Monday, January 19, 2015

Be a Selfie FLASHER! - Alcatel OneTouch Flash ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
I bet you guys no longer find the brand - Alcatel Onetouch strange right?' Alcatel Onetouch offers reasonable and affordable smartphones and i have used one of them before and now what?' They have launched a fresh new model for the selfie-lovers! Who hates selfie?' I don't think so. 

Allow me to introduce you Alcatel Onetouch?' 
Alcatel Onetouch is a French brand and it is one of the TOP 10 best-selling smartphone's brand along side with Samsung, Lenovo and more! You know what's more?' Alcatel Onetouch has recently partner with famous DJ Avicii. 

If you have followed me on my Instagram and Facebook's Page, I'm sure you have come across the post above. #BEaFlasher's campaign. Alcatel Onetouch has launched this campaign to empower the culture of expressing individuality through selfies. Lots of selfie. Like me, i love to take selfies with the person i like, the little thing i appreciated, the place i find it amusing and classic and so on. Tell people who you are by your selfies. 

Check out #BEaFlasher's campaign on Instagram and Facebook from Cilisos & IGERSMALAYSIA. Don't miss out! Hashtag: #BEaFlasher

Have i already mentioned that they had launched a new model for selfie-lovers?' Yes, i do! So what does it offer?' ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH!

It has already launched early December. What does it offer?' 
- 5MP HD Front Camera (for your selfie)
- 13MP FULL HD Back Camera 
- 5.5 inches HD screen 
- 3200 mAh Battery (465 hours of standby time / 19 hours of talk time) 
- Octacore 1.4 GHz (Graphics get more amazing, speed increases and so does the responsiveness and efficiency) 
- Fast & Wireless Transfer with HotKnot 

I super like the design of the OneTouch Flash where it is simple yet classic and it doesn't feel cheap on the way it looks! Alcatel collaborated with HYDRASKINS for its simple, classic yet fashionable outlook of the OneTouch Flash. Check their Facebook's page out for their amazing works on designing: ! Other than its premium design, guess what's more in store for you?' Beauty enhancer! Now you compromise the quality of your selfies NO MORE and you NEED NOT to download a third party app for your editing's works! The front-camera comes with a beauty enhancer that allowed you to edit your selfies or pictures right away! 

For more info on Onetouch Flash, check this out! 

Oh~ You must be wondering how much this baby gonna cost you right?'
Don't worry! It is available only at RM699 with free flip cover and free 1 year 1 times screen crack warranty! :O

Do remember to check out #BEaFlasher on Instagram and Facebook yea ~~~ 
Love! ❤ 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Being Angry is a Bad thing ... ❤

Me: Sir, we have been informed by XX institution that your redemption have been rejected because your signature is differ from what you had signed earlier. Would you please visit our office again to resign the document?
Client: How different is the differ? How to come?' Do you know where i stay?' ...
Me: Sorry Sir, the other party company will not disclose this kind of private details to us. ...
Client: Then how am i supposed to know that how different is my previous signature compare with what i have signed?' What if i signed again and still different?' ...
Me: Sir, you should be able to check with the officer when you visit the company. ...
Client: Are you sure or not?' You don't waste my time telling me do this and that. ...

Mr. K (Yes, his surname starts with K) picked up my call with quite a nice and soft voice but after i have informed him the situation, his voice started to go up and basically he was treating me as an inferior and shouting at me through phone. The abovementioned XX institution is a bank. Bank is not supposed to disclose any personal details to any third party, what do you think of when it comes to a or your signature?' I seriously hope bank would tell me his signature and his credit card number LO. :/

I have to admit that during the situation when he raised his voice, i had so much urge to shout back and 'warn' him "Sorry Sir, i'm the intermediary that inform you what is happening. Please don't shout at me." But i didn't. Remember?' When people are being rude to you, it defines who they are. Not who you are. So there is no need to be angry and retort back.

What i'm trying to say is that ...
All of us have been through this kind of situation, you get frustrated and annoyed by the fact that things can't be done fast enough and there are so many cumbersome procedures. So when the intermediary, be it an admin, a banker, a consultant etc, inform you the bad news or something need to be done and ask you to revisit their office, we tend to get raged. It is normal. We tend to shout at the person who is informing us, let it be who is he/she and what is her/his position. I did that before and i think everyone does that ...

Have you thought about who they are and what position they are in when their job is to informing you?' Do they have any says on your approval/rejection?' Are they responsible to this or it is you who is responsible to the approval/rejection?' Those who get raged easily never think (Yea ~ I wasn't thinking before this) ... And it also reflects their character in the way their treat you ...

I have to admit that Mr. K is a good-looking guy but with a shitty character. I don't judge quick. I talked to him twice. Same attitude. I don't think i will get a different attitude on the third times. But i don't think i'm making any call to him, La La La La ~ I guess he has a lot of pressure from his boss and colleagues that he get raged so easily and i'm the only one he can scold in the earth. Poor thing ...

Sorry, i get distracted by what i wanna tell instead of what i wanna share ...
I used to have a bad tempered like him but not anymore. When you are being mad, you are actually damaging yourself mentally and physically. For instance, you are mad that the officer was rude to you and you swear you gonna complain for God's sake. Now. Let's Think ...

You are mad at the officer who was being rude to you.
You swear your heart out in your mind and swear that you gonna lodge a complain and make him/her get saked. (Can it be done?' Don't know ...)
You can't focus and be productive.
You feel like sharing with people what has happened. (Negativity)

In the officer's situation: 
Where should i have my dinner later?' Hmm ... McDonald?' KFC?' Hmm ...
Ai Ya ~ I think i should go for manicure again! This keyboard is killing my pretty manicure man!
Should i resign?' Should i ...

Clear?' Only you ...
You are actually torturing yourself and being ridiculous from an outsider's point of view.
If you are in this kind of situation, think from the other party's side. Maybe the officer just get scolded by his/her boss about what he/she didn't do?' Maybe something happened to her/his family that he/she feels like crying but she/he needs to work in order to make a living?' Maybe ... Everyone goes through something, you don't assume people are having an easy live by the smile or from the outside. You never know ...

If you are really not satisfied by how you have been treated then maybe you can imagine that she/he is going through a stoicism (he/she cannot have sex) or a bereavement (his/her family has died) and tell him that you are sorry about what he is going through. Being sarcastic or not, your choice. You may say "Thank You" in a super friendly way to let him/her know that he/she is not behaving. You way, your call.

Treat people how you want to be treated. 
What goes around, comes around. 

Thanks for reading ... ❤

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 pieces of Life Advice for 21 Years Old ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
2014 is over, which means i'm now 22 years old, creeping away from my 21 ... *let's pray*

I wouldn't say that i have been through a lot this year because you never know what people has been through ... But today i wanna give "Life Advice" for those who just stepping into their 21st! I should be qualified to do that right?' xD I will narrow it down to only 10 pieces, okay?' Hehe ...

1. Save Money. 

I know! Your mum has been nagging you about the same thing (almost everyday) and how much is your bank account balance?' Nil. Nil is the answer from the majority of these young ages. Normal. Because you can't stop thinking that you have already run out of clothes, bags, or shoes and whatsoever. Or you just can't resist shopping. Trust me! You want to save it down. I will tell you why.

Because your bank balance says a lot about your loan credibility when you are applying loan. Housing loan or any loan. No strong balance equal to NO LOAN and NO TRAVEL with your bestie.

2.  Is Okay To Be Single 

I thought i'm gonna end 2014 with my new found boyfriend but ...
It is not happening even now. Don't rush into relationship and don't settle for less because of loneliness. Great thing comes to those who waits.

Give time some time.

3. Get Higher Salary Job 

You may think that i still young and i haven't really know what to do in the future so just settle for some easy job like "Admin". Some people once settle, they tend to stick with it. Til forever. Due to inertia. You don't want that ...

Find a more challenging and exciting job. It is good for your self when you decided to apply any loan ...

4. Think Long-Term-ly 

You don't want to think because you are young and you wanna venture all out and do stupid decision that will ruin your whole life. As "stupid thing", it depends on circumstances.

Pregnancy is okay. As long as you are still moving toward your goal.

5. You have Monday Blue because ... 

Literally because you don't like or not excited about what you are doing right now.

It is TRUE that if you like what you are doing, there wouldn't be any BLUE ...

6. Set Long-Term Career Goal 

You are no longer a teenager or something like that.
Sooner or later, you have to be financially independent from all of your previous financial supporter(s). Of course, if your parents still giving you "pocket money", you are lucky but you don't want take too much out from them anymore. It is kind of a shame. Sorry to say that.

It is. After setting your career's goal in the term of 3 or 5 years, then work toward it. Don't let money distract you from your path.

7. Make More Friends 

Connection is really a vital part of the success but of course it also depends on what is your career and some prefer to work alone or not social butterfly enough. It is okay. But try to... It helps.

8. Appreciate the Chance of Studying 

If you are a student and get a flying color for your academia result. When people employ you, of course it is just a paper and i have to admit that exam is actually just a test of your memory and for those who having bad memory, sorry. But still it boost your chance to get an interview.

If you are working full-time, my advise is that you keep pursuing your study. Via night classes.
It will definitely be another factor for your promotional chance.

9. Time to Grow Up

As "Grow Up", i mean get rid of your "Princess" temper. A bad manner or attitude get you no where. Of course, be more open-minded. Don't simply get angry because of someone making you wait so long or so ...

Just grow up ...

10. Spend More Time with Family 

Making more friends don't mean hanging out with them all the time. Family is the most important element of your life. They will always be there for you no matter ups or downs. Your friends may not ...

Don't take them for granted. Appreciate what they have done and do for you.

One last thing ...
Hone and practice your English.

Do whatever you want and enjoy being 21 years old.

Thanks for reading.
Have A Nice Day ... ❤