Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[REVIEW] THAI ODYSSEY - Traditional Thai Massage ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How many of us are addicted to body massage?' It has been quite some time since my last visit to the masseur ... Hmm~ Maybe just 2 weeks! xD 

It was my first time visiting Thai Odyssey and i'm glad that i did. 
I'm here to share with you the Traditional Thai Massage i have had. It was so ... 
It is different from other massage as this one stretches your body and you feel relaxed simply by hearing the crack crack sound from your body. It was so satisfying and relaxing! After that massage, my whole body was like ... I don't know how to describe! Like you have no tense muscle or tired muscle anymore! It was just a relax you! 

"For centuries, Thai Massage was performed by Buddhist monks in Thai temples as one important component of Thai healing modality. Thai Odyssey therapists use Thai Massage to unblock trapped energy. As is the custom with this sort of treatment - sometimes known as passive yoga - our expert therapists maneuver your body into yoga-like stretching positions, applying pressure along the meridians and mobilising joints. For a more relaxing experience, we provide massage attire for your comfort." - extract from their official website. 

60 minutes - RM98
90 minutes - RM118
120 minutes - RM138 
[excluded taxes] 

I went to MidVally, 2nd Floor. 
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Thanks for reading. ❤

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm not Stupid ... ❤

I have a problem and don't know who to tell!
Did you guys watch "I'm not stupid"?' I'm pretty sure most of you did and still remember what it was about, right?' No matter how excellent you are in your academic or something else, your parents will never find it enough. It is always fall under their expectation and other kids are always beyond their expectation. What the fuck man?'

It happened on me the previous day when we were heading back to our place after dinner. My mom said "People is so much more organize than you. They are from good family and well-educated and ..." Blah! Blah! Blah! If a stranger make such a comparison of me and any other guy in the world, i wouldn't have cared so damn much but it was my own mother who said this! She knew nothing before she made the statement! She was getting the impression of a well-educated, well-organize, everything-also-well from a friend of mine and right after my friend is gone, she complimented my friend. Compliment is fine but not verbally abuse me and my brother! (my brother was pretending to have slept in the car)

I get an average A for the course i'm taking right now! Isn't that enough? Maybe not! Fine. But i'm working full-time while maintaining my grade above credit! Isn't that an accomplishment already?' People are never satisfy with what they are having! Always takes people for granted! Always judge people without knowing the truth! Always think they are the best! For sure that i ain't the best and i am a human! I wanted to retort back! I wanted to fight back! I wanted to shout back! I wanted to do anything that could hurt her like she did but i couldn't do it! I wanted to leave ...

How could people judge other people without thinking about themselves whether they have the qualification to judge?/ How could people talk without thinking?/ How could people so inconsiderate about other people's feeling?' How could people think they are everything and people can't live without them?' How could this all happened?'

I'm just a bit sad and figuring out a way to talk to her about the way she talks or maybe not.
Please! If you are reading this and you are the one i'm addressing, please stop! No one can't live without anyone and this is damn truth! It is not funny to take people around you for granted because sooner or later, they may leave. Without you!

Sorry for the negativity.
Take care and be happy,always! ❤

Friday, March 20, 2015

Uber vs. MyTeksi ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with MYTEKSI app as well as UBER, aren't you?' Today, i'm doing a review on "UBER vs MYTEKSI"! I have the urge to let you all know which is better ...

I have come across UBER quite some time already but not using it frequently as i was working at a place where it is accessible by public transport but as now, i have changed my working place to where it isn't accessible by public transport like bus or train, so I cab ...

Sometimes, i have a hard time on hailing a cab so i try UBER and most of the time, i will get one! Sometimes, i try MYTEKSI's app and i always get the same result! Refer to the picture below to see what i'm saying. Every single time! and so far, i have never succeed in getting a cab from MYTEKSI's app. I don't know whether they are all really occupied or because the distance is near and the fare is low so they went unanswerable. [Even though no much of distance but you can't walk there.]

What about MYTEKSI?'
I'm not saying that MYTEKSI is a bad thing or it is of bad quality. I have never succeed in getting any cab so i can't really comment on it. MYTEKSI is actually a good thing which helps teksi to compete with UBER which is a good where UBER wouldn't be monopolized in the digital-cabbing industry whereas with the quality of normal cab, there don't really help! All of us have bad experience with teksi, i'm pretty sure of it! It is either the attitude of the driver or the stinky car ever. If you ever wonder where to gain an experience of terrible driver, please make yourself home around Kelana Jaya LRT station! Tell you what?' It has become a norm there that they bring in extra passengers with you on board! They aren't supposed to do that! You should lodge a complain or just get out of the cab because they may be conspired to rob you away! But guess what?' One of the cab driver told me that "This is Malaysia! Even you complained, nothing will be done. They still go their own way." Wow!
RM2 will be charged for booking fee via MYTEKSI

What about UBER?'
So far, i have never had any bad or unpleasant experience with UBER except they may take some time to reach where you are but the amount of the time it takes is still considerably reasonable. They set their qualification of their driver where all of them speak ENGLISH! I have a not-so-great experience with UBER where the driver didn't end the trip after me alighted from the vehicle and even after i've managed to struggle with my place's entrance so i canceled my trip and they charged me extra RM5 [if i'm not mistaken]! I wrote an email to them and within 24 hours, they credited back me the amount charged with no questions asked! See ~ Ok or not?

One more thing you would like to know for sure! IT IS CHEAPER THAN CAB! The usual trip from A to B costs me around RM6 or more depends on the road's traffic and the behavior of the teksi's driver (whether he try to drive slowly slowly so the fare will go up?) But with UBER, it costs me only around RM5 and never exceed RM6! Who wins the game?' What do you think?'
The fare for around 1.17km from UBER!

But UBER is getting harder and harder to get because they are getting more popular, i guess! Please hire more?' I heard that UBER is trying to upgrade the qualification of their drivers again! Woops! Hope that the quality of UBER will be maintained forever ~ :) 

In this era where everything is no more commodity but service! You don't choose your customer and quality is everything! Bad quality get replaced easily! In order to compete, step up and start filter or go down forever! 

I declare that i don't get paid to write this and this is solely a review of a consumer. Thank you! 
Hope this is helpful for you! ❤

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why you should watch Kepong Gangster II ... ❤


"Hey, this XX movie sounds interesting. Shall we? Wait! It is Malaysian's production! Let's forget about it." This dialogue sounds super familiar right? Bet all of us do that! It has become a norm but here I am, after watching Kepong Gangster II, letting you know why you should watch it ...

First, throw away your prejudice towards Malaysian's production before you watch the movie. For sure that it isn't as cool as Hong Kong's action but it is for sure already beyond the general perception of Malaysian's production. 

Secondly, how can you expect Malaysian's production to improve if you don't even give them a chance? Hell no. If all of us hold on the perception of weak Malaysian's production, no one will pay to watch the movie, no one will be funding them then how? How can they make better movie when there are talents? 

Third, believe that Malaysia has gotten the talents. Trust me! This movie totally worth your Ringgit Malaysia. 

I'm not paid to write this nor am I feeling compassion about them. Kepong Gangster II was my first Malaysia's production movie after such a long time and I'm not disappointed at all! I'm glad that I have watched it! What I'm disappointed about is that when I asked my friends' accompany for this movie, they all turned the invitation down. Lol! 

Oh yea. This movie doesn't discriminate. There are Malays and Indians. Lastly, thank you for reading. Have faith in Malaysia.