Friday, November 18, 2016

[Review] Tune Dental Insurance is a liar ... !

The dreadful drilling sounds, the tingly sensation when dental explorer exploring around your teeth, and disturbing visions keep on flashing into your mind are all the awful moments with dentist. Nevertheless, the fact that regular visit to dentist is needed to prevent cavities, bad breath, gum diseases and so on. It has been years since i last visited a dentist and the light-bulb moment that a dentist visit is needed fell on me. Dentist bill is not cheap especially when you have several fillings and restorations to be done. Tune ProDent turned out to be a savior or so i thought ...

Yes, it is considered affordable premiums provided that it is cashless. Yes, there is no waiting period for verification. No, it is not CASHLESS as top up is required. Due to low coverage from Medident, more than 50% need to be top up. Honestly, i don't really care what is Medident (since i brought the insurance from Tune Insurance) but instructions have been followed that i went to one of the panel clinics. 

What's more, when person-in-charge from clinic contacted them, officer from Medident asked me to call back to them and they will refer me to a cheaper clinic (which mean top up is still required even in cheaper clinic, isn't it?) ASK ME TO CALL THEM when they are the one breached the contract in the first place? And no one ain't have time to make another dentist appointment (dentist is always packed during the weekend) and travel here and there. 

2. Whose Responsibilities 
Tune ProDent is available via Tune Insurance and Medident is one of the partners, i guess. Therefore, it is Tune ProDent's incapability in ensuring clients get what they are offering and acknowledge on how Medident works. I was supposed to top up another RM200 even the only treatment performed on me is clearly stated in the list of treatment covered on their website. The fee is settled but what i'm unhappy is that it is clearly a big SCAM! I thought there is a law that the company can be sued if what they advertised is not what they are offering?! 

The purpose of this posting is to let you know that Tune ProDent is the first dental insurance available to public but it is not what you would want to get with the amount of premium. Every treatment requires top up as there is only a certain low price Medident will pay and it is certainly not enough to cover the cost. Clearly, no negotiation has been done between insurance company and panel clinic. Disappointment! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Listen to understand; not Listen to reply ... ♥

" Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. "
- Stephen R. Covey

Everyone wants to get their words and minds out in a conversation but no one is listening. As above, we are listening with the intention to reply with our own stories and opinions instead of listening to understand. It is one of the phenomena that happened around me, to most of the people. (I am categorized in "most of the people") Listen to reply without understand the messages that were trying to be convey. 

I love to talk. I would die for someone who could talk to me patiently everyday. I will talk about what happened during work, how little things could upset me, what is my opinion on this and that ... Basically, i talk non-stop until I met someone who was more 'talkative' than me. Who could just snap my words or my time for talking then i realized how myself and most of us are not listening to understand but to reply. It could be one of the reason why there are more and more people listen to reply instead of listen to understand. 

With the reference of The Art of Conversation, do not reply an incident with your own story. Instead, reply with follow up questions and affirmative sounds (like Hmm... Huh?) to encourage the speakers to carry on until he/she finished. What i realized was that the stories told will only encourage the 'listener' to talk about their own stories instead of listening to understand what emotions are undergoing and what kind of comfort should be offered. Some just doesn't realize that they are the type of listener i'm referring to ... 

I'm not a good listener but i'm learning. I listen to reply when i argue with my Bf, i'm never able to understand the messages he was trying to convey. Part of it is because of his tone of voice but i need to go beyond the tone of voice and understand his messages. It is hard but i should be practice active listening. I'm learning to be a good listener and sometimes, i talk over someone unconsciously. 

Listening is not the same as hearing. To be a good listener, we need to be self-aware. We need to suppress our urge in talking over someone and sharing about our own stories (all the time). How upset it is when you were sharing something exciting and hoping your friends will ask you for more details or feelings but then someone else started sharing theirs on similar incident ...

10 Principles of Listening 
1. Stop Talking 
2. Prepare yourself to Listen 
3. Put the Speaker at Ease 
4. Remove Distractions 
5. Empathize
6. Be Patient 
7. Avoid Personal Prejudice 
8. Listen to the Tone
9. Listen for Ideas - not just the words 
10. Wait and Watch for Non-Verbal Communication  

How wonderful will the world be if everyone could have someone who will listen to them and understand the emotions underlying and what kind of comfort they need. Listen to understand is important in relationship building and problem-solving, notably for married couples to sustain their relationship. Men and Women, please spend your precious time and patient on your spouse or partner. There are 168 hours in a week, please spare at least 2 hours for each other. 

Let's be caring and listen to others. ♥

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Power of Words ... ♥

We all have different characters. 
Some of us remains calm and analyze the situation in a quarrel, some of us would like to win the quarrel by verbally abuse the other party without realizing it, some of us would suck in up and keep to her/himself. Which one is representing you?

I'm never good at fighting or making conversations.
I'm the one who always wish "I should have said that just now ..." after quarrels / incidents. When i'm in an quarrel, i couldn't think straight or analyze the situation; there would be a lot of "Go to hell, please.", "How many million people died everyday and why aren't you one?" kind of thoughts swamp into my minds. But i never said it out because it is pointless and it couldn't win me the quarrel. I ended up shut up and suck all of it up and it became one of the many suspended feelings i have had. Suspended feelings will come out uglier at a later stage and made you sensitive towards trivial.

I have hurt him with my words.
And that's the first time he cut off my call without saying goodbye when we are in the midst of arguement over the phone. I knew he will be hurt but in order to win the quarrel, i said it out. I was in a cab. Like usual, he pretends fights was never happened afterwards and i couldn't be sure if he will ever forget it. Everyone is fragile. They may forget what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel. It must be a bad feeling.

Don't ever try to retort them with that kinds of words they use.
No one likes to lose. Everyone likes to win and especially in proving their points across. They may resort to humiliate or defy your behaviors, we have to win the quarrel in a higher level of intelligence. Winning the quarrel doesn't mean speak louder or successfully humiliate the other party in return. Find out the problem and solve it. If the other party still continue, it's time for you to leave (the scene).

Grow up. Don't let anger get the better of you.
I'm bad at controlling my temper when there is a quarrel and always say something irrelevant in order to win the quarrel. I'm learning to be more rational in an argument, learning to be not let anger get the better of me, and learning to bear the consequences of my words. We never know whether we have hurt them with our words unintentionally.

Ask yourself / myself.
If the other party have died because of what you said, how would you feel?
If someone said this to me, how would i feel?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Response to Maxis Uproar ... ♥

Hello guys ... :) 
I heard about the Maxis complaint incident but I have not been following. I'm kind of a Maxis user but not their postpaid customers. My experience with them is limited but below is based on common sense and my limited experience. 

1. You signed the contract. 
As a consumer, we cannot expect a Maxis customer service officer to compare the price with you and said "U Telco is cheaper and we are the most expensive Telco in Malaysia ...". We as a consumer have the responsibilities to compare the price ourselves before we signed any contract with any Telco. GOOGLE is the best friend on this. In contract law, you agreed on every clauses in the contract once you signed the contract whether you have read or acknowledged because it is your job to make sure you know what you are signing. Once you signed, you agreed with the price as well. WHY COMPLAIN? It is rather reflecting your ir-responsibilities and your ability to make a good decision that you won't complain about it. 

2. Thank you as a D Telco users. 
Your complain have made a game change in telco industry. My telco upgrade my internet plan from 8GB to 20GB as well. Thank you but i don't think it is necessary. But i won't reject it if the price remained. Who doesn't want a better benefit? But from the perspective of business owner, i quite sympathy them. They provide what they think is best to their customer, consumer choose what they think is best for themselves. Look for substitutes if you like. Easy as that. Why with the uproar? 

3. Don't ever expect to satisfy human. 
When you give them 20GB, they asked for downgrade. When you free them extra 5GB, they said too much, Internet is not the issue. Consumer wants the best of everything with the lowest price, understandable. Business wants the best profit, understandable as well. There are so many choices out there, no one force anyone to be contracted with Maxis, correct? Don't follow, make your own judgement. Maxis does have their advantages over other telco, such as good reception in high-rise building which my telco cannot provide that. 

4. Try your very least to improve the helpline performance. 
I got only one minimum problem that i wish Maxis to improve and it is their helpline. I really can't stand how long they take to answer a phone call. Every telco or at least 3 main telcos will definitely experience high-call volume but why and how come others do not hold their customers that long? Maybe prioritize calls or get more staffs in? 

I swear that i wrote this objectively without any prejudice or bias.
People started to take granted of the social media and i think Maxis is just one of the cyberbully victim.

Good Luck, Maxis.
Signing off, 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Stages of Relationship Growth ... ♥

Hello guys ... :)
I just realize on the right-hand side box, i haven't changed the age and I'm 21 again, YEAH!!!

No matter how independent you were, once you are in a relationship, you become dependent. 
I used to travel alone from A to B happily, now i blame him for not sending or coming with me even just 10 out of 100 occasions. I used to be emotional independent that hardly any person can influence my mood, now within 3 seconds it may charged with anger, frustration, and irritation from bickering or argument with the other half. I used to have and enjoy my time alone, now i would rather have some activities together. I used to ... Tough!

Nature makes sure we fall in love with the most incompatible person in the entire universe ... 
I found distasteful for whom driving a noisy car. I have an aversion to whom smoke. I found it absurd that someone doesn't know how to take care of his health and how to manage his own daily chore. The statement above is true. Factual! I'm falling in love with whom i have never thought of having a relationship with before.

Relationship Growth Stages - Power Struggle Stage 
Here is when we focus on differences & flaws of the other half. There are 2 ways most couples deals with the Power Struggle Stage: 1. Break Up or 2. Survive. I would say the 3rd one is Avoidance. Once they realize the differences and flaws, they avoid. In order to go through this stage, couples need to have in mind that the outcome of this whole relationship is to make things work. Below are some useful tips to overcome this stage for you guys:-
  • accept and appreciate each other’s differences
  • learn to share power, and realize that using force will never get you what you want in love
  • realize who you are and what you have (as a couple)
  • give up your fantasies of harmony without struggle
  • surrender to life just the way it is
Related Articles: The 5 Stages of Relationship 

"Because we are in a relationship and they are ..." 
This is how we take granted of things. We think that in a relationship means we can stop putting effort in talking, communicating, learning about each other or even take the other half into consideration. People may get better treatment from your the other half than what you get from your the other half. People will have the chance of trying even though things look unworkable in the first place and because you are in a relationship with him, your unworkable things get thrown into dustbin straight away. Listening to the other half become a huge and tough task. We start to wish that things can get our way and we start to force the other half to change. 

Friend's advice is great in how to deal with this kind of behavior or attitude from the other half but those are not able to solve problems. Because the problems are US. Once one party stop making effort, nothing will move. Relationship growth will come to a stop as well. 

Be positive. 
Signing Off, 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

[REVIEW] Smokehouse Hotel @ Cameron Highland ... ♥

Hello Guys ... :)
As you can see I have commitment issue, I can't commit myself to an up-to-date blog. Sorry!

Visited Cameron Highland for a quick getaways and I would like to review on my accommodation that i booked through I believe people needs a genuine and delicate review on the accommodation to make sure a nice and comfortable stay is guaranteed. I reserved a unit of Deluxe Double Room with 1 queen bed, at Smokehouse Hotel, Tanah Rata along with mountain view, free breakfast and free wireless internet (according to my online itinerary). 

I was fascinated with the building and the environment when I was going through various choices and decided on this one as my objective of this getaways was to be as relax as possible. We accidentally left our charger at home, both of us actually put down our phone for the first time? It was great as we really put down the phone and relax. Below are some picture taken by me:-

1. Breakfast. I was having heart attack when i was going through the breakfast menu they presented to us. But you don't really have to look at the menu because their waitress actually ask you on your preference like croissant or muffin and omelette or scramble egg. I was quite shocked because i thought all they serve was only croissant/muffin, juice, cereal/porridge, and eggs. The most scariest thing was thinking of whether he will complain. >.< Luckily, a big American breakfast save my ass. Good trick. We were so satisfied in the end. 
2. Environment. As you can see from the pictures above, there are flowers everywhere. It made you happy by seeing it! It is the best getaways accommodation building! Unfortunately, didn't get to take narcissistic photos of myself because of the need of batteries for later on. >.< 

1. The room given. The room given to me was more like standard, it was not spacious at all compare to the picture i saw from the booking apps. Quite disappointed. As it costed me RM400 to get a standard room when my friend paid RM800 to get a suite with 2 room with Smokehouse Hotel? =.= Refer to the picture below. 
2. Bed. I don't know. I can hear "Yi Yi Yi" sound in my sleep when my partner was turning his body. Imagine, what about couple? I was quite embarrassed as i booked the room and it costed RM400 but with a cranky bed? Hmm ... 
3. Wireless Internet. Their Wifi was not working properly. It wasn't well-connected in the room we stayed.
4. Bad soundproof. I am a very cautious person that can be waked by just a little disturbance sound. They have bad soundproof that keep waking me up. This is quite subjective, I didn't hear any toilet-flushing from next door but i can hear when they shut their door even with our window shut tight! 

Below is the picture i feel comfortable to share with you guys as i don't feel right showing the toilet and so on (it is not glam and not match the beautiful pictures above). As you can see from the picture, there is a dressing table on the left side and the door is just right beside, so normally and for real there will not be spaces after the door and in fact there wasn't much walking space between the bed and TV. Deluxe? Hmm ... 

Above is my genuine review on my accommodation at Cameron Highland.
I would rate them 3.5 / 5.0. 3 for the environment and services, 0.5 for the room.
Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Road Rager vs Bad EO ... ♥

I was driving and there was a motorbike riding in front of me at the the top of my left hand side. 
She slowed down and steered into left side and i thought of overtaking her, i speed. She took a right turn instantly without signal. There wasn't any accident. I stopped right beside of her motorbike with emergency brake. I stare at her for 3-5 seconds and rolled down the window and say "What the Fuck?". She started saying things like "This is 2-way lanes, you want to make me die?" and so on in Cantonese. I brought up the window without saying anything and drove off. She slapped my car with her fist. I stopped and drove off. While waiting in line to go out to a roundabouts, she rode to the passenger side window of my car and started say something and rode to the driver side and slap the back of my car with her fist again. She drove off. 

Fault (Road Rules & Regulation) :-
1. As a bigger vehicle, i should have slowed down while knowing there is a motorbike in front of me as according to the rules, bigger vehicle needs to give way to smaller vehicle. (not sure where i can find the rules, but this is all the parents told their children) 

2. There wasn't signal from the biker. You may overtake:- 
a. If a road sign or marking does not specifically prohibited overtaking.
b. Only when it is safe without obstructing or endangering other traffic.
c. and when you've activated your indicators.

If you want to stop, reduce speed suddenly, turn or change lanes you must give a clear signal, in the prescribed manner (see hand signals) visible to other drivers approaching from the front, rear or from the side and for long enough to warn other motorists of your intention.

Fault (Emotional Intelligence - EQ) :-
1. I did not compose myself. I have been into an accident where i see a person roll on to the tarmac road and i pay a sum to him while not sure who is at fault. When i encountered a situation which may lead into the same result, i snapped. 
2. Auntie will always be an auntie. I should avoid having a conflict with senior as a respect. 

How to Tackle bad EQ:-
1. Feel when your anger is triggered. Monitor your physical reactions like increased heart rate and tense muscle and clenched jaw. Observe your emotional signs such as irritation, sadness, guilt, resentment ... 
2. Be aware of your triggers. Feeling out of control of your own life, believing someone is manipulating you and in my case, i was afraid to cause another accident. 
3. Delay response. If you know that you have become angry and feel that you are about to lose your temper, give yourself the gift of time. Remind yourself that you do not have to respond or react immediately. Leave the situation, think about a reasoned response, then react later, when the anger has subsided. Close your eyes and breath for 10 seconds before thinking of a response. 
4. Find humor in the situation. Because anger is, in part, a chemical reaction, if you can change the chemicals in your body, you can circumvent a temper outbreak. Trying to find humor in a situation, or getting yourself laughing about something else, will diffuse the situation by changing your body’s chemical reaction. Laugh at how uncivilized the other party is while maintain yours. 
5. Take a meditation break. Meditation can help you regulate your emotions. Therefore, if you are feeling as though you are going to lose control of your temper, give yourself a little mental vacation through meditation. Remove yourself from the situation causing the anger: go outside, to a stairwell, or even to the bathroom. 

Change your thought:-
Always remind myself that i need to walk in other people shoe, 
When something happened, put people as priority before myself and ask them "Are you Ok?". Don't be mad, don't shout like a mad woman which will humiliate myself. Compose! Breathe and think before saying anything. Shouting or showing anger will show people that i'm uncivilized. 

We have expected certain kind of attitude and behavior when we drive in Malaysia. 
"Malaysian mah! Forget about it." is what people tend to use to comfort another when something unpleasant happened on the road. To be honest, i am a bad driver as well but i do take people safety  and my safety into consideration. Signal is a must for me. Don't wait until it happened, then only you started to use signal. ♥