Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nourishing Me - Faith in Face ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
My college has reopened and work schedule has been messing up. Can't remember how long i haven't been purifying and nourishing my face. >.< Had a weekend off and i decided to give "Faith in Face" a try and let's review it. 

To be honest, i love the mask's texture but it is so slippery and vulnerable that you keep worrying that your nails may poke a hole into it. 

It is separated into 2 pieces. 
I love how my skin look like right after the mask! So brightening! So soothing that all the redness has subsided. 

It feels a bit heavy on the face compare with paper mask but not as heavy as it will cause a dent or ink on your face. The feeling of having the mask on is totally different from having a paper mask. You will feel like the mask is custom made for you that it fit and stick into/onto every corner perfectly. 

Overall, i love it. 
I would like to try out their other masks. 

Price: RM12 per piece
Available in Watson. 

Thanks for reading. ❤