Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Love You, Do you Mean it? ... ❤

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I bet all of you here must have come across Daphne Charice's blogspot which she mentioned her friend and her friend's boyfriend have made a promise to each other not to utter "I Love You" until they really mean it?' What do you guys think?' What is "I Love You" meant to you guys?' Do you utter "I Love You" often?'

There are a few types of couples. 
Some say "I Love You" the moment they awake, some say "I Love You" occasionally, and some never say "I Love You" and end up either with you or not. Which type are you?' But the thing is do you really mean what you have said?' Would you go extra mile to prove what you have said?'

For me, as a perfectionist, i want to mean everything i have said.
In any relationship, I don't say "I Miss You" often, i will be contemplating it before i say it out. Whether i say it because of the sake of saying it or because i really do miss the person. "I Love You" is a big big big statement to me. I don't know about you guys but i believe there is people out there who has the exact same thoughts as mine. I love my family and i can't live without them but i have never ever said "I Love You" to them, i stick with them. This is my way. What about yours?'

My friend shared this with me ...
Whenever she is having a fight with her boyfriend, she tends to retort back with mean words but she stops herself and instead of retorting, she burst into tears. When you burst into tears, you basically win the fight. xD Nope. This was not the reason why she burst into tears. The reason why is because she doesn't want to hurt her partner by saying something she doesn't mean and something that is only mean to retort her partner and to win the fight glamorously.

I have found this article, maybe you all can have a read on it.

Actually, how do you know you love someone?'
Or even like someone?' #justaquestion 

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