Friday, May 30, 2014

[ENTRY] Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream ... ❤

Have you guys heard of Kiehl's ?' 

I passed by their outlet a lot but never had a chance to try any of it out. 

Thanks to The Butterfly Project for this opportunity. 
Wait. It is just an entry. xD

Let me tell you why do i need 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration !
Because i am quite active under the sun. I like to jog in the morning (even thought it wasn't scorching but still it heats me up) and the sun always made my skin dry and in the result of it, my face became oily ! I became less attractive when i'm doing my after-run stretching. :( 

Other than jog, i'm practising healthy lifestyle that i chose to walk home instead of getting a bus ride. 
Here is when i don't feel confident enough walking beside the road because by the end of the day (after work), my moisture on my face has been striped off by the air-conditioner in the office ! :( I don't look fresh or good. I hope my moisturizer able to last longer maybe just long enough for me to step in my house. >...< 

Without suffice hydration/moisture, aging will soon be catching up >...< 

What do i love about Kiehl's ?

To be honest, i never tried any of its products before so i can't tell you what i love about it. But ...
I have done some research on it for this entry. #harkworkingleh~

As you can see from the above picture, they offer wide range of skincare products and it makes me excited and makes me wanna try them out ! Needless to say their outlet always look esoteric with a skeleton put on a doctor's coat. 


Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighborhood over 150 years ago. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to providing our patrons uniquely efficacious skin and hair products through the most attentive, personalized service. Each of us is committed to serving our customers and communities alike through the highest service standards.

Regarding Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, I have done some research online for it as well. 
Below is the testimony from 

I want my face to look dewy as well. I want my face to be always moisturized and hydrated. I want a moisturizer which work 24 hours a day. xD
I want my skin to look AMAZING !

Let me try Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream !
Let me have FUN in the sun !

Thursday, May 29, 2014

[CafeKL] The Loft in Pavilion, KL ... ❤

Isn't it a mecca when a restaurant serves meal and pastry ?

Sorry that you never see sausage or something like that ...
Because i'm a Vegan ! >...<

It was my second time been to #TheLoft. 

I love their field fresh mushroom salad (RM16) and mushroom quiche (RM6). ❤
They are damn good. 

I love mushroom. xD

Regarding the mixed nuts croissant (RM4.9) ...
It wasn't to my liking. Those nuts together are sticky. I was gnawing on it for some time before i managed to swallow them. I guess my jaw muscle has become more palpable. >...< The croissant was hard instead of crispy. :(

The ambience of the restaurant is good. 
Suitable for hangout session with friends, some "me-time", checking pedestrian out and so on. 

Their customer service was quite good as well. 
(i went there personally not as a blogger)

There is some construction going on in the vicinity so there will be cacophony. 

 Thanks for reading. ❤

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If i Were her ... ❤


He cheated and get caught redhanded. 

The thing is ... 
Everyone cheated especially men when come to relationship !

Majority of them cheated. 
It doesn't really matter whether it is / was before marriage or married. They cheat / cheated. They had sex with someone beside their wife/girlfriend.

 But that doesn't mean they ain't love you no more. 
Sex and love are totally different animal for men. 

They could have sex with tons of others but love the only one. 

The thing is ...
Whether you - the wife or the girlfriend will ever find out !

When you found out, what will you do ?
Waiting for the axe to fall on your matrimony ?' or 
Turn a blind eye to it ? 

Take it or leave it ...
Everyone cheats. 

With all the eyes on you, what can you do if you still wanna cheat ?
Be damn furtive so no one get hurt.

I never know why they cheated !
Why they never appreciate someone who willing to spend their time and youth with them ?'
Why they able to kiss another girl while in love with you ! Why they able to fuck someone else who he is not in love ! Or maybe they are just lying about in love with you. #hmph ...

"Sorry" means nothing if they don't think they've made the mistake.

Yea ~
It is normal that guy cheated. But ...
It is not normal that we - girls to forgive guys who cheated on us.

If i were her, i will drop the axe.
No girls able to be so generous on that.
Albeit that we decided to let it go and let you get away this very time, the incident will always on the back of our mind. Never forget.

In the end, it is all depend on who and what is the guy for you !
Gambateh, every women. ❤

Monday, May 26, 2014

I AM SINGLE, so what ?' ... ❤

"Do you get yourself a boyfriend already ?'"
One of the sentences that makes my blood boil like hell. 

People care and people ask ...
Then it is fine. My answer is "No." with a sad face. 

The thing is ... 
Someone out there asked this fucking question because they think they obliged to know and if the answer was "Yes, i do. " then they will start all the hassle. 

He is your boyfriend not your son and he might as well cheating on you just that you haven't found it out so stop being so damn arrogant and proud about yourself having a boyfriend. 

Single means i'm not good enough for any guys ?'
Single means something wrong with me that no guy deserve to be with me ?' 
Single means i'm having bad habit that made all the guys back off ?'
Single means i'm fucking incompetence ?' 

What the fuck man ?' 

To be honest, yea ~
I do feel somehow incompetence whenever i think of my dream !
I wanna to be married in the earlier of my 20s and have children then go back to my study and then build my career life. 

But it is just a dream ...
It hardly to be happened and yes ! It is an absurd one, i know. 

I have changed my heart. 

I wanna finish my diploma and get to degree then get a good-paid job and get back everything that have fallen apart in the last 2 years. 

The one who meant to be here will eventually find his way to be here. 
There is no need to be upset or rushing. 

Maybe i just haven't met the right one. 

There is nothing wrong for being single. 

Feeling lonely while waiting for the right one is definitely better than keep trying with the wrong ones. 
I hate wasting time. #VaginaSagsLikeHellduetodifferentsizes 

Whereas, having a boyfriend never make you more competence or so on. 

That's all. 
And stop pissing people off with your stupid sense.

Friday, May 23, 2014

[CafeKL] Delicious, St Mary Residences ... ❤

Had dinner with INTI bitches before our class. 

Everyday is a HAPPY day when you mix with the right person. 
Thinking back to my previous schooling experience, none of them is like this one. 
(but still, met nice person)

So we went to delicious which located behind INTI Kuala Lumpur. 

It was my first time visited delicious and i love the ambience of it. 
It wasn't crowded and it was quite serene. 
It is a good place for study and chilling even when you feel like having some "me time".

I was quite impressed with the menu. 
There is a lots of vegan dishes and they've marked a "V" on those dishes so vegans don't have to go through one by one, looking at the ingredients, confuse about the dishes. YEAH ~ 

I will definitely go back ! 

Let's move on to the dishes we ordered. 

First, Nic's salad which costed RM22.90. 
He loves it ! He said he only order this one whenever he visits delicious ! 

Second, the Spicy Aglio Olio + Mushrooms "V" costed RM20.80.
It was just fine. Not really that good or bad. But ...
the mushrooms and the red-color pieces thingy tasted good !

Third, the Big Raspberry Macaroon costed RM7. 
Quite nice. Nothing like overloaded sweetness. 

Link :-

*pardon my bare face and the eyebags >...<*

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[DESSERT] Sweet Hut in Berjaya Times Square ... ❤


So ... 
I went to the Sweet Hut located in Berjaya Times Square just in front of the cinema. 

They serve Milk Crepes Cakes and this was what attracted me.

I had Fresh Fruits Pancake and Charcoal Milk Crepes Cake. 
Egg Tarts are for me and my INTI bitches xD

So ... 
How was the dishes ?' 

Let's start with the Pancake with Fresh Fruits and Oreo Ice Cream first ... 
I don't like the pancake. End of story (for pancake). 
The fruits is not that FRESH as you can see with the color of strawberry. End.
The Oreo Ice Cream. No Comment. 

Do i recommend this ?'
NO !

Let's move on to the egg tarts ... 
There was quite a lot of sweetness at the crepe and i don't really taste egg ... End.

Do i recommend this ?' 
NO !

Let's move on to the final part - Charcoal Milk Crepes Cake ...
I can't form any words to describe the taste but one thing for sure, i love it. There is description on the menu says that it helps absorb toxic and promote health. (something to that effect lah~ I can't remember) 

Do i recommend this ?'

Thanks for reading ... ❤

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Fat Pocket - Fashion Spotting ?!!!'

Fashion Spotting ?' 

I think it is more like humiliating !

Someone is expert in dressing and someone is not !
If everyone is expert at doing it, then what make you standout ?' 

WAIT ! What i'm trying to say is ... 
Is mothers also need to be dressed up and be fashionable anywhere and everywhere they go ?' 

They've spent most of their life on children and they don't need to be fashionable to get YOUR respect ! Am i not right here ?' 

Why the fuck there is someone out there so irreverence and so cruel with the name Sukyi Yee skulk and took those pictures and posted it on a quite well-known website - My Fat Pocket ?' 
I have no idea why My Fat Pocket approved all those posts (i think it have responsibility on those articles gua) !
What if their children see it ?' What if she herself see that ?' What if it is your own mother that get featured ?' Sukyi Yee ?!'' I guess you will be damn proud about that ! Or maybe you just don't have one !
(i went through few pages and so far most of the articles posted by her and another author don't really have the 'disaster' thing)

I guess if her mother find out all this 'brilliant articles', she will be damn 'proud' for her daughter. 

Come on ! 
If you don't feel like respecting people then at least show yourself some !

I do not mean that fashion is not applicable for mothers but the thing is how often do you see mothers really dressed up ?' They do ! But only for special occasion like Mother's Day celebration ! 

I used to like My Fat Pocket because of a well-known blogger and even requested to join them but now ?!' Lol. No thank !
(i started to feel NO NO for Singapore already ! Blah ...)

WHAT IF YOUR MOTHER GET FEATURED ?' or your father, sister(s) or brother(s) ?' 
(they do teenager's outfit disaster as well) 

Seriously, i think someone need to stop this ! 
(i know their faces are not being show but still !!!)

Yes ! You can do fashion spotting as you like. 
But puh-lezzzz, stop doing the disaster thing ! I know you are just plagiarizing ! 
Normal people don't dress to go into the limelight (except those who wishes to be spotted so badly)! 

and NO ! 
My mother does not get feature in there ... 

Thank you. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

[REVIEW] LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack _ EX ... ❤

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack _ EX 
Crystal Clear & hydrated skin with water science 
for all skin types 

Review time ! 
No doubt that you've heard a lots of how good and how effective this product is ...

I'm addicted to sleeping mask because ...
The next morning i will see a real supple skin (it doesn't mean flawless) !

So i'd decided to give it a try even though the pricing of it is a bit costly. 
RM100 each (if i didn't mistaken).

What i love about it :-
1. The smell of it 
(if i didn't mistaken, the sale assistant told me that before apply, you should get a sniff and it will actually calm your mind) 
2.  Is okay for eyes area 
(No oil granules formation !)
3. The texture 
(Very light ! You won't feel like you've put on sleeping mask after 5 mins application.) 
4. Effectiveness 
(My face seems so much nicer after a night with it.)

Be Caution :-
The one and only trouble i'm dealing with it is that it will clog my pores. 
The next morning, you have to be extra careful in clearing the mask away and cleansing. Make sure no residue, or else it will clog your pores and give you big zits. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Think You have Enough RESPECT for yourself ?' ... ❤

Seriously ~ 
Some guy just need to stop disgracing guys (community) !

Respect ladies ! 
If you don't feel like it then at least respect yourself ! 


Keep your fucking hands in your pants !
Stop thinking all sort of way to get into ladies's pants or even lay your fucking hands on them. 
(what i mean is molestation) 

To be someone who futile/useless ?' Or be someone who has self-esteem ?' 
You choose to be who you are !

WATCH what your stare is lingering at ! 
Staring at those part and start imagining or even leering at girls unpleasantly will not get yourself sucked. If you are that horny (you didn't fuck for quite some time then fucking pay for it - prostitute with AIDS) !
Don't show your fucking desire in the PUBLIC ! 

WATCH what you're saying !
" 男人不壞, 女人不愛 " I can't believe someone still saying something like this and he literally meant he himself !
Please ! If you are as handsome as AndyLau then you will be automatically announced amnesty for being a badass (it is because he is an idol ! No one likes badass in real no matter who you are) but if you don't ! You are not allowed to be a badass and saying something like this that irritated people's ears (and somehow it is considerably sexual harassment)! 
OVERCONFIDENT perhaps ?' *roll eyes* 

Seriously ! 
Stop Leering at people lecherously ! Stop saying something that harassing people's ears ! Stop trying to lay your fucking hands on people's pants ! 
I don't fucking care whether i myself (or you construe as i'm) referring to ladies, gays, guys or whatsoever !

If you have ENOUGH self-esteem, you ain't doing any of  those things that are disgracing yourself. 

Thank You ! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

陳奕迅 - 你給我聽好 ... ❤

你看看大夥兒合照 就你一個人沒有笑
是我們裝傻 還是你真的有很多普通人沒有的困擾

Everyone's been through something or being through something ... 
No one have a life with just happiness and succeed ! No one ! 
So why don't you just be happy and stop emo-ing & stop 'bragging' about how miserable your life is when there is someone out there is more misery than you ?' Just STFU and listen to Eason Chan, #Lol. 

你在想誰想到睡不著 你應該覺得驕傲
很多人想失戀也沒有目標 只是想睡個好覺 別炫耀

You should be proud, #Lol. 
Enjoy your heart-broken moments because when you finally found someone who is your Mr./Mrs. Right, he/she hardly gonna break your heart. #JustSaying

I'm the one whom Eason Chan is singing about ! 
想失戀也沒有目標 xD

你給我聽好 想哭就要笑

新的剛來到 舊的就忘掉

你給我聽好 想哭就要笑
This is all about LIFE. No matter what've had happened, you gonna live and you're not gonna died so why not smile and be positive ?!' Nothing lasts forever ! Nothing ! Not even miserable life. 

I'm finding this song lyric is EPIC ! I'm falling deep in love with Eason Chan already ! 
Stay Strong and Love Yourself more. ❤

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Experience with Havaianas ... ❤

As i grow older, I no longer like fancy shoes ... 

No more high heels ...
Even though i think i born to clad in high heels #Lol. 
Maybe for some special occasion but not at all frequent ! 

I don't think i need to dwell on what is the cons of wearing heels too often or so ...

Nowadays, i only invest in GOOD QUALITY of running shoe and casual shoe (like slipper)! 

I love slipper (or maybe sandal) a lots ! 
(my feet hardly look good on sandal >...<)
Because i don't have to worry about after a long day of walking, my shoes will get stinky, my toes will get distorted and else. 

So i have been doing some research on a good pair of casual shoe, eg. flip flop, sandal, slipper and etc. from different brands. 

I don't drive nor take cab so i basically walk a lots. 
So a good pair of shoes is more than needed. 

At least something that will not make you slip / feel slippery when the floor is wet. 

After few weeks of research, i almost gave up ...
Due to the price, the testimonies and etc... 

But then i realized i haven't check them out ... 

It is Havaianas

I'm gonna share my experience on the purchasing and how i feel when i walk on them for hours. 

I had tried to get some testimonies from the internet (before the transaction happened) but there are few to naught. 
So i'm gonna share mine and here you go for one more testimony.

This is the one i purchased in the end. Picture from Havaianas's page. 

Sometimes, i am super indecisive. 
Sometimes, i am super snappy !

This day, me myself chosen to be super duper indecisive. 

First, i tried sandals on. 
Every color. Every size. 

Then unisex slipper. 
There was three color and i requested to try them but there wasn't my size. 

Then i said " I'm going to take this. Can you get me a new one ?' " 
The shop assistant went in to the storeroom. 

While waiting, i go around the store and checked out others. Then ...
"Can i try this one ?' Maybe this one as well ?' My size ?'" 

(Oh ! I don't at all trying to remember what size i'm wearing ...)

After i'd tried almost up to 20 pairs of shoes then only i decided that i cannot be so petulant ...
And decided on one. 

Of course i like it. 
Or else i would just be thick-faced and walk out the store. #Lol. 

What i'm trying to say is ... 
The shop assistant didn't at all get peevish. The voice she's having not at all raspy even after the number pairs of shoes i'd tried on. Still cheerful enough ! 

Means ?' 
Excellent services ! Don't you think so ?' 
If i were her, i would have just shoo myself out the shop even getting sack is the repercussion.

The outlet i went to is Pavillion, 5th Floor. 
A chubby lady. Long Black Hair. 
(didn't get her name but there was only one lady shop assistant) 

What do i think after hours of walking ?' 

I have yet to know whether it will scarred my legs (anyhow) but so far it did a good job. 
The gripping force of the base is quite strong (or maybe it is still new) especially when the floor is wet. 
I didn't feel strained-legs after hours of walking ! 
Not just that, it also make my feet looks fairer. #Lol. 
(with the color i've chosen lah)

It is plain but beautiful and gracious. 
You get what i mean ?' 

Anyways, I hope they will restore their Havaianas Malaysia's page ... 
making sure the store got in as many as possible the models they had released. 

My reviews always have been true, so does this one. 
I purchased it. They are not given to me. 
No commodity pictures by me because i'm lazy. >...< 

Lastly, i hope nothing will come up to contradicting my own words. In this post. xD 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

Monday, May 5, 2014

Am I Racist ?!' ... ❤

Am i ?!' You tell me !

I don't like (typical) Malays & (typical) immigrate workers and never did. 
But i like Indians ! 

So what do you think ?' 
Racist, still ?' Whatever !

tell you why ?!' 
Because do you ever came across that chinese or indian leering at you lasciviously ?' 
You did ! Everyone did. The thing is how often. 

Majority of them (chinese and indian) don't do that.
Majority of Malays and immigrate workers do that. Almost all the time. 
This is an act of irreverence to ladies !

(typical) Malays are haughty and lazy. 
Immigrate workers are lascivious but most of them are rather hard working. 

Most of the time, my statements refer to guys. 
I'm trying not to be bitchy to gals because being gals is hard.

(typical) Malays are haughty. 
They are not friendly nor nice. I never get it why they are so (in this case, the Malay ladies won) ! 

If someone is nice, no matter what race is he/she or even it. 
African ! Bangaladesh ! Filipino or whatsoever. 
I will be nice and even like the 'someone' ! 

I am an easy-going person. 
I'm easy to be satisfied. Easy to be appeased. Easy to be shooed away. xD

(typical) Malays are lazy. 
I'm sorry that i cannot seem to appreciate the laziness. 
I know lazy people find the quickest way to do things and they might be smart.But ... 
Normally this didn't apply on them. They are just simply lazy that i don't think they are 'lazy' enough to think of finding a way to cope with all the jobs quick. 
They just normally don't. 

They took granted of what they are given and never show appreciation. 

Being said that i look like Malay actually somehow flare me up.
I work damn hard here and you quote me with someone that are so typically xxxx ?' 
(even if it is just the resemblance)

Even though i should be proud of it because i don't look like Chinese. 
"Wah ! You look so Chinese !" <-- this is the most scariest phrase in my life. xD 

Notice that i added the "(typical)" ?!' 
It means ... 

If you feel offended then ... 
Lol. You are simply one of them. 
Nothing else.

Because i do admire some Malays that are not so typical. 
They built their own career. Have their own firm. Work hard.

So ... 

One more thing !
I don't really mind people taking advantages of me but the thing is do you worth it ?' 

Most of the time, NO !

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

Sunday, May 4, 2014

They Say I Look Like ... ❤





LOL ~! 
Take it easy man ! I might be racist but i don't let this frivolity get to my nerve when there is tons of others i have to take care of. Just trying to do some updating so here is the piffling. xD But based on true story ! =.= I have no idea why the guy did this to me ! He talked to me face to face then when he double checked with his mum who to look for, he told his mom there is no Chinese in the office ! Which mean i'm not Chinese to him. He is a Chinese ! He supposed to know that i'm a Chinese too ! Oh man ~ You doubly disappointed me ! 

Now no doubt that i get tanned (from running outdoor) and have to put more effort on whitening. :( 

Okay lah ~ 
Tell you the truth ... 

That is i have been "quoted" as not only Malay but Filipino, Korean, Taiwanese, Mix and etc. 
But surely not Indian nor white. :( 

Quite proud of it actually even though i'm not really pleased with the Malay resembly. xD 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤