Monday, October 27, 2014

Personalized. Names. Texting. Stares. ... ❤

Hello ~ 
Let's talk about stupid and random things in my (recent) life! 

I have decided to personalized all my social network sites because ... 
I was searching for blogs to read and then I typed "Caroline Ng May Ling" which is her real name and of course there was her blog, social network sites and her selfies. Tons of them! I was astonished by the information i got with her real name! It made me concern so much so i google my real name! There is my photo!!!! Btw, "FrankieRoseUni" isn't my real name! :/ Don't you think it is creepy that people able to google your personal details on the internet?'!!!!!! 

The only social network site you can reach me is my Facebook Page:-

Will keep blogging ... 

I don't know what happened! You tell me! 
I can't remember names! There was a few times that my friend introduced me to her friends and we were chatting and gossiping and it all went rather smoothly but the problem is none of the names went into my brain! I can't recall what's their names! OMG ~ It would be really embarrassed if they asked me what is their names! :/ 

But i still able to remember those whom i really like to know or hate! xD

I love like okay with texting. I don't really text. 
I don't text with my friends (in your words, they are bff because i differentiate acquaintances and friends CLEARLY) asking how is your day?' Have you eaten?' and so on. I tend to ignore these kind of texts. (By virtue of would you send me food if i'm telling you that i'm starving?) Sorry. I text when they said they need someone to whine or talk to! I have just started using WeChat voice messages week ago and i find them really useful! You don't have to type whole length of messages to comfort people!!!!! xD #OrangAsli

I don't mind texting with someone whom i wanted to know more about. 

I really don't like hate people staring at me. Are they trying to pick up a fight with me or what? I'm okay with fighting. Come! xD
It is just me?' Don't you guys feel the same way like i do?' People are not staring! They are leering! Or staring for something! Like come on! Tell me what is it! Don't let me hanging there if my zip is down man! #ExceptionIsRARE

Stay Gorgeous~
Stay Happy!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love, Rosie ... ❤

What do you get when you fall in love ...
Love, Rosie.

A love's lesson that need to be known by every single one who is going to have / having a relationship! You can't rush into a relationship because you are feeling lonely or by virtue of feeling tired of living alone. There is a lesson to be learned. 

Do not rush into any relationship!
Or else, you gonna waste another 5 years' times or more to get thing right! There isn't much 5 years in reality. You don't know what may happen to any one of you the very next day. So don't take people for granted. Appreciate. 

Be with the wrong person ...?
Seriously, i really don't get it like why and how on earth people able to take someone else in (kiss someone else, hug someone else) when there is already a person in their mind/heart. 

If she/he isn't the right one ... 
Don't ever think of trying (to be in a relationship). You will only end up stuck in a relationship that you feel like running away all the time or alone again or even miss someone who really matter. 

We all have different frame of reference which made of our own previous experiences and stories so we may have different opinions on this / this movie. But one thing for sure that we will have it in common is that ALEX (Sam Claflin) is so damn hotttttttttt!!!! xD 

Recommendation: ❤❤❤❤❤

Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Ways to Overcome Overthinking ... ❤

Afterall, overthinking is just a state of mind! 
I opened up with my mum and she shared with me how she managed to survive through the excruciating period! She told me that it was really just the way you think and you can control your thinking by being more relax and not think about the things you are fretting about! I didn't really take it in when she shared it with me! But then ... 

If you are one then you know what i'm talking about!
You are unable to control what is going on in your mind! Tons of BAD events flash back! Even the irrelevant one!
You are unable to control your temper! Just like (girls) having mensus! 
You are unable to think or make any decision. Even a simple one! 
It will drive you crazy! Sooner or later! 

I googled about "Overthinking" and have come across a few of solution that seem to work! 

Talk to someone you love to talk to but NOT about your problem! Listen to them! Find ways to annoy someone you like to annoy! In my case, my (younger) brother! Read a science fiction! Read a motivational genre book! Watch a hilarious show! Watch a macabre horror! Go for a jog in the park! Do some Yoga! Whatever that will occupy you mentally and physically! 

Something has triggered it! What is it! Take a paper and write it down. Underline it. Draw a center line on the page with "PROS" on the left and "CONS" on the right! Start filling it! For instance, you were thinking whether to confess. 

List down the PROS: a. she said yes and we're on! 
CONS: a. she has a boyfriend! b. she said no. c. you are embarrassed. d. she isn't befriending you. etc. 

There are so many unfavorable situations but would you rather feel embarrassed or spending the next 5 years' times or more remorse for what you didn't do?' You think. 

Overthinker tends to take all the bad experiences their have with them all the time, no matter what! :/ So when something (bad or similar) happened, they think and think and eventually over-thinking things! They are thinking whether the outcome will be the same as last time! They are thinking whether the other party will do the same thing that will hurt them all over again! They are thinking that the other party may say no! They are thinking that they may failed! Thay are thinking that ... They think and think and are afraid to take real action! 

So the easiest way to get rid of all the thoughts is simply TAKE ACTION! It is either a "Yes" or "No", "Yes" then you are happy to go! "No" then at least you have tried your best! Try harder next time or move on! 

Life is short! Give everything a shot! 
You will be surprised like how life is amazingly amazing! 

Seriously, don't over-think things! 
It hurts! brains! 
Be gorgeous! Positive! Happy, always! ❤

Monday, October 20, 2014


Someday, sooner or later, i'm going to die from OVERTHINKING
It is just a matter of time. 

Just like last time, i googled my problem - PERFECTIONIST.
This time, i'm googling about OVERTHINKING
(Walau-E! Overthinking's articles are consisted lots of words which making me more depressed. xD)

"When you are in a bad mood of some type - depressed, anxious, just altogether upset - your bad mood tends to trigger a cascade of thoughts associated with your mood. These thoughts may have nothing to do with the incident that put you into a bad mood in the first place, as when a poor job performance causes you to think about your aunt who died last year." - Psychologist Susan Nolen-Hoeksema 

Overthinking SUCKS!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guess F/W 2014 Collection ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Haven't been updated about events for quite a while!

GUESS what is it about this time's round?' 

It is about GUESS f/w 2014 collection!
It was my honor to be invited for their Nashvilles Most Wanted Denim's party night which hosted by Hunny Madu from 8TV at GUESS, 2nd Floor in Pavilion. 

I was really surprised that quite a numbers of celebrities were there attending the event. :O
There were Henley Xu, Cathryn Li, Carey Ng, Venice Min, Tracy CJE and more! You guys can check the pictures out with the Instagram hashtag of #GUESSMY and #GUESSMOSTWANTED.  

Let's go through some pictures. 
Hunny Madu - Host of the day
Carey Ng and Hunny Madu
(Their outfits are provided by GUESS
Guess Denim
Guess Accessories
Dessert of the day 
Fish & Me

Let's have a look on their new collection which are showcased ...
There was sexy, elegant, decent, nerdy, flirty and more! 

For more information, kindly visit:-

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Dog's Life ... ❤

Howdy guys ...:)
Let's talk about dogs or anything else that make sounds?!

This morning ...
I was on my way to work and an auntie was flagellating her dog because the dog barked and she felt annoyed.

Like hello! I bet you know dog barks, right?' In fact, they only bark!
You flagellate them because they bark?' What are you thinking?' You expect that they say it out loud "This guy is creepy and i think you should check on him!" ?' WTF! I don't really get it like why people get a dog but don't 'allowed' them to bark or taking good care of them?!' Get a dinosaur lah! #MadLikeShit #AnimalAbuseLurComeOn

I think the only when you can kind of slap a dog's body (flagellate is just too much) is when he try to eat something that are lethal to him like Chocolate!

Have you ever think about a dog's life?' 
They aren't like human beings! They can't talk or tell you what they are thinking and how they are feeling! When they feel nauseated, they bark (to let know you)! When they feel threatened, they bark! When they feel excited, they bark and swag their butt! When they feel hunger, they bark as well! When they are injured, they just couldn't say anything, not even "Ouch!", what do you think?'

Have you taken good care of your dog?' 
Making sure he is always feeling good?' Making sure whatever you have offered to him is edible for him not you?' Making sure his nails are trimmed nicely so that he won't hurt himself?' Maybe you do but some people out there just don't! They discriminate! They abandon! They abuse! They let them starve!

Have you ever think about what is their life's purpose?' 
The purpose of their subsistence?' No purpose! They come to enjoy being a pet! That's all so treat them well lah! Puh-leezzz ~

Try to walk in their shoes and imagine if you were them!
Treat people or even animal the way you want people to treat you!
What goes around, comes around! #Karma!

Thanks for your time ... ❤

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfectionist ... ❤


Are you a perfectionist?' 
I always thought only Virgo is perfectionist! Never knew that Pisces is also one! 
I didn't realize i am one until i'd started my college! 

Definition of Perfectionist:-
a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection 

Problem with Perfectionist:-
1. Knacker yourself in order to be the best and try to be perfect 
(when perfectionist say try, we try real hard)
2. Stress over everything we've decided to do
(be the Best or nothing)
3. Overthinking 
(Literally Over and Over)
4. "Almost Perfect" means failure
5. Fear that we are incapable on reaching the goal
(Stress then hormone imbalance then breakout!)
6. Dwell on mistakes 
(even a small one)

Perfectionist take excellence to a different, more stressful level than that of mere high achievers. 
- from

I'm a bit shocked when i found out that i'm a Perfectionist. 
I always thought that being a Perfectionist must be real hard for them mentally because they seek for perfection in a world that nothing is perfect. Until i have discovered i am one ...

I'm taking Public Speaking this semester. 
There are assignments and it is not paper-based. It is on presentations and the result will be part of the GPA. I strive to get full mark in every subjects i'm taking and Public Speaking is not at all an exception. (I'm not those TOP / Straight A students though) The assignment Q was based on Multiculturalism and i had been stressing myself since last week to come out with the best content ever or at least it had to be interesting. 

There you go procrastination because when you are brainstorming a way to be perfect with the stuff you are working on, you get despaired when you think it is simply not the best and you stop everything you do (literally everything) and started putter away hours and hours without getting anything done! 

There are so many side effects of being a perfectionist!
Like over-stressing which leads to breakout! Drive you CRAZY! 
and etc. (depends on your character lah~)

I took a test. A Perfectionist's test. Guess what!
"You're a Perfectionist.

I took my test here:-

But i'm quite lucky that i don't seek perfection in every aspects of my life. 
Only academic for the moment. 

Imma HAPPY girl because the presentation is over!
I think i did a not-bad job!

Can't wait for weekend. ❤

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

每一次戀愛 - 梁文音 ... ❤








忘了真愛 也要忘我



失去對方 剩下自我


親愛的  加油 ❤