Sunday, November 30, 2014

Communication ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
I have completed my Public Speaking's classes and now i feel like i can be a speaker already. xD #justsaying 

I was about to persuade my audience to take my side of stance saying that computer communication prevents us from develop interpersonal skills and having meaningful relationship with each other. What do you think? Agree or disagree? 

I have to agree like nobody else. You know why? 
One of my pet peeves is that whenever i talk/in the middle of conversation, people get distracted. Especially by their phone! Trust me. When you talk, the other party is either texting or scrolling their social networking sites, they are not listening. Basically they are just hearing. They are able to repeat exactly what you were saying but when you ask them "So ~ What is the point of my speech?" Majority of them are unable to answer. DAMN! 

It is all-pervasive to have this kind of behavior nowadays. :( 
I still hate it but i compromise and we all compromise, if not i don't think i have anyone to talk to. :( 

In every conversation, 30% is based on verbal-communication of what we actually said and 70% is based on non-verbal communication like body languages and eye contact. Without sufficient amount of non-verbal communication (which banish by the concentration those have put on their phone), you wouldn't be emotionally engaged with any one of them. 

Talking and listening is the element part of communication. 
People can't read minds and people can't see through what you are thinking and that's why God has bestowed everyone with a mouth to tell what do you think and what you are thinking. God has bestowed all of us with fingers, 10 of them, but that doesn't replace the mouth and ears. 

Argument is part of communication as well. 

Afterall, gadget is just an accessory. 
Don't let gadget accessorized you or be you when come to communication. 
Build relationship with people around you not the people online. ❤

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Hold Grudges on People ... ❤

Let's talk about grudges! 
Me and my brother were bickering about frivolous thing and i was about to burst out whatever mean and cruel words i had in my mind on him but i stop, took a deep breath and avert my head back on my computer screen and keep my assignment going.

He held grudges on me til the next day. I was the one break the ice after the bickering on that even date by showing him some adorable pet's pictures i have come across on social network sites but he gave me no facial expression nor a lopsided smile. I talk to him the next day ...

We have been through a lots. Life and death and i believe that everyone has been through something with someone. Am i right?'
I have learned to appreciate little thing in life. Little thing like everything and anything. I'm truly happy that i'm awake (normally) every morning even though there are grudges from stepping away from the bed. I live in the moment because i and you never know whether this is the last time you and who are having the last meet and you will never see him/her again. I'm not being pessimistic, i'm being optimistic. 

Live like it is your last day and treat people like it is their last day in the world. #NotACurse
Don't hold grudge on them. If they did something that you find really uncomfortable with then tell them how you feel. If they care, they will do something that make you feel more comfortable or even try to change themselves. If they don't care about you, why hold grudges on them?' Simply evict this person out of your life or mind. Grudges hurt you and only you, yourself.

I'm not saint. I hold grudges as well but whenever i think of what they have done because they don't care then who i am to care what they did?' Nobody so why not i just let myself be with those who care about me?' I don't hold grudges on someone who i truly care about or someone care about me and simply because there isn't need for that.

Let me share something with you guys!
A show! A theatre show that you mustn't miss! It is about love! It is about the Crazy Little Thing Called Love, featuring love, courtship, marriage and family relationships.

It was my first time seeing this kind of theatre performance and i think i have started develop a thing toward it. Definitely you can't visit it like you visit cinema because of the ticket's fare, treat it as an occasion. The performers are really great in their skill, for instance the arguing scene, it made me feel like "How on earth am i sitting here watching someone arguing?' That's rude!" It is humorous yet meaningful. It shows you what is love and how people express their love in different stages of relationship. Communicate. It is the only way to show your love one that you care. Listen. and so on. I truly enjoy the show and i believe you will too.

They are performing in Penang Performing Arts Centre on 4th -7th of December. Check them out!
*my own recommendation* 

Live a happy life.
Life is short so be gorgeous and happy! ❤

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All Sizes are Beautiful ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Based on the picture above, you know what i'm going to talk about, don't you?' 

" All sizes are beautiful! "

There was a plus size woman sitting in front of me while i was standing right in front of her (in monorail, en route to my workplace). I saw the way she look, scrutinize and stare at me and  my legs. 
I'm not model-skinny type. In non-modelling world, my body shape is totally normal neither is it fat nor thin. You don't wanna be model-skinny in real life unless you are in the modelling careers. All sizes are beautiful. As you walk along the street, you will see various types of body shape and also skin tones. There is always plus size ...

I agree than all sizes are beautiful but in regards of plus size ... 
I think they are not. Not because of the way your fats look from the outside but what is happening on the inside, your body. I'm not denying the beautiful of being plus size; if you are happy and healthy then go ahead, no one is going to bother about your body shape because you yourself is truly happy about yourself. The thing that matter with being plus size is health. People wouldn't have normal body shape if they keep eating non-stop, except for those with skinny-genes (don't be jealous. you have something they don't have as well). 

They (normal body size people) take care of what they eat even thought they are not in modelling ...
Everyone likes junk food! Potato chips, french fries, cakes, chocolate, pizza and on and on but the thing is you shouldn't take these kind of food frequently. It isn't about taking care of the body shape but your own health so that you are able to enjoy more and more kind of yummy and delectable foods. Stuffing all the junk foods at once will cause you diabetes, high blood pressure or even stroke so why not just have them at once a week or once every 3 days?' It is about quality not quantity. Not that i'm the 1st one to talk about it, there is information and articles about why and how you should take care of your health and so on. So ... It is all about you. 

If you are a plus size and you are happy with it (not insulted by all the criticism) and you are healthy like a normal people then go ahead. Like i said, nobody ain't got time to bother about you being a plus size or not. Your body shape doesn't define who you are. Be what and who you wanna be. 

No one born to be a plus size. It is about what you eat. 
Being in normal body size or even chubby or fat is fine but not plus size. No discrimination because i don't think there is ever any plus size out there is considered as healthy. It isn't about how people perceive you, it is about yourself. Your own health. Afterall, everybody got fats and it is just a matter of percentage. 

Your choice. 
Do something about it or keep feeling belittle. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

People. Tantrums. Patient. Love. ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Wanna talk about tantrums today. I'm kind of making here as one of the channel for sharing my opinions. 

People feel tired after work, normal. 
People feel tired after half of the day spend in school, normal. 
People complain about it, normal. 
People is taking granted of people that they love and throw tantrums on them, normal but not okay at all. 

After long working hours, (no matter what is your job, everyone works) you feel frustrated or even fatigue and having migraine and you feel like complaining or when something unexpected happened / something that happened you find it unpleasant, you 
throw tantrums and majority is on your family members. Because you know they won't leave you and divorce is just too much work that your spouse would never bother about it. You are taking granted of them. 

Family leaves, it is just a matter of time. 
Your spouse would leave as well, it is just a matter of time and state of mind.
Nobody can't live without anybody. #fact

After a long and tiring working hours, when something unpleasant happened but on a stranger, you wouldn't be as mad as you shout at your family when what happened is on your family instead of a stranger! Am I right? 

Everyone works and do you ever think of what kind of job you have to make you have the privilege to throw your tantrums around? (I'm not sure about Obama though) Everyone works and why do you think everyone else other than you is not tired? Do you think you work the hardest so that you are able to throw tantrums around? Think! I'm sure you are not. 

People tends to get mad and throw tantrums on the one who they are close with like family members, especially mom. Mom never leave their children and that's why! Children are the one who leave mom (exceptions do exist)! And treat strangers with all the patient that should have given to your love one! I don't know what happened?! 

Imagine when you are all excited about your father's return from work and you wanted to share with him what happened in your college but then your father come back with grumpy face and shout at you about trivial thing! How would you feel? Or imagine yourself as the father but you never see how hurtful the child will be. 

People never appreciate what they have until it's lost! Appreciate the one with you especially family members because you never know what may happen tomorrow and this encounter may be the last one. You don't want to regret. Trust me! 

You may not be the one who is throwing tantrums around but someone else is then what you should do is don't hold grudges and talk to them about it in due course. Appreciate. ❤