Friday, November 18, 2016

[Review] Tune Dental Insurance is a liar ... !

The dreadful drilling sounds, the tingly sensation when dental explorer exploring around your teeth, and disturbing visions keep on flashing into your mind are all the awful moments with dentist. Nevertheless, the fact that regular visit to dentist is needed to prevent cavities, bad breath, gum diseases and so on. It has been years since i last visited a dentist and the light-bulb moment that a dentist visit is needed fell on me. Dentist bill is not cheap especially when you have several fillings and restorations to be done. Tune ProDent turned out to be a savior or so i thought ...

Yes, it is considered affordable premiums provided that it is cashless. Yes, there is no waiting period for verification. No, it is not CASHLESS as top up is required. Due to low coverage from Medident, more than 50% need to be top up. Honestly, i don't really care what is Medident (since i brought the insurance from Tune Insurance) but instructions have been followed that i went to one of the panel clinics. 

What's more, when person-in-charge from clinic contacted them, officer from Medident asked me to call back to them and they will refer me to a cheaper clinic (which mean top up is still required even in cheaper clinic, isn't it?) ASK ME TO CALL THEM when they are the one breached the contract in the first place? And no one ain't have time to make another dentist appointment (dentist is always packed during the weekend) and travel here and there. 

2. Whose Responsibilities 
Tune ProDent is available via Tune Insurance and Medident is one of the partners, i guess. Therefore, it is Tune ProDent's incapability in ensuring clients get what they are offering and acknowledge on how Medident works. I was supposed to top up another RM200 even the only treatment performed on me is clearly stated in the list of treatment covered on their website. The fee is settled but what i'm unhappy is that it is clearly a big SCAM! I thought there is a law that the company can be sued if what they advertised is not what they are offering?! 

The purpose of this posting is to let you know that Tune ProDent is the first dental insurance available to public but it is not what you would want to get with the amount of premium. Every treatment requires top up as there is only a certain low price Medident will pay and it is certainly not enough to cover the cost. Clearly, no negotiation has been done between insurance company and panel clinic. Disappointment!