Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#BadDream vs Cherish ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Long time didn't update but today i decided to update because of a dream. 

I dreamed of my bf has made up his mind to break up with me and it is the final decision. 
No negotiation allowed. That's a heartbreaking moment! #BadDream

In my dream, i received his messages of breakup in a group chat instead of personal inbox and in the messages, he told me to watch my words when i reply because this is a group chat. He didn't personally text me. He texted it in the group! In those messages, he sounds super determined that break my heart. I was in 1Utama and i couldn't find my car keys and couldn't remember which parking entrance i came from. I was so nervous, panicked, and heartbreaking ... 

"Hun ..." 

I opened my eyes and is him! 
So fortunate that it was just a dream! 
I swear if he didn't appear in time, my room will be flooded with tears. 


What i'm trying to tell from this story is that ...

When couples fight, majority of them couldn't make it back because of EGO! 
Let go of EGO and start cherish!

When you take your the-other-half granted, that's when you starting to lose him/her. 
Remember to treat your the-other-half how you want to be treated. 

Don't keep using "We're over" when you fight. 
It will start to become the truth. 

Remember to care about what is happening on your the-other-half side. 
Especially guys! We always neglect the fact that guys have feeling too ... 

Never do personal attacks. 
You may make it back in the end but what you said will be always remembered. 

Don't be afraid to tell that you love and cherish him/her. 
He / She will be ecstatic to know that. 

Acknowledge on who he/she is and what character she/he has.
Be caring and understanding ...

Love is not just staying together but ...
Working things out together! 

Do not wait until the heartbreaking moment then only regret about it. ❤