Monday, February 23, 2015 in MidValley ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How was your Chinese New Year holidays?' Hope you have had a blast one!

Me and my brother went to MidValley for A Inspector's Call and we would say that it wasn't as good but it is meant to educate people to become a better person. NO Greediness NO Laziness NO Ego-ness NO Petulance NO Lust NO Selfishness Beside than watching movie, we have found this - which situated at the Cinema Floor in MidValley.

Basically it is all about EGGS! Are you a fans of egg?' I am!I can't live without eggs!
If you are an egg-lover then you really shouldn't miss it out and their own-recipe sauce is the best sauce to go with. A little bit spicy to spice up the tastebuds! They made it fresh for every one specially those with tomato ... It isn't costly. Plain Egg for RM5. If you drop by MidValley, it is a must-eat snack!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[REVIEW] Food Panda Delivery Service ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Started your CNY's holidays?' Flying off?' Going back hometown?' Or staying at where you always are?' Whichever it is, enjoy your holidays! I was left alone at home without proper food but some CNY cookies which is not healthy ... So i asked for proper food and here is the review ...

My comments about Food Panda Delivery Service:- 
1. Super Convenience for lazy people like me 
Forget about washing that rapunzel-hair and dressing up! With your smartphone and Food Panda's app, you are able to get whatever cuisine or food you want at your doorstep. Isn't it amazing?' I know. I need not to elaborate further as almost all of us loves food delivery services!

2. It takes around 1 hour or more 
For me, it is considerably long and i suggest that you place your order 2 hours before you wanted to savor the food. Maybe because restaurants outsource their delivery services to Food Panda and that's why it takes longer time. But let's say if someone is able to come out with another delivery service with shorter time then ... [even for a restaurant nearby my place]

3. The food is no longer warm 
As it takes 1 hour, the food is no longer warm! The pizza and breadstix i have ordered previously, arrived at my place like yea ~ It has been somewhere for 1 hour before it reached me. :/ Hmm ... Maybe you can microwave/reheat it before you savor them, i guess?'

4. High delivery fee
Like RM10 with the minimum order of RM15! So it is like 40% of the total amount you paid goes to the delivery fee. But of course the delivery fee is depends on the restaurant, as some charge only RM4 but some charge for RM10. So depends on the restaurant you have selected.

5. The choices of restaurant is confusing 
In the exact area of my place, there is only 2 restaurant so i selected the place nearby and i get more choices but when i have place my order and after 20 minutes of them confirming my order, they call and inform me that my order will be canceled due to the location, it is out of coverage. But they told me that the food is ready for my pick up. #hahhaah

My advice is that if it is not necessary, avoid using it as i don't see anything worthy. Like with high delivery fee but you get your food after 1 or 2 hours?!' RM15 worth of food but you paid RM25++ for it. Hmm ... If the minute i have placed my order, i go for a bath and head out, i would have some shopping haul with me already + a full stomach! :/ For those Pizza Hut or other pizza which provided their own delivery services, i advise you to order via their own delivery services instead of outsource delivery service. This is my own review in regards of Food Panda Delivery Services. Hope it is helpful ~ ❤

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Motivational Quotes: Life ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
I always feel like sharing those motivational quotes i have come across to every person in the world. I acknowledged that every person is going through some phases, some issues, some problems etc. I personally feel motivated every time i seen one and have the urge to share it with someone who is going through the same situation as me! 

I have been thinking to open up a Facebook's group for people to share their stories. I love to be a listener. I love listening to different stories and they usually open up a different perspective from me. I believe there is someone out there who wanted to talk but have no idea who to turn to. Not because of no intimate friends to share stories with but because you wanted to appear as strong as possible to them! I know the feeling because i am one of them! So sharing feelings to strangers and online is the best! Because you never really come across to each other who knows your story! I have decided to share quotes and maybe story here and you can too ... Drop a comment about your story (permission needed in order to be published) and i will reply to you what i think or if you need advises on the floor then i will help you to bring it to the floor (anonymously)! No charge! 


Life is not easy! You don't always excel ... It doesn't always match your exception of how things should be working ... You don't always know what is happening next ... You don't always know whether you are doing the right thing ... Or the wrong thing! You just don't ... 

Life is full of obstacles. Life is full of happiness. Life is full of sorrow. Life is full of ... 

Life. I believe that everything happened for a reason. It is destined for you to learn and you should never give up on hope. Hope that tomorrow or the day after will be a better day, things will be better than they used to be. Nothing lasts forever, not even bad luck! You just have to have faith in yourself that you can do it. Stay Strong & Be Strong. 

If you are searching for that one person that will change your life forever. 
Take a look in the mirror! 

Loving your life is about trusting your instinct, taking chances, losing and finding happiness cherishing memories and learning through experiences. It's long time journey through at the confusion, live consciously in the moment and enjoy your life as it unfold. 
- SocialMeems 

When we're valued, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. 
- SocialMeems, Nghi Lam

Beauty alone is not impressive. Put an attitude to be attractive and add brain to be sophisticated. 
- SocialMeems

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, good times. If you are having hard times have faith that good times are on the way. 
- SocialMeems, Anurag Prakash Ray

Don't ever change who you really are just to impress and please others. Change becasue it makes you a better person & leads you towards a much bigger, better and brighter future. 
- SocialMeems

- 真爱桥 iChange 

You are not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago 
You are always growing experiences Don't stop 
That's Life. 

The more thoughts of the past we carry in our heart. The less capable we are of loving and living in the present. 
- SocialMeems, Anurag Prakash Ray 

你永遠 不知道
自己在別人嘴裡 有多少個版本
所以做好你 原本的樣子就好

若想懂我 就請親自來懂
若是討厭 盡情討厭

- from 心情語錄站 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Girls, You Deserve Better … ❤

Howdy guys … :)
I find it ludicrous that there is so many cases that boys are despising girls on their poor command in English and not-Bill-Gates’s daughter family background! I was shocked! I was mad! I was … Speechless!

First of all, good command in English doesn’t connote that you have a good social status!
English is an international language but you know why? Because Europe was the one who were into industrialisation and in order to make profit, we adapted to their culture, speak their language and thinking of becoming them. China is booming at this moment so when China’s economic status take over the world, would you still think that English is a international language but not Mandarin?’ Come on! Unless you are an Caucasian that you can’t speak other language but English, then you are more than welcome to despise on people who don’t speak fluent or understandable English. Otherwise, you are total bullshit!

Secondly, Bill Gates’ children will never despise on people’s family background … 
Just so you know, you are not one of them and never will be! No matter how rich or wealthy is your parents, the money is still theirs. Just in case, you haven’t realised it yet. I know, when they died, the money goes to you but sorry to say that, you may impress someone with it but definitely not everyone. You have your own business so you are making your own money?’ Lol! Yea ~ You have been working hard for years and saving the money for the business you are running. With your own ability, you are able to get a million loan from bank ~ Poor you! Work so hard!

Wait ~
Are you handsome like David Beckham’s son?’ Are you even good-looking?’ Never mind! I think i know the answer and my deepest condolences on that man! Let’s not talk about superficial thing like your face but inside, your character. But your character has failed, so damn failed. Do we even need to discuss that?’ Let’s save some time man!

Without your parents, are you still who you are right now?’ If no, then you should feel blessed and appreciate things not bragging and despising. Are you sure if you have found the one you are looking for, you will not be despised?’ Hahahahahahahha Think yourself lah!

Girls, if this scenario is familiar then i really don’t know how on earth it is even tolerable to you man!
Trust in yourself and see value in yourself. You can make the same amount of money he has by yourself. If his parent is a doctor and that make them rich then be a monopoly in medical industry! There is always a way when there is a wish! But life is short, get rid of him and all the negativity in life and be happy always! Do what make you happy! Be with who you are truly happy with! Money is not everything! Quoted from my friend, GUY is the worst / most risky investment you could ever made.

Every Woman Deserves to Have A Man Who is Proudly Willing to Say to the Whole World, “Yeah ~ SHE IS MY ONE AND ONLY. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SHE IS MINE.” 

Trust in yourself.
See value in yourself.
Don’t be afraid of changes, instead, it makes everything possible. ❤