your weekend and how is your Monday ?' 

I know what is happening but let's start off with my kinda-hectic Monday first before we get all moody. Went back to my high school and collected my Original SPM Cert (which sat in 2010). Don't you say anything ! There is still stacks of Cert there ! xD The building is definitely much more magnificent, kinda look like a college. Why don't they do it before 2010 so that we (out batch) can enjoy at least one year or maybe six months ?' Lol. The entrance superviser told me that i look like a Christian?!' Luckily he didn't said Jesus ! Do people look at faces to determine your religion (nowadays)?' Maybe he is trying to tell me that i look like mix (which i'm quite proud of it, haha). People always say i don't look like Chinese or even Malaysian. I'm quite euphoria about people saying me looking like mix or maybe Taiwanese but definitely not MALAY or FILIPINO man ! When i share these thing with my mum, my mum always get insulted like i do but she didn't share the same feeling of being proud about me looking like a mix. Hmph ... xD I'm 100% pure Chinese (at least i think so)!

Let's start with the Weekly Updates !
Answer my question ! Quite nice right ?' Le smile ! :)

#Throwback and i miss CNBlue standing in front of me (i mean on the stage) and sing for me >...< Especially the charismatic Yong-Hwa but i'm thinking that he might be a quite arrogant person in real because of his attitude on the press conference but who knows he might be having mensus on that press con?' xDDD

'Missing MH370' is the No. 1 Trend in Yahoo so you know how serious it is ! At first when peoples started to share the news in FaceBook, i've chose to ignore it because i thought it might be one of the protocol for promoting Non-Stop (which obviously is not) or some hoax and to be honest i never read any articles regarding it but i do know it went missing and none of the authorities able to draw out why and where it is even til now. Where did the plane go ?' How on earth a plane can go missing ?' It can't be still flying because it due of petrol long ago. Hmph ... All the radio host actually not helping to lighten up the situation / ambience. They all decided to host with a so-damn-down-mood-voice and it is actually quite irritated. They supposed to cheer peoples up and brighten our days ! (i didn't mean that they should host or have fun like normal and ignore this sad news) One of the call they picked up is from the family member of one of those missing people and he said " This incident teaches us that appreciate your loved one because you never know what is gonna happen in the next minutes !" and he burst into tears that he can't even talk ! It's real ! Appreciate now or never

I find the sporadical press conference quite annoying. What they said always the same since the first one, i reckon because i've heard the exact same thing twice or thrice from yesterday. Why don't they stop waste people time and just released the press so that every fm or social network will 'automatically' cover it instead of call a conference and keep saying the same thing again! again! and AGAIN! Why not save those energy / time / money into putting MORE and MORE EFFORT in locating the plane ?' The plane is behemoth as i know compare with an elephant?' and i know the WORLD is further behemoth but if you really search, will you really miss a so damn big thing ?' Beside from the repetitive context, the announcer is basically trying to torture peoples' ear ! Get someone who can speak fluently to make the announcement man (didn't matter what language it is) ! My ears get strained and i lay a bet that not only me who feel this way! I know it is their responsibility to get the news around for whom concern but if there isn't any news then save it man. i don't get the point of talking piffle. Non of the factor is confirmed and all the questions will lead to only one answer "For the moment, we can't make any affirmation. The most important thing now is to locate the plane then only we know what was really happening !" See ! What is the purpose of going there if you already know the answer ?' Okay. I need to stop ranting about it or else my Weekly Updates will be all about how dementia it is. I sincerely hope they are safe in maybe an isolated island ?' but ALIVE. No one deserved to be life-deprived such abruptly ! 

Movie of the week :-
Haunt !
FINALLY ! Finally there is an horror showing in the cinema but guess what ?!' It suck ! Really it is ! I think the script-er/crew are just lazy ! It starts off with quite an amount of spokiness but end with bullshit ! The story is about a haunted house and the previous residence family all died horribly except the mother so another family moved in and they (the both person in the picture) started the venturous operation about a box, which you can communicate with the ghost in the area with the right frequency ! The previous boy who stayed in the room spoke via the box and they freaked out. They seek help from the mother, who lived in there and she asked them to burn the box and stay away from chubbyhouse (which in the room). They did what she told but things still happened and the girl (in the above picture) killed the guy (in the above picture). They were couple. Why it is there is a ghost ?' It is because the mother, who survived and moved discovered that her husband having an affair which a lady who decided to give birth in their clinic. And the mother had killed the lady and stashed it below the laminated wooden floor and there you goes why the house is haunted. I can't even have a clear image on how the ghost looked like. It just show a blur version of something. It is not recommended. Save your money for upcoming one which i think it might be better. 

Why it is suck ?' Because the ghost or maybe the story never goes to the other family member other than the boy. The ghost didn't bothered to do that. It is always two of them. Be more cruel and wild so that we will scare ?' And why doesn't the make a revenge on the mother ?' Hmph ... 

Non-Stop !
I don't really have much to share with you guys regarding this movie but ... This is definitely better than Haunt ! The plot is quite good and it tricked you into thinking that those threatening might be all from his imagination and he is sick but No. After watching this, it makes me wonder whether there is really an or two ensconced air marshal in every flight. Which I hope there is ! Another thing is, western movie aren't so racist anymore. They've had putting some effort on making Blacks a part of them. Which is quite cool. Black doesn't mean bad (even though i still bear the hatred toward "Wai Lao"). Talking about this, i saw a pretty Indian guy in the bus (today) and i'm wondering why don't Indians followed the trends and make some korean-style-romantic-drama ?' xDD The guy is like really pretty and not sissy at all. He has the volumest and longest eye lashes and he is tall but neither thin nor fat. Just looking good. You get what i mean ?' 

Can't wait for the #NeedForSpeed and #BrickMansion ! #NeedForSpeed is like another version of #Fast but still you have to watch it after seeing those trailer. #BrickMansion, Paul Walker is in there but still the trailer is really put me into it. 

Current book in read. - Someone to Watch Over Me
Do you believe that a Down's Syndrome will burn the residence for disables down ?' 
Cake : Black Forest - Secret Recipe beyond Vegetarian 

Until The End. 
Now i can confirm with you that this is a teenagers' novel and the murderous-like-twist is just some thriller that keep your finger leafing the pages. I can't remember what it is that i promised (in my mind) that i'm gonna share it here. But it is a good one even though it is a little thick. 

Wah ... Why so blur ?' >...< 
Have you see the article that listed down all the plastic pretty girls ?' Do you realize they all having a sharp and V chin (after the plastic) ?' So does this mean you have to have a V shape chin to be considered as pretty ?' Hmph ... I hope not ! Because i don't have one and i don't have extra penny for any plastic. :( The above picture is without any editing (vanishing the blemishes didn't count ok) but it is just all about the angle. I don't have a V shape chin but a nearly square one :(

May God Be with MH370 passengers ... 
Have A Nice Day Ahead ..