Monday, June 30, 2014

Stay Young and Smart with Eskayvie ... ❤

"Unlock Secrets to YOUTHFUL, 
Enriching Lives from Within."

So anyone is looking for supplement to stay forever young or to stay smart and sharp?
Because i might have something you are looking for!

I attended Eskayvie Radianze & IQids Product Showcase, it was held in Pullman Bangsar Hotel which collaborated with The Butterfly Project
My camera defaulted and all the pictures in the memory "Ka-Boomz" gone! #wtf I have been using my phone as my camera. >...< I didn't take good #OOTD pictures on that day but good product's pictures! #Awwwww 

We were so damn late by virtue of the idiotism of the Waze! 
The Hotel is under the bridge but then when we are right in front of the hotel (but on the bridge), it told us "You have reached your destination!" and we couldn't figure out the way to get under the bridge to the hotel. We were surrounding the hotel like a maniac! #LOL. 

Finally. My Google Map made it. We safely landed. 

We missed most of the presentation of the product but we did taste-test the product and had our high-tea. 
Pullman Bangsar Hotel was so generous with the preparation of the high-tea. It wasn't just high-tea. There was lots of food. Desserts. Assortments of salads. Bihun. Curry Chicken. and so on. I ate tons because they were really delectable! 

Let's move on to the products! 

A chocolate-flavored supplement for kids. 

" The combination of Omega-3, Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidylcholine can help spark your child's excellence as certified by the hundreds of international clinical studies. Certainly a wise and worthwhile investment for the future of your beloved child." - by Dr Syid Ayob Alqudri. 

What is the BENEFITS of consuming it?!'
✔ Helps develop a stronger body defence. 
✔ Provides a potent array of immune factors. 
✔ Helps promote growth and development. 
✔ Support memory and alertness. 
✔ Helps to build stronger bone and teeth. 
✔ Helps promote bowel health. 
✔ Promotes better sleep. 
✔ Helps promote muscle relaxation.
Does not contain any artificial coloring. 
and so on. 

Direction of Usage:-
Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of cold or room temperature water (strictly X warm/boiled water). 
(1-12 years old) 1 sachet daily. 
(above 12 years old) 2 sachets daily. 

"I-Qids is just amazing! Now, Mahran doesn't get sick easily. He's also become smarter, talkative and converses like an adult." - Mahran (4 years old)'s mum.

"Alya used to get sick pretty often but not anymore. Now, she rarely needs to see the doctor. I guess I-Qids must have boosted her immune system. At school, her grades are also improving." - Alya (12 years old)'s mum. 

"I just love the chocolate taste! I take I-Qids with breakfast before going to school and also at night before my study time. It keeps me focused and my concentration improves a lot. I feel healthier too!" - Farahin (15 years old)

It is really a chocolate-flavored rich drink and i should really start taking it right before my class!
I want to get FULL marks! #seriouslikeshithere

Eskayvie Redianze

Do not hide the signs of aging, defy them ...
Redianze = beauty + health

Redianze = an aid to Beauty Reviving + Health Restoring
✔ Prevents wrinkles and sagging skin
✔ Enhances skin textures 
 Eliminates freckles, blemishes and uneven skin tone
✔ Boosts skin's natural hydration and radiance
✔ Promotes tissue regeneration to heal injured skin and scars
✔ Provides internal protection from sunburn 
✔ Minimized appearance of cellulite 
✔ Improves hair quality, thickness and strengthens its protective sheath
and so on. 

Direction of Usage:-
Daily (one hour before or after meal) 
Add 200ml of cold or room temperature water (strictly X warm/boiled water) for each sachet

- Low in calories 
- Aids in burning of fat during exercise
- Suitable for men
- No known side effects
- Not addictive

"I feel beauty should be maintained while we are still young. I wouldn't want to wait to get the wonderful benefits of Redianze. I feel that my complexion is getting better and nails getting stronger by the day." - by Sam Wong (20+ years old)

"A sachet is all it takes to help keep my energy levels up. I can last longer on the treadmill and after ,y workout, i don't get burned from muscle sores. Another plus is that my acne problem is really improving." - by Alex Khoo (30+ years old)

"I see a lot of improvement on my skin's condition in just two weeks. Fine lines disappeared and my skin, especially the cheeks, became firmer and plumper. Overall, I am more energized to face my daily tasks." - by Sandy Lim (50+ years old)

You don't say "I'm too young to take any collagen supplement." !
You don't wait until your body start losing collagen to take collagen supplement. You take collagen supplement as early as your 20s to retain the youthfulness of your skin. 
Redianze is on peach-flavored. 

I'm going to start consume it and it stated after 6 days of consecutive consuming, i will be able to see visible results. I will let you know whether i'm younger and my skin texture smoother. :)

Thank you Eskayvie and The Butterfly Project for the products and the opportunity to try it out. 
Other than these i-Qids & Redianze, Eskayvie has other product for femininity, weight loss, detox and so on. 

Check out their website for more info:-

Stay Young!
Thanks for reading ... ❤ 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

[CafeKL] Podgy and the Banker in Sri Hartamas... ❤

Monday so blue huh?' 
Woke up around 6am just to workout a little because i have been binge-eating for like one whole week. Damn.

Have no idea what is happening to my body?!!!! 
NON-Stop craving food and non-stop eating! Aww >...< 

Fine. Back to the food!
We went to Podgy and the Banker. Have you guys heard of it? It is around Sri Hartamas area. Waze lah huh ~

I wanted to try baked egg sandwiches but baked eggs was all sold. In the noon. :/
So i had Nutella French Toast and a Chocolate Banana Cake

I tell you what?!!
The Chocolate Banana Cake is awesome! Tasty! Delectable! Really damn nice! xD
It is quite big in portion and cost RM7.00 #giveme10more
#totallyworthit #wasgoingtoordersomemorebut...

Regarding the Nutella French Toast
It wasn't my preference! Maybe because the nutella wasn't thick enough. It was quite a thin layer and it wasn't 'nutella' enough (for me) in between the bread so why don't you be generous a bit? xD 
You are able to add on banana which only cost RM1 more. 
It costs RM10.00 (without banana)

Move on to the environment. 
Tell you something embarrassed! We were ordering then in the midst of it, i told my friend that there are quite a number of handsome working here (we were in front of the counter and handsome are behind the counter) in Mandarin. They don't look like Chinese for me because they are so fair-skin so i automatically assumed they don't know Mandarin mah! The moment i finished my sentence, the cashier snickered! >...< *run* #selfservice

The decoration and embience was quite nice. 
The table and chairs are quite classy! I love it!
But only if there wasn't much noise?!! We went there on Saturday so it was crowded but it was really too noise, it is like in pasar? I feel like i had to shout in order for the person who was sitting opposite me to hear me! What?! 

Not a good place to have some "me-time" or chitchat. 
Just go and eat and enjoy the handsome/charisma's view!

Cheers for the Chocolate Banana Cake!

Thanks for reading ... ❤

Monday, June 23, 2014

Malaysia's Bible Issue ... ❤

Okay ... 

I thought since primary school, we (everyone who in the school) have already been told that we should respect each other's religion, culture, customs and so on?
Then i don't know what is this? Finding blaspheme against Islam for having bibles in the church? Puh-lezzzz.... It wasn't in the mosque what? 

This bible's issue is just so damn ludicrous man!
I bet we have become the jokes for many countries. 

Was it because Christian are so much better than Ixxam then they realized and wanna bring down the whole community? #Lol. #WHAT?
Or are these people just non-educated at all? Hmph ... #WeNeverKnow

Respect each other and stop creating hassles and puh-lezzzz focus on how to make Malaysia a developed country man. Focus on how to make the country's system effective and efficient a tiny bit, perhaps? We all will be appreciate.
57 years still an undeveloped nation. Oh man. How embarrassing it is?!

Isn't there anybody out there to speak out? 
I believe there is another authority above them right? Like the constitution. But what they really do arr? After all these years. #Lol. #BaiLengCom

Whatever lah~ 
Iz Like Tat! Malaysia. *shake head*

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza ... ❤

The best cheese pizza i have ever had!

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza. 
Locates in Pavilion, Food-Court-Level.

I'm a vegan! and whenever me and my friends go for a meal, they always take me into account when they are choosing which restaurant to go for. >...< #MaFanRenWu
They wanted to have pizza, so do i. 

But they wanted to have a meat pizza. 
Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza provides a half-half pizza which enable you to choose you different pizza and combine it so that you don't have to order two plates to have a taste on two different pizzas! 

If i didn't mistaken, other Pizza shops do provide the same service. 

So i asked for a Cheese Pizza and if i didn't mistaken, they had a Hawaiian Pizza. 
The Cheese! Aww >...< I miss them! 

The cheese was really really GOOOOOODDDDD!

If you are looking to have a good cheese then this restaurant will be the perfect choice for you. (Oh. Italiano)
But if you are looking a satisfying pizza's crust then it may be a little disappointed here. It was kind of a thin crust but with GOOD cheese. You get what i mean? #YourChoice

The price is considerably moderate. 
It wasn't like prohibitive for a pizza nor was it cheap. Just in the middle of them. xD

We ordered a regular-size combined-pizza, a drink and a glass of warm water and it costed us RM45++. #Hmph...

But the cheese was really GOOD! #worthitlah. 
Thanks for reading. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

[REVIEW] TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend ... ❤

I like love FOODS! 
I always ate something that make my body overheated and causes breakout on my face. Need not to mention about fats hor. #NoSelfControlOne #ItIsRealHardMan #FoodMah

So i actually force myself to workout (to be exact, sweat) everyday so that i won't be suffering any breakout nor ulster in the mouth nor headache! 
But sometimes, it is really tiring to workout everyday man. Of course there is cheat day and i think there is lots of them! #LOL. 

I have never tried any detox thing before as they said it is only laxatives inside and what they aim to do is just let you poo. When you poo, you automatically think it is really working. But who need laxatives when my digestive system is good enough? (of course not like eat what then poo what lah) 
I poo everyday. Sometimes if i have eaten too much then twice lur. #before

TruDtox sent me a package of their product to try it out ... 
Let me tell you my first impression toward it. 
The smell was so damn strong that i thought "Shit! I have to drink this shit!". 
The first sip was so damn horrified because of the smell and it wasn't taste very nice. 
No String attached to the sachet. 

First and second day. Consumed consecutively.
NOTHING HAPPENED! (or maybe i haven't eaten much enough.)

Took a break on the weekend. 

Monday until Thursday. Consumed consecutively. 
SOMETHING HAPPENED. I poo and the frequency is like Oh My Gawd! xD
I don't think it is affecting my appetite and it just happened that i ate lots and get waken up in the midnight just to poo. It is really frustrated but i don't feel bloated at all no matter how much i ate man. Isn't it awesome? 

You will get used to the smell and taste. 
It isn't that bad actually and now i'm actually kinda addicted to it. xD

I feel like drinking it every day and get detox every day! 
But i don't recommend to consume it everyday. 

Sign of toxicity:-
Overeating, bloatedness, constipation, overweight, gastrointestinal upset, allergies, skin problems, acne, headaches, tiredness, sluggishness, mood swings and even aches and pains. 

What about TruDtox:-
TruDtox is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our body's detoxification organs. It works gently and does not contain harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency. 

- helps cleanse toxins and pollutants from your body
- promote normal functions of your body's detox organs 
- safe for regular continuous use 
- no dependency
- improves digestion 
- improve overall health 

A pack of TruDtox contained 15+2 teabag sachets and it is worth RM88.50. 

For more information, kindly visit 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being Considerate and Caring ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally there is time for me to update! I'm always love to blog and having no time to update make me feel guilty. #itdoesn'tmatterwhetherthereisanyoneheretoread. I have been rushing my assignments as the Final Exam is in imminent but there is still a lot of them no matter how hard i'm working on it. #cannotgiveup. >...<

Pardon me for the photo i have chosen and what you was looking at. It was my last year Halloween's look. #Lol. #nonewphotoslah
I have chosen the left alignment which mean this is going to be a rather long (winded) post! 

I hate uncaring person and unfair treatments. 
Whenever people share with me how uncaring is who who who, my first reaction will be "哇!他/她很賤咯!" and it is my virtual reaction from the bottom of my heart. I always thought in my mind that why don't the person walk in the 'victim's shoes before they say anything like that. I always thought i'm perfectly fit into 'caring' and 'considerate' but then ... I ain't. 

So what happened? 
I'm assigned to phone up a client to give some explanation in Mandarin as the client only speak Mandarin and i'm the only employee who can speaks Mandarin. I have been assigning to do so and some goes well, some really frustrated me. I can speak Mandarin but they are only conversational. I prefer English when come to business. What happened is that i have given all the explanation needed and client asked about something else which related but i didn't have an idea on it so i was being perfunctory and somehow impertinent. She realized and have lectured me for about half an hour in a nice way. 

She was telling me "How hard is it to be an uneducated citizen but what can we do? Being uneducated is not at all a choice back then so it is inevitable that we need someone who can speak Mandarin and explain everything in the way we could understand and ..." I was the one who being impertinent, she may sound a little frustrated but never rude or impertinent and she kept apologize when she was lecturing me. At first, i felt annoyed and irritated as who is she to lecture me? An uneducated lady? I felt funny with what she said. But then i realized something ... My mum is an uneducated lady as well. What if someone treated my mum like how i have treated the lady?  

Years ago, my father involved in an accident and he headed to the police station to lodge a report. Me and my younger brother were with him. Both of my parents are uneducated. They speak little Bahasa Melayu and not at all for English. As the lady mentioned, being uneducated is not at all a choice back then. They were poor and they can't afford the school fee. During the report lodging with the officer, we were not allowed to be beside my father but after a while, my father had seek for our help as he couldn't utter what he was trying to mean. My brother is fluent in Bahasa Melayu but the officer rejected our statements and insisted that he would be only listening to what my father said and i heard the officer had totally misunderstood what my father trying to mean and when we were trying to help, he kinda shouted at us and gave imperative to back off. I was really enraged and pissed by the attitude. (this also explained why i'm racist) 

The way they interrogated was really ill and sick. They treated us like a culprit instead of a victim and thought they are the boss and the way they spoke was really damn arrogant. #youarejustatypewriterdontthinktoomuch Seeing the unfair treatment exerted on my father, i shed tears. It was really hurt to see people treated my parents like this. Like shit. Thinking back, i'm realized i am just like the officer who had treated my father like shit. :( I'm sorry. 

Something bad have happened to one of my INTI bitches the other day. 
I am 'traumatized' to Libra (because i met one Libra's bitch and one Libra's asshole) and whatever they do, i'm always bias against them. She is Libra and her bag got snatched so she spent her day fixing all the documents which have gone. At night, we were going to have a presentation and she told me she wasn't ready. I was being so inconsiderate, i accused her for finding excuses (in my mind) and was thinking that she should have get ready when she is waiting for her documents (everyone knows that you will have to wait a rather long time when come to our Malaysia's government) and what happened will never be an excuse in delaying things. No matter what happened, life goes on. I couldn't mask the hatred growing so i treated her like shit during the presentation. >...< 

Actually Libras are very sincere to friends (according to their horoscope's forecast). 
She did not dwell on it and volunteered to send me home when my "Queen" wasn't able to make it. I felt really sorry to her. I myself have been going through a lots and they are so much worse so i was thinking if i'm able to survive through them then you have no excuses to make from getting over it (i will come out with this thought because i was really 'fragile' and spoiled back then). I hate myself for being so inconsiderate. I survived but it wasn't mean that i'm not hurt so why couldn't i give people the time to settle down (their mind)? Not that it happened a year ago and they still dwell on it what. >...< 

I really should learn how to be a more considerate and caring person. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kiehl's Ultra Facial oil-Free Gel Cream ... ❤

So i'm one of the blogger who attended the "FUN IN THE SUN" Kiehl's event.
It was held at the Secret Garden which located on top of the One Utama's shopping mall.

I have never been there before and i'm really amazed and impressed that there is a pretty and nice garden there. Even though i'm not sure whether it is open for public or just for event.
It is a perfect place for taking lots of #OOTD's pictures. How i wish we had time to stay and take more pictures with it. >...<

I bet all of you have aware of the brand - Kiehl's right?
A skeleton with doctor's coat on? Any idea?

Kiehl's was founded 160 years ago as an apothecary (a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs) in New York's East Village neighborhood. Since then, they've grown into a global company that delivers high-quality, efficacious formulas to our customers.
Their products are made utilizing the finest ingredient known to us in their unique formulations to assure the high quality skin, hair and body care.

They have various range of products. Skin Care, Body or Hair.
There is a range just for men. Eye & Lip Care, Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer, for shaving or even body.

Check out their website for more info:-

Let's get into the products.
It is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free series!
There is cleanser, toner and moisturizer!

I hadn't got a chance to test out my skin type in the event.
I guess it is either combination or oily. Or maybe dry. #eitheronelah.

Due to some technical problem, i haven't got a chance to try out the series of their products yet.
But i had tried Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Moisturizer and let me tell you what i feel about it.

The texture is really light. Not sticky nor thick.
Very spreadable. Rather little amount is enough for the whole face. #saveandwin
There isn't strong smell from it. Didn't leave sticky feeling on the skin.

It is fragrance-free, paraben-free, colorant-free & oil-free.
(Paraben is a kind of preservative in cosmetic products)

Suitable for normal to oily skin.
✔ Shine-control
Reduction in pore
✔ Hydration
✔ Moisturize for 24 hours.

Thank you Kiehl's for having me. 
The venue is awesome. The good was great! 
The product-testing, the DIY cactus terrarium and the awesome-background photobooth. 
Thank you for organizing and having me. :)

Kiehl's Facebook's page:-

Thanks for reading. ❤

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eyes, Nose, Lips ... ❤

 I have watched Ringa Linga's MV and i'm falling in love with TaeYang
I guess i just love every Kpop star with white hair, just like T.O.P. >...< 
(i know him only when he had white hair on) 

To be honest, i don't (really) listen on Korean's song. 
The reason is simple. It is because i don't understand what the hell they are trying to say through the rhythms and melody. #LOL. 

But i do love some Korean's song and i think it is by virtue of the rhythms and melody. 
(still have no idea what is the lyrics mean)

I felt like laughing when i was playing EYES, NOSE, LIPS by TaeYang
It sounds melancholic but i just couldn't bring myself to be melancholia with it. xD

I'm starting to catch on the melancholia after playing few times and it does sounds nice.
I mean the song is good but it will be better if i can understand the language. >...<

When my friend asked me to listen to some certain korean's song and told me that they love it and they feel so sad with the song going on, i'm like "Oh, so you understand what are they singing? " 
Okay lah. Enjoy your song lah.

TaeYang, talk to me only when you are shirtless and with white hair on. xD

Monday, June 9, 2014

Follow Your Heart ... ❤


Thanks Gawd for everything. 
the BAD and the GOOD. Everything. ❤

What meant to be are inevitable so follow your heart. :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

[CafeKL] Departure Lounge in Solaris ... ❤

So we went to departure lounge to discuss our assignments ...
I hate you, assignments. 

They serve breakfast menu all day long and you able to customized the breakfast to your own liking. 
I decided to try it out and selected 5 items from the selections and it costs RM14.90

I selected omelette, hash brown, pancake, salad and mushroom (canned) together with wholemeal bread. 
Nicholas selected 7 items which cost RM16.90

I like the (fresh) omelette, the (canned) mushroom and the (delectable) hash brown. 
I don't think the pancake which is not fresh-made one because it tasted exactly like the waffle i had in the Caffe Bene. It had been there before it served to us. >...< The salad, no. Just no. Not nice. The wholemeal bread is rather hard man. Just like the pancake. >...< 

I'm wondering whether those pancake dishes taste exactly like the one i had on my breakfast platter. 

The ambient of the cafe is fine. Quite classy but only if you get the sofa. xD
The wifi there is fine. Not speedy nor slow. 

Yea. Self-service. 

Overall, it was not a bad experience just that i hope they serve fresh food, like fresh fresh especially come to bread and pancake kind of food. 
No one like un-fresh food. >...<

Thanks for reading. ❤

Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh Your English! ... ❤

Let's set the ball rolling. 
I'm inspired by an old friend of mine to blog about this. ENGERISH. ENGLISH.

Let me share the conversation between us:-
(i'm not trying to humiliate anyone! Just trying to show you how ludicrous it is if you don't work hard on your English and stop finding excuses!) 
You may laugh at her but how is your English ?'

A: My English so bad, broken English. How to improve ?
Me: ( i told her many times how i'm working on my English but ... Keep reading)
A: I so sadness ... :( 
(should be "i'm so sad.")
Me: There is no sadness in it. Work hard or fail. 
A: I want to improve my English. 
Me: You may try the Cxxbrixxe English course. 
A: Lol, that problem i always reject. 
Me: Self-study, perhaps ?'
A: I can't. 
Me: See. That's why!
A: I mean must have someone to help me. Capture i to study. If no i will "Man Bu Jing Xin"
(Should be "I mean i need someone to guide me and help/discipline me with my study, if no i won't be able to get it done.")
Me: If you keep demanding someone to help you with it then in the end you won't get anything done. No one is free for you. Get a bf who is good in English, perhaps ?
A: Impossible. U are so best English, i so envy
(Should be "You are so good in English. I'm jealous.")
Me: Because i work hard and blah blah blah ...
A: Somemore you study in college, can conversation with friends right ?
(Should be "Furthermore / Moreover" there is no "Somemore/Sumore")
Me: Somemore, you are working and you have to converse in English right ?
A: So stress. I will gonna study English course
(Should be "I'm going to take the English course.")
Me: If you don't wanna spend money then read more ...

If you have been a regular visitor here then you will notice that my ENGLISH has improved/improving.
(i'm still working on it >...<)  

Let me share about my ENGLISH 'journey' with you. 
I'm not born with an ENGLISH-educated family and in fact my parents know nothing, not a word about ENGLISH. They don't speak ENGLISH nor understand it. I used to communicate only in Chinese. Serious. But that doesn't mean my Chinese is good, they are just conversational. 

I realized ENGLISH is important as an international language when i was in Form 4 or 5 (and i always wanna to be with ang mo xD) and i had made some effort on it by reading more and memorizing more vocabularies. But there wasn't any chance for me to practise my ENGLISH speaking because i was in a Chinese-based high school. Everyone speaks Chinese. 

I always hoped that i would get the highest score in the ENGLISH exams. #neverhappen


We wasn't acquainted with each other so when you made a new friend, you stick with her. 
One day before the class started, the 'new friend' hoisted herself up and heading to the door so i was nervous by virtue of didn't want to be left alone so i asked "You go where ?'" and guffaw ensued with my phrase being repeated. I was so embarrassed! but i didn't know what was wrong :(
(In case you still have no idea, it should be "Where are you going ?'")

My ENGLISH progressed by leaps and bounds! in the college. 
Everyone speaks ENGLISH. No matter how broken your ENGLISH is, you have to speak especially when you need to asked for assistant. Since then, i communicated only with ENGLISH except my family (but we wasn't close with each other)! My ENGLISH speaking improved but my grammar still weak. 

Me and my sisters was taking ENGLISH course in Cxxbrixxe English Centre which costed an arms and a leg but we never appreciated it and just simply quit without any valid reason. No grammar improvement done. 

I am feeling lucky that i'm having Fundamentals of English in my course. #whydon'ttheymakeitacompulsorysubjectearlier

After all the above bullshit, what i'm trying to say is that my ENGLISH is not bestowed by Gawd. I worked hard on it and i'm still working on it. I wanna to be able to write articles with perfect grammar and some big words! >...< 

I remembered there was a 'phase' which my ENGLISH wasn't good enough to express whatever i'm trying to say/share so i just kept everything to myself (so that people won't laugh at my broken ENGLISH) and people thought i'm shy. >...< NO! I'm talkative like shit and i always want to talk! How pathetic it was ?!' 

I read! I type! I practise! I speak! 

Sometimes, i'm still stammering and struggling with ENGLISH. I'm not good enough yet and i'm working on it! I think everyone should work on it, no matter how fast or slow the progress is! No matter fast or slow, it is a progress and it is progressing! Spare a little time a day to LEARN a new vocabulary and how to make sentences with it or READ a book? Check every single solitary word you don't know! Don't assume! If you not sure about it, check. I know how it feels like when you have to check almost every single word in a page and even after checking every single words, you still have no idea what is the page about! >...< SPEAK! No matter how broken your ENGLISH is! If people laughed at you then ask them how and what it should be then you will remember because you was mortified by it. WRITE or TYPE in ENGLISH! Check with your friends before you published the status whether the grammar and vocabularies used are correct. Watch more English-language movie, LISTEN and follow with the subtitles. 

Don't you envy the one who speaks fluent ENGLISH?' 
Then work hard on it. Never pray for it to be bestowed. No excuses! 
Don't hate those who made fun of your English because in the end they are who propelled and motivated you. #butistilldon'tlikethem

Gambateh! Fighting! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[CafeKL] Ben's in Pavilion ... ❤

So we went to Ben's after our business test. xD
Well done on the business test. #yeah

I wanted to visit Ben's since i have tried their red velvet cake on an event.
It is the best red velvet cake i have ever had in my life. 

But i decided to try on the other cake because they are all look so tasty. 
I had the Rocky Road Cake. - RM 14.00

It wasn't to my liking. :(
The marshmallow was too sticky (for a marshmallow) and the cake was too heavy and sticky ?' I couldn't myself to finish it up. I think i would vomit. >...< 

Nibble - S. Button Mushrooms. - RM 16.00
I'm a mushroom freak and i wanna have every mushroom dishes! xD 
It was nice but i think you have to share it if you ordered it because they are fried! Having too much may cause you a fever! 
The amount is not really substantial with its price but it is NICE. The mushroom is fresh.  

There was Apple Crumble - around RM12.00
Apple Crumble/Pie never my cup of tea so i couldn't bring myself to comment whether it is nice or else >...< 

Ben's Chocolate Cake - around RM12.00 
It tasted the best between the cakes we had ordered. >...<
But it wasn't mine so i only have a few bites on it. It serves with a considerably big scoop of ice cream and it tasted good. The cake is super black in color so it is quite hard to get a good and clear picture on it with my phone >...< Sorry!

The ambient is nice enough but in certain area like the table we were having, it was warm. So warm that we might start sweating. 
The customer service was just okay okay. They don't take the initiative to refill people's drinking water and their responsiveness is considerably slow (when we ask for refilling). >...< 
Or maybe they were busy with other diners ?' (yea ~ we went there around 8)
If i didn't mistaken, there is no wifi. 

They have a 'topics box' on the table to ease the awkward moment during your hang out session. 
Like " What are you thinking when you brush your teeth ?' " and so on. 

Thanks for reading ... ❤